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Cruise Deals 2020: 3 Hacks to Get the Best Cruise Deals

just like animals need TLC you do too so

why not get some with an epic vacation

on the cheap Jimmy Road says your best

bet may be getting on board with a

cruise so Jimmy what's the deal when it

comes to getting bang for your vacation

buck you probably think about loading up

the car and driving somewhere cruises

now I've seen the movie they're great if

you're rich but if you don't have much

money you wind up sinking to the bottom

of the ocean even though there's plenty

of room on that busted up door and don't

tell me that's a spoiler Titanic came

out in 1997 creasing is actually a

really terrific value that's cruise

critic calm editor-in-chief Colleen

McDaniel pulled me back from the edge

your cruise includes near lodging your

food your entertainment taking you to

destinations and activities on boards so

there's a lot of value packed into that

vacation evidently the rich people don't

put you in jail below deck anymore who

knew so let's run down some ways to save

on a cruise for starters the more the

merrier so call the cousins to get the

number in your party up over the group

discount minimum it does vary by cruise

line but that threshold tends to be

about eight cabins booked just don't

expect to get the discount up front you

get back the cost of one person's cruise

fare in the form of onboard credit and

what a lot of people would do would be

to split it across the group next empty

rooms cost cruise lines money

so try booking last-minute this used to

be a way to get amazing deals but times

have changed it is not the same as it

was maybe 10 15 years ago in part

because cruise lines are really

concerned about pricing integrity they

want the passengers who booked right out

of the gate to feel like they got the

best deal possible but still an empty

cabin is all overhead and no revenue so

Cruise Lines would rather get something

instead of nothing Cruise Lines set a

cancellation deadline that varies but

roughly about 90 days out so if you're

willing to book later in the game people

might find a great deal in that 90 day

window finally for a chance to get

better lodging than you're paying for

try booking with a cabin guarantee that

means you booked the lowest rate for a

category of cabin and you might in fact

get the worst room in that category but

if the cruise line has nicer rooms in

that category they'll move you up it's a

bit of a gamble but you might end up

with a real

nice cabin if you're lucky you might

even feel like cruising for less what's

the deal