Carrying $1 Million in Cash Is Easier Than You'd Think

there are only two things that end up in

a briefcase like this nuclear codes and

stacks of money I know

just pretend Larry Summers has proposed

that we get rid of high denomination

currency like the hundred dollar bill to

make it harder for criminals to do

illegal cash hand offs so what would

this look like assuming we're criminals

with the little self-respect and we want

to stack our hundreds neatly we can fit

about ten thousand bills in this

briefcase which comes out to a nice even

million dollars between the case and the

cash this way is about 28 pounds but now

let's say Larry Summers gets his way and

we only have 50 s that million now

doubles in size we need to go back to

the store and get another briefcase then

get ready to haul almost sixty pounds to

our hand off then four 20s it's more

briefcases now we've got one hundred and

fifty pounds of money and so forth and

so on you get the idea in theory this

actually does seem like a cheap simple

solution to deter some crime

unfortunately one of the easiest ways

around this is just to use foreign

currency the Swiss of a note that's

basically the equivalent of a thousand

dollar bill so suddenly this stack turns

into this until we get the entire

international community on board the

reality is cash hand offs look a little

less like they do in Hollywood and a

little more like this