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How To Get The Best Car Deal

hey my name is Dan I used to work at the

biggest car dealership in the country

and now I teach fine folks like you how

not to get [ __ ] when buying the car

now in this video I want to show you

some clips from a movie called suckers I

have found this movie completely by

accident that was actually looking for

some more you know creative inspiration

a little content that I can show you

because I wanted to show you what some

of the things are being taught to

salesmen when you're going to your

dealership so I wanted to show you some

things that are being taught to salesmen

but I found this clip by accident and

then I actually watched the whole movie

this movie is freakin amazing

it's called suckers you gotta watch it

but if you don't want to watch it I'll

show you just couple of things from it

which is about car sales and it is so

[ __ ] true like this is so real I

don't think this could actually be made

in 2018 how real this is

let's get started if you'll come inside

so that we can make out the numbers well

why don't you go inside and get your

boss's best price and then come out here

and tell me what it is well it doesn't

build that way sir you see I need you to

come inside and fill out the papers that

mother would love to give you're serious

oh I'm serious but I'm not coming inside

this ball dude is looking at a car he's

at the dealership he was looking to buy

a car he doesn't look like he is there

to get doughnuts he doesn't look like

he's there because he was looking to get

entertained by a Salesman he is not

there because he has nothing else to do

all right

he's there to buy a car and he's about

45 years old probably he knows exactly

what the [ __ ] is going on

he knows that salesman is just a

mouthpiece for the dealership

he knows that salesman has no control

over the price he can't negotiate for

she had the only people that can

negotiate as the GM or the manager of

the dealership that's it so this ball

dude is telling the salesman go talk to

the manager and tell me what's the

lowest price in the car because I'm not

[ __ ] around my time is valuable I

have family I have a job I got [ __ ] I

got a do on my house

I got a leaky roof I get it fixed I got

I trimmed the [ __ ] hedge

I got a mold the grass I get [ __ ] I have

to do at my actual house I don't want to

waste time go get me the price and

that's it that's what he's asking for

the salesman is telling him you can't

get the best price by being outside when

you step into the dealership slot

salesman has couple of different things

they have to do which really comes up to

only being one thing so step number one

they have to take control of you they

have to take control of your time they

have to take control of your

decision-making they have to take

control of your money they have to take

control of the sale process and they

have to bend you over and [ __ ] you

that's what the salesman is there for

pizza place doesn't have a salesman

McDonald's doesn't have a Salesman when

they go to buy a cellphone they don't

have a salesman like they don't I want

this cellphone here's $700 just wrap it

up I want to take it that's it I want a

pizza make it I want to buy it for some

reason those places don't need a

Salesman do you know why because

dealerships would not exist without

salesmen nobody in their right mind

unless they are being mindfuck that's


salesmen are taught to do is to mind

[ __ ] you unless salesmen can trick you

into going inside the dealership and

following every single little step that

they tell you to do that's how they take

control over you that's how they do it

and this guy is just trying to cut the

chase and make sure he gets the best

price buys the car and get the [ __ ] out

that's what we all want I want to get in

get my Sh in get the [ __ ] out this is

the sticker price if you cannot come

inside so this is the best we can do

maybe you don't comprende snowflake I

will buy this car but I refuse to come

inside I'll be waiting

now there's two times in your life when

you gotta say this first is in the

bedroom second is in the dealership all

right this guy's serious about buying a

car and you can see him getting angry

and the salesman is [ __ ] with them

literally salesman has nothing else to

do salesman in the car dealership sit

there [ __ ] around on their phone all

day long all day long playing video

games watching YouTube videos all day

long that's what they do all day long

and if there's a customer that comes in

to holy joyed there's that's a miracle

somebody came in a bunch of salesmen are

gonna swarm on them like a like [ __ ]

piranhas and that's why I teach people

in my course don't go to a dealership

unless you're prepared unless you have

your financing prepared you know exactly

what car you're gonna be buying not

seeing or test driving okay there's only

two reasons why you should go to your

dealership test drive a car you

literally come in test-drive a car and

get the [ __ ] out as soon as you're out

of their car you go to your car you

don't go to the dealership you don't go

inside you don't [ __ ] with the

salesman you tell thank you for showing

me the car I'm leaving that's it

have some [ __ ] balls with you thank

you for showing me

our brief shave your time appreciate

your skill I'm leaving

that's it I'm not gonna take a look at

your best possible deal I'm not gonna

look at numbers I know what numbers look

like 1 2 3 4 I have seen numbers before

I'm not gonna look at what can a sale

you have I don't care about your special

I'm gonna go home by 60-minute course

learn how to properly buy a car

find that car on the Internet or if I

don't have to time to do that

I'll just have Dan and his team find me

a car that's it why would I buy a car

from you literally ask any salesman at

the car dealership why should I buy a

car from this dealership because we have

best customer service because I'm so

good-looking don't you like me no I

don't like you

[ __ ] your customer service I'm not

[ __ ] you I don't care how you look

simple as that like really why should

you buy a car from them if they don't

have the best possible price why should

you buy a car from them you shouldn't

you have to put yourself in front of the

dealership you have to put your family

first before the dealership you have to

prioritize your family saving money

against them making money literally when

you go to a dealership you're in the

ring I'm gonna talk about that later but

let's let's keep going here


that's it my friend oh my god I gotta

tell you this salesman is so creative

like I actually like if I met this guys

in real life

I actually liked him look at this she is

going out out of his way to sell a car

like this guy's doing whatever it takes

to sell a car

he's being creative he's going out to

make a [ __ ] sale you know and he's

not being a dick he's not [ __ ] around

with this customer because he's a piece

of [ __ ] person no he's a piece of [ __ ]

salesman but as a person I think he's

actually a good person you have to

differentiate between a person and a

salesman okay when they're salesmen they

put on a mask they put under suit and

[ __ ] tie and they have to pretend to

be something they're not

not all salespeople are [ __ ] people but

all salespeople far as I know are pretty

shitty salespeople they're they're

scumbags here's the thing this person is

doing all this [ __ ] because his

dealership because his managers require

him to the reason I was doing all the

things that I was doing with the

customers was because my dealership told

me to do all those things

my ideal car sales would be what car you

want that one perfect let's write it up

literally that's it they don't even

really need me they just need a finance

person that's it if person comes to a

dealership with the car they want to buy

and their financing ready from bank or

credit union there is no reason for them

to talk to a manager to GM to sales

person to anybody except sign the

paperwork they can literally come to a

dealership without a single word sign

the paperwork and get the [ __ ] out

literally the whole sale can take 30

seconds but because dealerships are

making their salespeople squeeze you as

a customer for every single [ __ ]

penny and make sure that you don't get

you know any serious discount

that's why salesmen are there salesman

aren't there they're like [ __ ] you

know a warrior with a shield and a

[ __ ] sword protecting profit

on the car salesperson is like a bouncer

in the front of the club and that club

is called profit if you start getting

into their profit salesmen is gonna

eventually say hey we're not gonna be

able to sell you a car for in your lower

not because they can't they just don't

want to because there's profit that went

down to the lowest amount that they can

sell that they want to sell you know

they're not going to sell a car at zero

profit they want to make some profit so

what you got to do is you got to make

sure that you find the car that you can

get for the lowest price because there's

hundreds of these cars there it's not

one of them one of them for the figures

we have picked up for you

what the hell is this your payment's see

what this guy did was the best that he

could have done in 1990s they didn't

have internet like we do right now I

teach all of my students to hop on the

internet and find the best possible deal

negotiate on the phone do everything on

the phone I don't care if you see the

dealership from your [ __ ] window

I don't care if you drive by that

dealership every single day do not go

into that dealership unless you're going

to sign the paperwork and pick up the

car why would you go to a dealership to

negotiate he couldn't do that you know

that's 90s they didn't have access to

information like we do right now I teach

all of my students prepare everything

outside of the dealership you don't need

to go to a dealership even to sign the

paperwork even to pick up the car

everything can be done outside of the

dealership when I find cars from my

customers they never talk to any

salespeople any meeting managers they

talk to nobody from the dealership

that's the beauty of it like I I am so

excited when when somebody is buying a

car with us oh my god it's the best

feeling ever sometimes I'm like how was

your sales experience with the

dealership I don't know I didn't talk to

your dealership I didn't talk to anybody

but you dude and the amount of time that

we actually spent talking was like maybe

five minutes at the most

yeah that's not a sales experience there

is not much to judge you know they have

no sales experience with the dealership

it's the best thing ever something that

the salesman is doing is he is moving

this guy's attention this ball dude's

attention this customer's attention from

whole price of the car into monthly

payments what's your monthly payment

what's your comfortable monthly payment

$300 a month not a problem we'll stretch

it out for 25 [ __ ] years by the time

you die you should be able to pay off

this car you don't care about monthly

payments I don't care about don't pay me

I don't care about none of that [ __ ] I

care about the entire price of the car I

want 25 30 percent off the price of the

car that's what I'm aiming for and

that's what we all got to do

well let's look a little high you cannot

afford this curve thank you for stopping

wait wait

and the salesman is playing a little

game here all if you can't afford you

know he's playing emotional games here

he that that's what salesman dude

they're artists they're [ __ ] corrode

they're karate masters at mind games ok

that's what they are they're lucky may

weather or [ __ ] Conor McGregor at

mine [ __ ] people it's not that I

can't afford it it's well I mean can I

get a better deal you have to do

something else for a better deal are you

kidding these are harder to find and

tits on a catfish especially in this

color I know that's too bad

something else that the customer did

which I teach my people not to do that

my people as if it's a [ __ ] game hell

yeah we're a [ __ ] gang so this is

what I teach my people is don't tell the

dealership that you want this specific

car with this specific leather you know

don't don't do that

tell them you have three different

options you know and most people have

three different options and most people

don't really care they don't have any

specific really really to the detail

what they're looking for so you've got

to have control of this sale don't tell

the salesman exactly what you're looking

for let's say you're looking for a blue

car with blue sheets don't tell them

that even if they have it on their lot

and it's the only one it's really hard

to find you go in and you test drive a

white one with black seats and then

after you negotiated the price over the

phone while you're drinking your beer

and your couch or eating a [ __ ]

cheeseburger and you're on your you know

in your kitchen you come in and you say

you know what I guess I'll take that one

you know the one in the corner the blue

with the blue seats and the cousin the

salesman is like okay whatever see you

got the best deal you've got the car

that you want you've got everything that

you wanted but you didn't give any of

the power to the salesman

there was one other place you could have

gotten a better deal we're inside

this customer here is looking for a

Pontiac Grand Am that's what he was

looking for he said this car is very

hard to find especially with this color

I understand that was 1990s he didn't

have access to internet but when you

think you're looking for one-of-a-kind

car or special car it's something so

rare what can your car you're looking

for Lamborghini Countach Ferrari 250 GTO

48 million dollar car what kind of car

you looking for I guarantee you there's

thousands and thousands and thousands

and thousands of the same cars that

you're looking for and there's at least

a thousands of them in the exact

configuration that you're looking for

with your exterior color with your

interior color and with the options that

you want unless you're looking for

something very very very specific like

exotic cars like Ferraris lambodri overs

Porsches then yeah it's only it's a

different story it's a little sometimes

it is truly hard to find but if you're

looking for a Ford Chevy Alexis Mazda

Toyota come on it's there's thousands of

these cars do not get hooked onto one

car what if it's a really good deal okay

let's see if it's a really good deal

send that car to me and I'll tell you if

I can find anything cheaper start

researching their internet is it a

really good deal is it ten thousand

dollars cheaper than anywhere else if

it's not it probably not not a good deal

if it's not at least five thousand

dollars cheaper it's not a great deal


there's shift on the cars like this

everywhere don't be afraid to walk away

from the sale don't ever be afraid to

walk away of the sale this video is

getting a little long I was hoping to

have it short I'm actually gonna have a

second part of this and I'm gonna upload

it tomorrow

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