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Best Cell Phone Plans [July 2020]

hey everybody David David here from in up phone comm and

in this video we're going to tell you

about the best cell phone plans of July


now we always recommended the Verizon a

six gigabyte prepaid plan right

people say stop recommending this plan

we'll get sick of it it's gone bricen

got rid of this plane completely so

we're gonna recommend a different place

yes so we're gonna start off this

month's list with the Verizon prepaid

five gigabyte plan it is a pretty cool

plan obviously it's one less gigabyte

but their pricing structure is totally

changed still the five dollar auto pay

discount but no more multi line

discounts now they're rewarding you for

being a customer for a long period of

time so you start out paying one price

which is 40 bucks a month unless you get

the auto pay discount thanks 3435 so you

start up let's say we're gonna do that

okay start out paying 35 bucks a month

yeah then after three months you get

another five dollars off yep so now

you're down to $30 a month thirty

dollars in my four times 5k my plans

same plan yep after nine months total

yep another five dollars in a month off

yep so now you're paying twenty five

dollars online on Verizon after nine

months for as many lines as you want you

that's a great price yes spiking bytes

of data mobile hotspot included

unlimited minutes unlimited messages yep

unlimited texts over 200 international

destinations yeah you could text people

there God knows how much it cost to get

the text but what can you do it's

actually probably free yes so people

like us who have been on the six could

my plan for a while now I make the

switch yeah I'm gonna do it in the app

it's very easy I was just looking at it

I'm gonna step down to the five gigabyte

plan because I have three days left in

my month for data usage and I've used

nine percent of the data so it clear we

don't need six gigabytes per month

yep that pricey structure also applies

to the 15 gigabyte plant and the

unlimited plans keep in mind the

unlimited plan does not include the

whole hotspot that cost an extra five

five dollars a month

yeah but $55 for a Verizon a limited

good deal after nine months yes our

second plant is the Teller mobile value

plan two gigabytes of data unlimited

minutes a limited

messages mobile hotspot just $14 a month

I like tell a mobile t-mobile MVNO

Mobile is expanding their network might

be worth checking out up phones coverage

maps up phone comps tell a mobile you

could just click on that carrier in the

coverage map so search your home search

your favorite vacation spot search all

over the place you know last time I

checked ellos collection of phones you

can buy from them isn't the best toy

ever you can bring your own phone let's

let me a SIM card Alliance it's

compatible it's almost never a bad idea

to bring your own phone to any one of

these prepaid plants AT&T is Verizon's

because you can just buy one on eBay -

yeah like an older tree like for a

couple hundred it's a great thing to do

a lot of the times the carriers are

making a profit on you go figure

yeah and the third and final plan we're

gonna recommend this month is AT&T s

aching goodbye plan online exclusive

Tuesday for all 12 months up front works

out to about three hundred and four

dollars but you get 12 months of AT&T

service great network eight gigabytes of

high-speed data unlimited minutes

unlimited messages great plan yeah and

they also have a three month version of

this plan now where you can buy three

months for $90 so you do that times four

and you get three hundred sixty dollars

per year which is gonna be more overall

the Verizon's plan yet think it'd be

close 75 plus to 85 is 360 which is

exactly the same price as AT&T x' plan

yeah well speed that part of the video

ups yeah but interesting but then with

the Verizon's plan you're saving money

you get five gigabytes you don't get

eight gigabytes but you know better

network yeah yeah one thing we want to

mention about all these prepaid plans is

that you can keep using data at slower

speeds after you use your high-speed

data allotment so you use your first

five or two or eight you need to keep

using data at slower speeds it's gonna

be slow but if you're in a jam you need

emergency internet it'll be fast enough

fast enough to use some email don't

expect to stream any YouTube videos that

is for sure yes it was the best plans of

July 2020 thanks for watching this video

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