How to exchange and withdraw Thai Bahts in Thailand? (ATM, cards, fees, currency exchanges)

When you visit Thailand you'll need to get their local money - Thailand Bahts.

There are two ways to get Thailand bahts: one is from currency

exchanges with cash (dollars, euros, pounds or any other), second is from bank ATMs

with your credit or debit card. Just don't exchange Bahts in your country

it'll be more expensive than in Thailand. You will see many currency exchanges

with different rates and minimal fees in Thailand, depending on where you are,

don't be lazy and check three or four currency exchanges, because there might

be huge differences between the exchange rates and fees they're offering.

Just don't forget to check and find best currency exchange - you might save a lot

of money. To withdraw money from your credit card in Thailand might be

expensive. When you withdraw money from ATM in Thailand with your foreign credit

card, depending on your credit card, you might pay a fee from three parts:

1) fixed fee: 150 to 220 Thailand bahts (approximately 5-7 US dollars)

per operation for local bank. Also, the maximum amount you'll be able to

withdraw in one time is between 20-35k bahts

(approximately 650 to 1200 US dollars) depending on bank.

2) 2-5% for exchange from the amount you withdraw

3) fixed fee from your card's bank could reach 1-10 US dollars per operation, depending

on country and bank. Huge, right? So, before you go to Thailand, check the fees of

your card you have. By the way, we've tested plenty of different ATMs in

Thailand in 2019 summer and the only one ATM left with 150 baht fee per withdrawal

operation is AEON ATM. Other ATMs will charge 220 bahts

or more fee per operation. Our tips for you when you're in Thailand:

1) For daily goods in shopping centers you can pay with your credit or debit card

2) For cash is better to exchange in currency exchanges, just find the best currency exchange first

3) Withdraw from ATMs only when you need more money or you don't have US dollars or other foreign currency with you. - everything about currencies