Mandera's Black Market Forex Exchange

under the scorching mid-morning Sun in

Mandara throngs of people hustle and

bustle in the town's largest market

almost at every corner some form of

business is going on goods from

neighbouring Somalia and Ethiopia are

brought in others find their way into

the two neighboring countries on a daily

basis along one of the streets old and

young men alike bask in the Sun Kinley

following the goings-on in the market to

a stranger these people would appear to

be having their leisure but nothing

could be further from the truth

this is the Mandara Forex Bureau stashed

away in these bags are wads of cash

somewhere in some medicine in India and

Abdul Mohammed has been conducting this

trade for a year now the most common

currencies changing hands are theythey

open beer US Dollars and some Irish

shillings not to forget the host

countries Kenya shillings

and while several commercial banks are

located here

many of the traders prefer the black

market because of the more attractive

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they have no licenses and should

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okay Dona junga to visit America but

trade must go on money must be exchanged

and families must be fed so the illegal

business continues on this dusty street

regardless of poor infrastructure and

lack of enough banking facilities

business must go on and this street

acts as the forex Bureau for residents

and traders in an out of Montera town

Jason kawase k24 Mandela