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How to get the best deal when buying tires for your car

hello Internet today we're talking all

about tires and how to save money when

it's time to buy new tires now first off

if you don't know much about cars my

biggest recommendation actually off the

bat is just go to Costco it's just easy

go there they often do deals on like $70

off Bridgestone's would you like $100

off Michelin sometimes they'll they'll

mount and balance them they're not going

to rip you off just go there and get

them done if you think you're a little

more savvy and you'd like to save some

money then keep watching now when I find

the be the best deal is wait for did I

don't work for this company I just buy

from them Discount Tire direct will do

rebates and instant savings as well

right now they're doing a $70 off

michelin's and then also often the

missions are are on sale as well plus

you double savings by pulling a credit

card if you want to I don't really

recommend it but by using their credit

card you save additional so on this you

can get save up to $100 right now

they run these promotions fairly

regularly and this is where I buy my

tires my wife's tires and I want to show

you the financials on it typically I buy

sets of four I'll talk about yelling you

two later in the video but if you only

need four and you want a mileage

warranty I'd like to buy high mileage

tires now high mileage tires nut might

not be for you they might not be for you

if you plan on selling your car anytime

soon because you're not going to get all

those miles out of it they might not be

for you because you like higher

performance high mileage tires don't

often have high performance but I Drive

a Honda Civic so I don't necessarily

need high performance so here are the

financials on my tires 100k mile tires I

bought I paid three forty seven sixty

forum cost me twenty dollars per tire to

install the pros are it was really cheap

as the cheapest of these three options

the con is I had to wait for them to get

shipped here I needed to receive them

they're big bulky packages and I had to

go then take the tires in my car to the

the car shop down the street the car

tire place and then they had to install

them ahead and wait an hour then so

rather than doing all one one swoop

going to like Costco it takes you a

little longer plus you got to shop

around and make sure you're getting a

good tire so it takes you a little bit

of time but as you can see I only paid

three sixty seven sixty where if you do

this at Costco we

100,000 mile warranty the cheapest I was

able to get it was at 570 and

occasionally they run those sales so

let's just say you get the sale price

you're talking five hundred dollars so I

saved about a hundred and thirty dollars

and to me that was worth my time now

sixty thousand miles is a similar story

you're going to be a better deals if you

shop around online and you get those

rebates to kind of pile on the savings

but again if you go to Costco sometimes

you get that deal you're only saving

about 100 bucks maybe it's not worth

$100 for the time and the research you

spend but I've already done it here for

you so here you go and then the third

option I've used buying used tires I

only recommend buying used tires if you

don't planning only linked car for a

while if you maybe you're prone to

getting a lot of flat tires or you're

just in a really tight financial


the thing with use tires is you have no

idea you can see them and you say okay

well they have tread on them they have

like life left in them but you have no

idea how long they've been left out in

the Sun because tires have oil in them

is as they get it as a sit in the Sun

the oil leeches out of it which will

actually reduce the performance of the


it might also increase the likelihood of

it blowing up blowing out and so with

that again if you don't know much about

tires you can't tell and you don't have

any history on these used tires I don't

necessarily recommend it I put some

pictures up here the one near me is

called a mission tire and they have like

you go to this place and they have like

as you see in this photo they just have

stacks of used tires they even allow you

to choose the ones that you want but

what I would recommend that if you are

going to go to use tire route is a find

a shop that has good reviews on Yelp or

or on some other like Google services

but also bring your smartphone with you

and Google of the brand and the

reputation and see if you can get some

some information on these tires

because sometimes there they might be

tires made in another country the

quality is not very good you just want

to make sure you know what you're buying

so with the use tire you can get a

screaming deal on them sometimes but

you're taking on a lot of risk so just

know what you're getting involved in one

other source which you can buy anywhere

in the United States maybe even bill

even ship internationally but recently

my wife got a flat tire I wanna hurt

and you typically want to keep all the

tires the same especially if you want

them to wear correctly you don't want to

change brands of tires and mileage

warranties you want to stay the same so

we spent a lot of money on hers because

I got her also the ones with a hundred

thousand mile warranty but she got a

flat and I was a actually able to fix

the flat but before I was able to fix it

I wasn't sure I was able to pick this so

I ordered a spare just in case so went

on this person best used tires and I

found her tire that we paid like $80 a

tire for because there were 100,000 mile

tires I found a used one that had 80%

tread left on it it looks amazing now

that I have it I got it for $42 shipped

so you can find some really good deals

especially if you only need one or two

tires use tires might be the way to go I

recommend this person because they have

really good feedback again I don't

sponsor these people but I personally

had good experience with them so back to

the spreadsheet uh this is this is I

thought a few sets of tires now I always

get the best deals with this I hope this

information was useful to you if you do

have any suggestions yourself I'd love

to hear them or you have any questions

please comment below