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Skyrim Weapon Locations - Hidden Bow in an Unmarked Cave

oh my god epic killcam of glory what's

up guys my name is ESO and welcome back

to the channel I hope you are all well

in today's video we're going to be

finding a hidden weapon in a location


clear springtime now this location is

there's not really much about it to be

honest it's literally just a small

puddle well a kind of pond really in the

middle of a mountainside but we do get

this amazing view the actual location

itself is just down this hill and I've

come up here just to show you guys that

view but let me show you on the map

where we actually are so you can see

Windhelm is just here and then south

across the hot springs you will find

clear spring tar now the best way to get

here if you haven't visited it before is

to come from Rifton over here and then

just head over to Clear Spring town down

this pathway for the mountain city now

the reason why I'm starting the video

from here is a so I can kill this deer

with an epic archery camera shots and be

because this is one of my favourite

areas of starve to be honest like if I

look this way I can almost see Rifton by

at least I can see into the ridge and

it's amazing trees I love these trees so

much over there we can see Ivor stead

and at the top of that mountain

obviously is high throw scar on the

other side of it though we can't really

see it from here we can't see the throw

of the world though because it's a very

clear day to day if we come over here

though where the reach drops away to the

rest of Skyrim you can see the hot steam

rising from the hot springs down there

below as well as clear spring Tarn

directly below us you can also see wind

town just over there

across the river my god is just such an

amazing location I love this location so

much guys it's like my favorite place

just to sit and look over Skyrim okay

round up let's kill this deer what I've

been out did buy this deer that's iffy

oh my god epic kill cam of glory

get rekt we got the booty shot as well

Lydia how where's Lydia how proud of you

right now look at her majestic as the

Sun I want sec there was another deer

that has come to see if his dear friend

is okay no Steve your dear friend is


Oh me where's my kill cam though right

let's head down this mountainside

towards a clear spring top oh Jesus that

was bloody painful jumping off a

mountainside is not recommended usually

when you get here there are some random

hunters that just appear out of nowhere

there's actually a deer down there

but you usually get some hunters that

appear at this clearing at the same time

as you and when they appear they will

kill all the deer here but there's

usually like free deer you see there the

hunters are now they are just making

their way through we can actually anyone

the yarl can hardly eat every deer now

canny oh that actually poaching take a


maybe we should kill these criminals

they do sell us some stuff a saber cap

you didn't you stole this there's no way

you killed a saber cap yeah I'm

definitely going to assassinate you

but before we do there's actually a

secret under this water here somewhere

here it is there is a chest with a

leveled lock probably a novice lot if

you're a low-level and I definitely

recommend coming to this location if

you're starting a new character oh god

somebody is actually making a montage of

how many times I break lockpicks because

it happens that often there we go an

emerald 53 gold potion of glibness

increased speech craft by 20 points for

60 seconds health potion what the hell

evany armor of major destruction of 2087

gold that's ridiculous and I actually

just find this in a chest that's not

even what we're here for guys that is

very unlikely to actually happen by the

way these guys are just annoyed because

I killed him I killed take a look there

some look what she's selling this

a snow bear pound I know for a fact

you've stopped right stuff right we've

got to assassinate these these ladies

shall we see if we can like fire them

off the cliff from here that would be

hilarious if you actually can well if I

actually got an idea okay so if I hit

then they'll get angry and they'll run

after me and then they will they will

come to their doom no no don't snow come

over here don't don't run away you're

not you're not a real hunter stop

running away you absolute fool oh my god

how does it feel to be hunted hunter

I am a Khajiit vegan I do not agree with

your your practices oh my god Lydia's

savagely destroy all my Jesus Christ

Lydia really are you open to pour our

misery orders when we don't worry

oh no Lydia she'll it's me wait so I

drew by Boeing that killed her they free

gold lockpicks and nine gold arrows and

a gold arrows with iron marigold where's

this last hunter she's hiding she's

still alive oh my god

she took a bit of a tough who virtually

died from that gruesome fall down the

cliff what is this is this a wolf or a

fox it's a gray fox hmm the gray fox has

been discovered direct yeah rekt right

boys you gold lockpick as long as you

kill all of the people man that's that

is a pretty gruesome way to die as long

as you kill the people here and you

won't need to worry about bouncy because

no one will witness your actions apart

from Lydia and she's pretty safe okay so

from the pond of clear springtime which

is obviously just here on the map to get

this secret weapon guys we're gonna need

to come down here just off the edge of

the cliff and it's kind of this little

secret cave underneath Clear Spring top

just round here so even marked on the

map it's just hidden clear spring cave

they were very creative with that name I

guess it makes sense okay here we are

oh my god I'm inside Lydia sorry Lydia

that was a very inappropriate look at

these four K rock textures how beautiful

now there's actually a surprise in this

cave a troll

how spooky the troll is guarding the

unique weapon I'm not so sure if it is

his or what Lydia I've got your back I

wants you to 1v1 this troll I need you

to do something what is it you must

attack troll go okay

there we go oh my god she's running in

there she didn't have a sword out Jesus

Lydia oh my goodness this is scary - oh

wow that must be her literally getting

hit around the face with a bloody iron

shield well after all this having a bit

of a tantrum Lydia you bet Oh God

oh wow that was bit that was a flail

attack he's literally just trying to

slap Lydia with his overly big hands I

don't think they do

Oh God Lydia Jesus Christ all right let

me help you out here it's gonna take oh

god okay I actually killed him in one

hit oh no why do I get a kill cam he's

not dead

I'm very confused go on Lydia go on go

on Lydia oh man

the trow is all God oh hell man you're

brutal Jesus Christ

so this troll was probably sitting under

the late key yes you see all the rain

coming down from above and he was

feeding and all the deer that seemed to

pass by the area maybe there was a dog

there's actually a body down here let me

see that before let me just quickly loop

this body how'd this what's that there's

a glass mace under water I think this is

a levelled mace but I'm gonna give that

mace to Lydia that's a pretty good


that's my more we're here for we've got

a glass mason evany armor this is


I love it there's a chest and a unique

bow here which looks very special look

at this like it's it's just vast in

glorious light in holy matrimony okay

let's take this poison and open this


nothing really amazing in there like oh

is this a archery skill book I think I'm

level 100 archery so doesn't work bow of

the hunt only worth 434 gold damage 35 I

think the damage is actually about 10

damage but it is free more damage than a

regular hunting boat so is this weapon

actually useful let's talk about that

the bow of the hunt actually does 10

damage the same amount of damage as a

orcish bird and that's actually free

more damage than a standard hunting bow

however when you shoot an animal it will

do another 20 points of damage on top of

that so you'll be hitting any animals

for 30 damage this makes it the best bow

for hunting early on in the game

obviously it loses its use much later in

the game when you get more powerful bows

but it's still very useful for low level

characters who want to kill difficult

animals like spiders SaberCats

charrisse's mammoths or the troublesome

trolls but it will definitely not help

you against the fearsome mud crabs I've

also got a link in the description on

how to get every knee bow at level 1 if

you guys want the most powerful weapons

you could have at the very start of the

game though that is a lot harder to do

but check out the video if you want a

full guide on how to do it I've also got

a playlist on where to find every other

unique weapon down below in the

description I do think the bow of the

hunt is a reference to her scene

especially considering its concealed in

a cave that resides under a hunting

ground and the bow itself rests on a

plinth could this be a hidden artifact

I'll let you guys aside in the comment

section I hope you all enjoyed this

video have a fantastic day and good bye