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Philippine coins that are worth money

alright so this first coin is from 1918

that is an S mint mark now this coin

just looks like a regular coin you see

there on the reverse it says United

States of America 1918 it's got the s

mint mark to the left of the date there

and if you look there on the front the

obverse of the coin it says 5 centavos

now what makes this coin valuable is

that it was actually muled with a 20

cent reverse now it was supposed to have

a different reverse on this coin however

it's got a reverse from the 20 cent coin

so that's what gives it value and that's

why this coin sold for over $1,900 next

up is another 1918 s philippine coin

again it was struck at the San Francisco

mint so s mint mark it sat in AU 53 and

you can see that is extremely off center

so this coin is off-center that's what's

gonna give a value and that's why this

coin sold for over four hundred and

forty-five dollars now next up is a coin

that I've actually found I got one of

these coins in my collection and yes

these coins are sober it's a 1945 d

Philippines ten centavos coin and what

makes this coin valuable is that it

actually has doubling taking place on

the front of the coin so if you have one

of these coins definitely put it

underneath your USB microscope if you

guys don't have one you can get a USB

coin microscope on Cal collectibles calm

link is in the description and you will

be able to see your coins up close to

see if it has any doubling on it now

because of that

this coin sold for over $470 next up is

a very interesting coin I've never seen

one of these actually this is an undated

coin from the Philippines and it's a 1/4

real coin so very cool you got the lion

it looks like they're on the front of

the coin and I'm not sure looks like

maybe a castle they're on the reverse

but this coin sold for over two hundred

and forty five dollars so a very

interesting coin if you come across

something like this well now you know

what this particular one sold for at an

au fifty grade moving right along to a

one peso coin I love this coin this is a

1912 s United States Philippines one

peso coin and you can see there the

estimate mark again to the left of the

dates and this silver coin sold for over

sixty three thousand dollars sixty three

thousand dollars moving on to a another

one peso coin now this one's interesting

because it's got a reversed die cap and

obviously you can see that error taking

place in the images displayed now of

course you're probably not gonna find

one of these honestly but hey if you

ever do come across the coin collection

that you inherit or something and you

just never know what you can find in one

of those Bitcoin collections you could

find some error coins that are worth

some money

but this coin here sold for over forty

one thousand dollars what countries

coins do you want me to cover next let

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