Which Currency Will Be Number 1? | Made in Germany

well in a classroom

and they're off for nearly a century the

US dollar was the main contender on

world currency markets then a rival

began to make gains over the past decade

the euro became much more attractive on

the financial markets we've seen a very

clear shift away from the dollar and

towards the euro Vic from Stockton oil

27% of global foreign exchange reserves

are now held in euros while over 60% are

held in dollars the British Pound and

Japanese yen make up only a small

percentage of currency reserves the euro

was establishing itself as the world's

second most important currency no more

currency fluctuation in the eurozone

meant a boost for European business and

trade along with the growing economy the

common currency grew stronger in and out

of Europe if it's after Stephane when

the identity of our economy benefits

when the euro is strong internationally

accepted and is possibly becoming a

leading currency on global markets take

oil shipments for example Germany

imports oil totaling upwards of 40

billion euros so it would be an

advantage if oil were traded in euros

right now it's traded in dollars in oil

Gandhi's very moment for cinta larga

handled the battle to be the leading

reserve currency worldwide is fierce

with lots of money involved for

companies and countries for the u.s.

staying on top is an imperative

the without the US has an advantage of

being the sole producer of the reserve

currency it can borrow money very

cheaply abroad while giving credit at

high interest rates at the same time

because demand for the dollar is still

very high a game could invited inna

Fagin ah yeah we own their courses and

it's likely the dollar will continue to

be in high demand making it easy to find

buyers on global markets despite the

country's mountain of debt and sluggish

economy the US has been able to continue

borrowing through the tough times Europe

isn't so lucky outside of the euro zone

the currency isn't a must-have that's

making it difficult to bring

international investors on board for

example to build up European rescue

funds eurozone leaders are working hard

to re-establish trust in their common

currency the Euro smoove toward becoming

a reserve currency is on hold for now

because investors are waiting to see how

Europe will solve its debt crisis and in

the meantime there's yet another

contender China is also looking to turn

its yuan into an alternative reserve

currency the greenback is still leading

the pack but the race is definitely

getting closer