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we have here a good pic busy German jet

smart and this is from the previous

years of the German of the Republic era

the German Third Republic is one of the

terms used in September 1949 by the

humanist German Democratic Republic and

to refer the Federal Republic of Germany

or the FRG or the fondest public jets

land after 1968 the GDR or the German

Democratic Republic tended to use in the

initialization of the BRD instead now we

have the history of mists of history of

the German Federal Republic because

after the war in 1949 the Germany was

separated into four parts of poor

vertical these functions the four

instructions the American fractions the

British factions

the USSR factions or dissipate functions

and we have this the West Germany the

Berlin was separated into some heading

for four parts on poor areas and the

encircled the West Germany and outside

or the near the West Germany was the

Communist Republic of Germany I forgot

that's what I remember

and here we have here the coin

this is he five just mark and this is

the the purse or the fat of the coin a

big big number five here this is a

twenty nine millimeter in the emitter

coin that this why did you see quite big

there is he writing here bundesrepublik

deutschland and down here this is just

jets mark that and the translation here

is the five German mark Federal Republic

of Germany and the interesting part here

the engraver was named Wolfgang

j'adore gone start to pronounce his name

you see 1983 G call in 1983 G just fancy

in it pg the G is was the series of this

coin because they release a lot of

discounts during that time during the

1975 until 2001 and the change or they

join the euro so that's now the are

using the euro coins or cents and

suppose whatsoever and the reverse here

this is what I like here this is the

German eagle and a lot of these are very

collectible because there is a lot of

errors and changes on this design there

is some eagle that their beak was to

point it and some just like this have to

doll or snobbish and they put here or

the feet of the eagle and the clothes

are so sharp or pointed or pointing mint

mark here the letter G and the year

eagle is indicates the Berlin G meaning

is the car shrew or a flatter jd's it is

a Hamburg and F it is at the Stuttgart

and letter D is in Munich and if it is a

letter A it is

minted in Berlin the the type a of these

three is a thick but smaller lettering

and long and the type B is the thinner

but the larger lettering ShoreTel front

globe so that's how it is and this is an

1883 and this is a copper nickel clad

done a nickel coin so still DC below

full part of history of both the German

Federal Republic and Manx

we have here three Queenie one Jude

smart and we have different min 10 years

or minted in different years this one is

from this one the first one here this is

a 1967 one gets mark next it is in 1871

hundreds mark and this is a 1970 73 dude

smart what of these are very collectible

for me because I like the design of this

coins this is also a copper nickel clad

no it's only a copper nickel

and the diameter is just twenty three

point five millimeter

and they could is the one them or one

gets mark and

this the have the same eagle but

different styled the eagle I mean mark

here and the mint mark the coin

this is he wants mark F and this one is

one judge mark G and next is he one good

smart letter I so they have a different

play places of origin or where they been

minted inside the Germany this is he the

reverse it says bundesrepublik

deutschland or the Federal Republic of

Germany and

the this is the reverse the reverse is a

tool of branches on its side nothing

right and the facial value of this coin

d100 smart the lettering one and the

middle alignment is bought going up so

if you clip like this

and this is a the same orientation like

this and this so this is a common Cohen

also next we have here 50 pfennig I

don't know how to pronounce this Fanuc

pinic nationality say german this 19

1990 50 pfennig in 1990 50 pfennig age

there is a mint letter here a letter a

meaning the meaning this 50 painting was

a minted inside

and this is a common coin because the

main today's volume of hundred 50

million coins or pieces

this is very collectible the the overs

this one is the front this is the

universe and the same that rings and

writings here bundesrepublik deutschland

Fenig and 50 on the middle here a 50

this is a common coin and the reverse

Drizzy this what I like here the woman

planting an oak vit ring is 1990 is a

copper nickel coin and the middle

element is a little boat going up or

flipped like this and the rain tation

still the same so this is it this is a

50 finning or Finnick and this last one

this is what I like the 1976 10th inning

and I put it already only coin flip

because I like this coin and I want to

keep did a personal collection because

this is a history the German Republic

because my sister my mother my aunt

married West German or German we back on

the name in 80s 81 I remember this one

the German brought this coin

vacation and he gave it to me that this

one is he he gotta call this a

memorabilia but he passed during 1992

that is why I kept this as his gift the

German Republic and this one is a 10

panic D as you can see there is a letter

D on the upper part here the Oberst is

the the front this is a sibling of the

oak tree and the writing series

bundesrepublik deutschland this is a

1976 minted year

the translation is Federal Republic of

Germany and the the engraver of this is

adult Jagger

our adult Jaeger but the spelling is G a

G R so the is pronounced who knows it

Jagger or Jagger this is also a common

coin the main theory is 1976 as you can

see and this is a brass clad steel but I

like this it's look like a gold to me

and I like shiny coins that this way I

will keep this and I will pass this coin

to my kids and the reverse here is the

value differential value of the ten

panic and the mint place if it is a

letter D meaning this is a co-invented

in munich and if it is a letter A it is

in Berlin and the Terr F it is in a

Stuttgart and G is in carceral and

letter J is in Hamburg so this one is

from Munich a 10 Finnick D so this is a

brass and a common coin

this one is a coin from 1976 so meaning

they demean copies of these if it is

1976 this is a DeMint volume or the

counts so very low and I considered this

a rare coin already because the 1976 D

is produced in a low mintage number only

43,000 of this is minted looks like this

is a coin for me so I will keep this and

I'm not planning to sell this because

it's hard to come by this kind of coin

and it is in still in a very very good

condition and this is it I hope you

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