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How to buy a cheap Macbook Pro - 3 ways to get a discounted Apple computer

hello so buying a new MacBook Pro can be

really expensive and saving any money is

a bonus well in this video I'm going to

give you three ways to get a reduced

price MacBook Pro although really this

applies to any Mac product from a Mac

computer to an iPod I'll leave links

down below in case you want to buy or

check out a macbook pro for yourself and

let's get on with the list at number

three we have ebay so this one might

seem really obvious but you can buy

MacBook Pros from eBay now it's good

because they've got a huge selection a

huge range of Mac products on there

everything from faulty MacBook Pros

through to slightly older and cheaper

MacBook Pros all the way through to

brand new top of the range MacBook Pros

it's an especially good way to get a

macbook pro if a seller has put the Buy

It Now or best offer feature on their

listing because then you can send an

offer to the seller and haggle with them

and see if you can get some discounts

another good reason to buy from ebay is

the 30-day money-back guarantee so if

you receive your MacBook Pro and it's

broken or faulty you will get your money

back a side point is that eBay is

actually a really good place to sell

your old mac computer if you don't want

it anymore and if you're buying a new

one you don't need your old one so you

can get the money for that and put it

towards your new Mac at number 2 we have

Mac sales so I've done a video before

about Mac sales that it's a great place

to buy solid-state drives which are SSDs

or memory to upgrade your existing

macbook pro I'll leave a link down below

to that guide in case you want to have a

go doing that and indeed maybe that's

all you need to do maybe you don't need

to buy a brand new Mac computer you can

just upgrade your existing one to bring

it up to date or perhaps you could even

buy a slightly older Mac and then

upgrade it yourself well Mac sales comm

actually have their own selection of

used Mac products at really good prices

now they may not seem that good to start

with but then when you actually realize


they upgrade the solid-state drives and

a lot of their MacBook Pros to one

terabyte and you work out the cost of

that you actually find out that they are

superb value for money and it saves you

the hassle of having to upgrade it

yourself and as well as money-back

guarantees and all that sort of stuff

they're actually currently shipping

their MacBook Pros with a copy of

parallels so you could run Windows as

well as Mac O's on your macbook if you

needed to and indeed I've upgraded my

own 2014 MacBook Pro using an SSD I

bought from Mac sales comm and it's

worked really well at number one we have

Apple refurbishment or education store

so another way of getting a really good

price is to buy from Apple believe it or

not they actually have an education

store and a refurbishment store so you

might be familiar with the standard

Apple store with all the products listed

in it well if you scroll to the bottom

of the page you will find in very small

writing that in the kind of place you

usually find the sort of terms and

conditions and stuff you will actually

find links to the education store and

the refurbishment store so let's just

talk about the education store for a

minute so you have to be a member of a

university or a higher education

institution and apparently you could

save up to four hundred and thirty four

pounds on the price of a brand-new Mac

which in is a superb saving now the

second store is the refurbishment store

so they sell everything in here not just

MacBook Pros everything from ipods

through to computers at a reduced price

now i've brought from this refurbishment

store before and the item you receive is

absolutely immaculate you wouldn't know

that it was used apart from the fact

they do tend to ship them in a plain box

so these are products basically that

somebody's bought decided they didn't

want or there was a small fault that

Apple's fixed and they sell it to you at

a reduced price so that really is

excellent value for money and you also

get the same warranty on these products

that you get with a brand new Apple

product so that's worth bearing in mind

anyway I hope that this video has given

you some ideas about how you

get a cheap MacBook Pro or other Mac

products I'll leave a link as I said to

the three stores down below in case you

want to check them out for yourself and

I shall see you next time for another