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10 Amazon Tips to Find the Best Deals!

many of you use the popular shopping

site Amazon it's convenient to use the

offer competitive pricing and they have

just about everything that you would

ever need with so much to choose from it

can sometimes be difficult to find the

best deals or discounts so today I'll

share with you 10 tips for finding

better prices on the products you want

on Amazon

most of these tips are valid in the

United States and may not work in your

area coming up next on tech gumbo number

one Amazon Prime let's get the most

obvious tip out of the way first

if you shop on Amazon often getting

Amazon Prime is a no-brainer

not only do you get free two-day

shipping on most items in some areas

that shipping time can be as low as same

day or one day delivery there are also

exclusive shopping deals only for Prime

members including lower pricing on

certain items included with Prime you

get access to other Amazon services

including Prime video music and a whole

lot more if you don't have Prime yet

they're offering a 30-day free trial

I'll put a link in the description if

you want to check that out number two

today's deals the deals page offers

limited time discounts on several items

in various categories to access today's

deals in the black banner at the top of

the page select today's deals listed

first are going to be the deals of the

day that are only available for a

24-hour period followed by the Lightning

Deals which have different time frames

it helps to refine this page by clicking

on departments of interest to you in the

left column so I'll select camera and

photo the next time you're browsing

Amazon this is a great place to begin

your search number 3 amazon coupons if

you want to save even more amazon has

coupons to access those from the main

screen let's go back to today's deals

located in the black banner at the top

now in the white banner directly below


select coupons if you find a coupon of

interest to you select clip coupon once

clipped that coupon will automatically

be applied to that item upon checkout

number four price tracking now I'll show

you a couple price trackers that you can

install in your browser as an extension

or add-on that can help you determine if

this is the right time to buy an item

the first one is the cam Eliezer from

the website camel camel camel this

extension is available on Chrome Firefox

and Safari the other is keepa for

firefox and chrome although they're very

similar they operate differently let me

show you how they work when you're on

the product page for an item you're

interested in purchasing for the camel

Iser select the icon here at the top it

will now show you its price history

right now it's selling for 726 dollars

but it looks like at the lowest it was

selling for 596 and at the highest for

around seven hundred ninety six dollars

so you may want to wait before

purchasing this item now let's take a

look at Kiba that you will actually find

on the product page so scroll down the

page and there's Kiba it already has the

Amazon price pre-selected along with new

and used for keepa I just untick used

and just like the camel Iser it'll show

you a graph of all the pricing number

five Amazon warehouse deals

another area of Amazon to check for

discounts is the warehouse deals section

of their site just to the left of the

search bar click on all

then select Amazon warehouse deals from

the list you can enter the name of a

product into the search bar to look for

a specific item or you can leave this

area blank and select the search icon to

arrive at the homepage for warehouse

deals so I'll select the icon right now

you will find discounts on products that

are returns refurbished slightly damaged

and new items that don't meet Amazon's

normal standards all products are tested

before being sold I purchased several

items from here over the years and

so far have not had any issues number


student discounts for you students in

college you can get discounts on

textbooks with Amazon which includes

etext books also you can get prime

student on a six month trial but access

to free shipping Prime video prime music

and other exclusive deals just for

students after the six month trial

you're eligible to receive 50% off

Amazon Prime this is only valid for

students with a dot edu

email address or for those that can

submit proof of enrollment number seven

subscribe and save if you have a pattern

of ordering the same products on a

routine basis with Amazon the subscribe

and save feature may be for you a little

tricky finding it on their side so first

hover your mouse over departments move

your cursor down to food and grocery and

select subscribe and save from the right

column members get free shipping plus a

five percent discount on select items

you also get a 15 percent discount when

you have four or more subscriptions on

your account for grocery items in my

experience Amazon does not usually have

the best pricing but for some of you the

convenience may be worth it number eight

trade in if you have any old electronics

lying around you can trade those in for

an Amazon gift card here's how to get


once again hover your mouse over

departments move the cursor down to

electronics computers and office in the

right column select trade in your

electronics from here the process is

simple first you select your category

and then follow the on-screen

instructions when submitting a trade in

you can print a free prepaid shipping

label for sending all items if the

trade-in is not accepted there is no

cost for return shipping number nine

Amazon family if you're a parent and

also an Amazon Prime member you can get

extra discounts through Amazon family to

get there let's go back to departments

hover down to Toys kids and baby

then select Amazon family from the right

column here

you can get 20% off on diapers 15% off

baby registry items along with exclusive

deals from Amazon family

number 10 Amazon store card the Alfred's

our own credit card which can earn you a

percentage back on select products to

find it from the home screen let's go

back to departments near the bottom of

the list you'll find credit and payment

products in the right column select store card they have special

financing offers ranging from 6 months

to 24 months I'm not a fan of credit

cards but if you're someone that pays

off your balance each month and you're a

Prime member the 5% back on purchases

can add up also if you have rewards with

other credit cards you can sometimes use

those that check out to be applied to

your purchase hopefully some of these

tips are helpful to you if they are then

give this video a thumbs up let me know

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getting a better deal on Amazon you feel

should have been on this list that would

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