How To Save Money On Diapers

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so during my pregnancy journey and

in this new season of motherhood i've

been learning how i can budget and save


baby costs and so today i wanted to

share with you how to save money on


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be such an expensive item and i remember

when i was pregnant like before i

had a baby thinking of how expensive

having a baby would be and you just hear

people talking about

how expensive it is to have diapers but


my journey into motherhood i've learned

that you really don't need to spend that

much on diapers

and also you should only be buying

diapers when they're on sale

like you can always find them at a

discount and so

here are ways that you can save money


always find them on sale first off is

with an amazon baby registry

so if you're pregnant start an amazon

baby registry because

they have an awesome perk when it comes

to diapers if it ends up that you

have 500 worth of things bought off your

registry either bought by

friends and family or even bought by

yourself like just items from your baby


then you get their awesome benefit of

their diaper discount which is

that you get 20 off of diapers for a

year or up to

60 dollars worth of free diapers so this

is a huge benefit and you can also pair

it with their subscribe and save feature

which can save even more up to like 40

off diapers

so make yourself an amazon baby registry

even if this is like your second kid and

you're not planning to have like a baby


still make a registry and get the things

that you need off of your amazon

registry so that you can get this perk

because it's definitely a huge help

we've actually used this already we had

some diapers gifted to us which i'll

talk about here soon as well

but one awesome thing is we got to use

our amazon registry

coupon for a couple boxes of newborn

diapers we ended up needing

more newborn sizes than what we had and

so we were able to get a couple boxes

off of amazon

they arrived to our house the very next

day which is perfect when you have like

a two week old baby

and you also i'm pandemic baby life

right now too so

really didn't want to go out and about

so it's very nice to just have them sent

to us with amazon and

also save some money on them the next

way to save money on diapers is having a

diaper party so this again is one of


other things that you can do while

you're expecting and i do have some tips

for if you already have your baby here


if you are still expecting you can have

a diaper party

and i know that like with pandemic it

may be a little bit different

with um having a get together i know

that for us like my son was born in may

we were planning to have baby showers in

like april and so obviously they were

canceled because everything was like

crazy then everything getting shut down

so we ended up not having a baby shower


a diaper party but we were totally

planning on it so

i know that a lot of guys will have like

a get together and do a diaper

party for the dad and you bring like


and diapers and just have like a

barbecue get together so it's a great

way for like the guys to hang out

and you also get some free diapers that

way and also other baby showers i've

been to

do like a diaper raffle so that way if

you bring a box of diapers

you get like your name entered into a

raffle for like a date night gift card

or something like that

so that way you can encourage people to

also bring a thing of diapers to the

baby shower which people love to do

anyway and you can just say any size


and have them be entered in to win so if

that sounds like something interesting

to you

you can definitely ask you the person

who's throwing your baby shower to

include that

on the invitation but i know that other

people who have done this have gotten

like a year's worth of diapers just from

doing this so it's a huge benefit

i wish we could have done it because

that would have been a huge lifesaver

so let's talk about if your baby's

already here but also

if you are still expecting here are

other ways that you can still save money

on diapers just by planning ahead the

next way is by purchasing

off-brand diapers like kirkland costco

diapers you guys

this is an awesome cost savings so i

haven't used these diapers yet but i

will say we've used so far

pampers huggies and honest diapers and

our favorites have been huggies

and i've heard that the kirkland diapers

are made on the same factory line as

huggies so they are

very similar to huggie brand diapers and

we actually just ordered some for the

next size up

that peter will be in because we don't

have enough for his next size so the

kirkland diapers are about 18 cents per


like that's super cheap that is even

probably i think it's been cheaper than

what like huggies are

with the amazon discount that you can

get so

it's very cheap to get the kirkland

brand diapers but they also

sometimes run a sale on them so actually

they just ran a sale in august which i

feel about that i'm now

putting this video out after the sale

has been done but

hopefully they'll put them on sale again

soon but they had a great sale going on

with the diapers i think it was seven

dollars and fifty cents off a box

so we ended up getting them for i think

it was like 14 cents a diaper which was

a huge discount and great savings so

definitely look into costco kirkland

diapers that

is a really great option to get super

affordable diapers and if you like huggy

brand i've heard they're very similar

i'll keep you posted on whether or not

we like them but we definitely do love


the next way to save is with target's

baby sale so i feel like every month

i get like a notification that targets

doing a sale on baby items where

if you spend 100 on baby items you get a

20 gift card to target so it's basically

like you're saving 20 percent

so you can pick up diapers at target up

to 100 worth of diapers and then get a


gift card which then you could just turn

around and go get more diapers if you

truly wanted

and the other great thing about target

is that they have their red card which i

have a target red card and you get an

additional five percent off

so therefore you can stack all those

coupons and get a really great deal on


target will sell normal name brands like

huggies and pampers

and honest and those kinds of diapers

but they also have their own up and up

brand which i have not used yet but

again if you don't mind having an


diaper then that's an even cheaper way

to get more diapers

for less so i'm here to say you should

be able to get diapers at a discount no

matter what you just have to plan ahead

a little bit more

and be on the lookout for when sales are

happening so like i said this costco

kirkland diaper sale that was going on

we stocked up on size threes and fours

even though peter is still finishing out

size one diapers but we knew that they

were going to be on sale

we knew that he was going to use them

eventually so we just decided to pick

them up

same thing with like the target baby

sale that's going on if you know that

you're going to need more diapers

eventually and you have the money in

your baby fund

budget then use that money to stock up

on some diapers

i really don't want you having to run to

the store in the middle of the night to

pick up baby diapers

and it's great to have them on hand i

know that isn't the case for everyone

because of limited space but

whatever you can do put them under the

bed whatever like

you can stock up on diapers and purchase

them when they're on sale because

there's going to be some sort of sale

going on and it's best to take advantage

of it when you can

which again just means that you need to

do a little bit more planning and also

keep a baby fund in your budget we love

having a baby fund in our budget we put


a month into our baby fund and this way

we have money set aside for any sort of

baby expenses when they come up so

we use our baby fund for diapers

clothing toys

i do breastfeed but we'd also put put

formula in here if we needed to

and we just let this accumulate every

month and so we always have

a balance in this fund and that way when

diapers go on sale i know that i already

have the money

set aside in this fund that's to be

spent on diapers and so i can use

my money there to stock up on diapers

that i know i'm not going to use for

probably like another year

but it's great to know that i got them

at a discount and i do the space in my

house to be able to keep a little


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