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The Best MacBook Pro Deal of ALL TIME! Amazon is nuts..

alright so our goal here at maxtec is to

help you guys get the most value

out of your tech purchases and we just

noticed that this morning

the 16-inch macbook pro just reached an

all-time low price of two thousand

dollars on amazon

that's 400 off if you enable the coupon

by using the link down below in the

video description

and i've basically never seen this good

of a deal on any macbook pro ever

including the 13 inch and the old 15

inch macbook pro models

so what i'm gonna do in this video is

clear up a lot of confusion

on whether you should buy one right now

or wait

for the apple silicon models because

there are people who should

wait so i'll discuss the rumors on when

we should expect

that 16 inch model with the apple

silicon and what benefits and

downsides there will be with that model

but first i want to show you guys just

how incredible of a deal this

is when we made our latest which macbook

should you buy in 2020 video

we compared the performance between each


including the more expensive quad-core

macbook air

and as you can see the base 16-inch is

definitely the most powerful

using cinebench r20 however if you take

a look at the score per dollar chart

the 16 inch model was only beaten out by

the 1300

macbook pro so score per dollar was

pretty decent

but in terms of graphics performance

using geekbench 5's metal test

the base 16 inch macbook pro is much

more powerful

so looking at score per dollar it's

clearly the best bang for the buck

and it's so powerful that it's the first

macbook we tested

that could actually do a great job at

playing triple a titles

like call of duty modern warfare using

boot camp

but just watch what happens when i redo

this chart using the current sale

prices of each macbook and then adjust

those numbers to show you just how good

of a deal

two thousand dollars is for the 16 inch

model the quad core macbook air is

currently 70

off but the base model is fully out of

stock so we're going with that quad core


of a thousand thirty dollars the base 13

inch macbook pro is currently 50

off right now and the high end 13 inch

is also 50 bucks off

so it shows that 400 off on the 16 inch

is a

really big deal with the new prices now

factored into the cinebench r20 score

per dollar chart

the base 16-inch macbook pro is now the

best bang for the buck

beating out the base 13-inch macbook pro

but now moving on to the graphics chart

this is just insane the 16 inch macbook

pro on sale for 2 000

now completely blows the other macbooks

out of the water

so this basically shows us just how good

of a deal this really is

compared to the other options right now

and then you also have to consider all

of the other benefits

like the redesign with the thinner

bezels and the much better speaker


just listen to the sound comparison



so it's pretty clear that this is the

best bang for the buck we've ever seen

for any macbook pro and if you're in

need of a mac right now

there's no better time to buy however

there's also the fact that apple

is transitioning over to their armbase


so let's talk about that first off one

thing that's pretty much been confirmed

is that windows 10 support using

bootcamp is basically going away

and a lot of people love using it for

apps that are only available on windows

and for gaming since most aaa title

games are

only on windows so if you want windows

bootcamp functionality

especially with using an egpu it makes

the most sense to buy an intel-based

macbook right now

so you can continue to use it but if you

don't care about windows and you use

your macbook to make money

by using productivity apps like davinci

resolve 16

there's a pretty good chance that

apple's arm-based macs aren't going to

be fully optimized for a while

maybe even over a year so buying an

intel based mac means reliable


until the apple silicon max proved

themselves to perform well

in third-party apps now on the other


here are the benefits of waiting apple's

arm-based macs

are gonna be able to run iphone and ipad


so if you enjoy mobile gaming and would

like the ability to play those games

on your mac using a gaming controller

then it probably makes sense for you to

wait for apple silicon max

now in terms of when those models will

come we expect

some sort of lower end macbook to be


later this year possibly at apple's

october event

but as far as the 16-inch macbook pro i

personally expect it to come in

the third quarter of next year so

sometime in the summer there's also a

small chance that apple will refresh the

16-inch macbook pro

this fall with 10th gen processors

but realistically you're still gonna

have to pay the full retail price of

2400. instead of the 2

000 deal right now and you've got to ask

yourself if it's worth risking the


of there not being an update until next


and missing out on this deal so it

really all depends on what your

priorities are

and what you want to use your macbook

for but if you're one of the people who


a macbook pro right now you literally

won't find a better bang for the bug


so if you make up your mind you'll find

the link to that deal just below this


in the description below and if you want

more info on the switch to apple silicon

like apple dropping amd graphics support

and dropping dedicated graphics chips

you should check out that video right

over there thanks for watching and we'll

see you

in the next one