how's it going everyone welcome back to

the channel welcome back to another

episode Red Dead Redemption 2 so in

today's video I want to show you guys

how to get rid of the gold bar you guys

got from the glitch or you guys just

have any gold bars and I'm sure some of

you guys already know this by now but

for those who has commented and asked me

how to so this is where you did so as

you guys can see I actually have about

30 gold bar from the glitch that I

couldn't get rid of from last time where

are they don't tell out there they are

so 30 gold bars they're worth about $500

each but you can just sell them anywhere

so what you have to do is go to fences I

guess you can say they're like basically

marked up traders that will take those

things off of you and if you click on

the map so basically there are four

traders that I know for a fact that is

still on the map on this so the first

one it's actually around

I believe in Rhodes so this town is

basically right next to where the money

glitch is money glitch is right there

and Rhodes is right here and the fence

is normy look like a basket somewhere I

don't where happened to it

huh oh there they are there is sorry

so the first ones right there so this

guy basically normally each of them has

certain type of unique you know taste

they sell different kind of stuff but

they will buy stuff from you the second

is actually right around in this town

saint-denis and it's right here as you

guys can see is on the tip of the S on

the last word so the third one is gonna

be let me remember it's in a wrench I

believe Emirates stations are an Emer

station it's actually this location

right over here but I don't know why

maybe I'm just not there yet but there's

it doesn't show up on my map yet but

this is a guy's gonna be the third guy

that can sell you sell your gold bar -

and the last location which is the one

that I'm currently at it's at Van Horn

and as you guys can see is literally

right on the edge of the water and you

guys can see I'm standing right here

right next to the trading outpost Van

Horn trading posts so it's gonna go in

and I do have the 30 bar as you guys can

see on me and I'm gonna go in and say

hello to the bar guy what's up and as

you guys can see I still have a hundred

and seven thousand

$950 so that is all from the money

glitch obviously and they're gonna talk

to this guy I'm gonna sell you d

something some of the gold bars I got so

as you guys can see in the bottom right

corner thirty of them each one five

hundred I got fifteen thousand just like

that so that way basically can sell the

gold bar and go grab more stuff or more

gold bars so let's do it

so I'm a sell Oh so that is guys so

there's no limit on how much you can

sell them as much as you have you can

take them so it's a hundred I sell for

fifteen thousand as you guys can see and

we got I mean it's not like it makes any

different for me and need to point

anything cuz I already have a ton of

money so you can sell a lot of stuff a

lot of times good idea to actually look

at what they're buying

I mean what they have in their inventory

because each these characters sell some

pretty unique stuff like tomahawk and

all that like there's a lot of stuff and

for me obviously a lot you know lot cuz

I'm not writing I haven't made a lot of

progress on some of these stuff but for

some of you guys that's been like close

to the end of the game me you have some

money why not just buy everything so I

hope some of you guys find a you know

like this video helpful if you do please

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