Ask a Pedia | How to Change Baby's Diapers


hi I'm before Appiah I trained in

pediatrics and this is Julian he's six

months old next we'll do Dahlia /

changing which is something that most

new parents are afraid or confused on

how to do a proper way well it's just

really simple you just have to make sure

that the area is safe you place the baby

on a table because it's comfortable for


but to make sure that his place is

restrained he's kept in a safe area and

most especially what's more important is

that the things are within your reach so

you don't have to scramble and reach out

for what you need when the baby is

already changing the diaper so for

diaper changing you need basics a good

diaper changing pads or whatever you

have at home I'm at all the things the

diapers the clean diapers wipes karpin's

rash creams if you have hand sanitizers

so that's the most important and of

course the water that you need for

cleaning the baby so the first step is

make sure that your hands are clean so

make sure you wash your hands with hand

sanitizer or alcohol if you have when

you clean the baby's diapers open the


then you roll this portion or you can

use the front part to wipe the rest of

the area and then slowly and quickly

change it and then you roll the soiled I

upper afterwards when cleaning the

baby's bottom we use wipes or wet cotton

with clean water boiled water and then

you wipe it from front to back so that's

important especially for girls so to

avoid infection in the genital area then

afterwards you dispose one wipe and then

you can use another one just ripe ones

and then dispose after wiping observe

the area make sure that you clean all

the skin folds of the baby and then

observe for any redness if you see one

you can use any diaper rash if you have

rash game or anything that you can use

for the rashes and then once you have

the clean diaper get it in your area

within your reach and then the tape part

you put it at the back

then cover it if the baby is still a

newborn his umbilical cord is still wet

make sure you don't cover that with a

diaper or with anything because it's

going to get moistened and it will

attract bacterial growth so that's

important especially for newborn babies