The Euro to Dollar Exchange Rate

earlier this week a shock came through

in LA the fans the financial district of

Paris at almost one-to-one for the first

time in 12 years the European euro and

the u.s. dollar is dancing to the same

tune since June the dollar has been

slowly winning the upward battle against

the Euro making life in Paris

finally more affordable training

specialists associate Asian fi explains

how and same digressive job will happen

on the euro dollar cold we're expecting

to see another crop that will tear the

euro dollar to one to one quotation

which will mean achieving the European

Central Bank expectations people working

on the market would try to keep it to

that level and not take it lower

Carmen Sachs is predicting a drop to

open a 2017 which we are skeptical about

but for American tourists and students

living in Europe purchasing things

abroad is finally the same thing its

purchasing from the US you know if you

have your parents send you money from

the states if you're from the states

it's always been such a hassle with the

exchange rate because you get so much

less so you think your mom sending you a

lot of money for your monthly allowance

and then in fact you have like I don't

know half of what you thought you had so

now it's much easier and much more

convenient for us so we can enjoy our

lives more many students at the American

University of Paris received dollars

from their US loans or parental support

dollars once meant being able to buy

less now means being able to buy more

for your dollar

AUP a university listed in Forbes

magazine for being one of the most

expensive in the world

is now about the same as a public

universities in the States because of

the exchange rate for students at IUP

continuing education in Paris was

sometimes not seen as an option due to

having to pay more for daily essentials

over the years American students

studying abroad have waited to purchase

things in the

yes in order to avoid the stronger euro

which added about 30 percent to

everything but with more tourism and

students staying in Paris due to the

stronger dollar the French economy will

see a slow but sure rise the new change

in economy it seems as though the

European dream will finally be

accessible to American students studying


this is Jessica penny for a up7 news