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It's The Best Selling Smartphone On Amazon... But Why?

all right this is a funny looking box

would you look like what they're going

for something way different here this my

friends the xl4

from blue smartphones you probably

won't believe it but this is the best

selling unlocked smartphone on amazon i

looked this

up and i was like i need to investigate

why is it this one

what's so special about it of course it

has a very attractive price

it's around 150 so i ordered it up it

just showed up we got the spec list on

the back here on this crazy box

6.2 inch hd plus 19 by nine

display a bizarre resolution 720 by 1500

for a 271 ppi not the highest resolution

display that's for sure of course

you got to give up something to get down

to this price point you see he has a


helio p22 processor in there 32 gigs

of internal memory 3 gigs of ram 13 plus

2 megapixel main camera 13 megapixel

selfie camera

micro sd expansion of course 4g lte

built in

and a 4 000 milliamp hour battery also a


scanner now that doesn't sound that


we're talking about that upcoming redmi

note 7 we were talking about

the samsung galaxy m stuff so

this segment is heating up but for now

at least

in the united states in north america

this is one of your few

options for an unlocked device with

relatively modern specs

at this particular price point 150 bucks


let's open this up let's see what we're

working with

android 8.1 oreo as well if you're


so we are met with the device you can

see it has a notch

design that's right you want to get in

on the notch party

you're in there for 150 bucks the

fingerprint scanners on the back there

i love this spot i became so accustomed

to it this location for the fingerprint

scanners is natural

it's right there it's convenient it does

the job you can see the camera unit up

in this region here dual camera

setup i'm wondering if this is the

speaker of course we'll find out

otherwise a pretty familiar setup you

have a power switch

volume rocker above that there is a

headphone jack i think this is an

imperative feature

at the lower price points like 150 bucks

you gotta have one of these

sim card tray and then that's about it

unfortunately you're looking

at micro usb no usb

type c love here 150 bucks how much

complaining do you want to do about that

i guess like i said if you're looking at

one of those new redmi device maybe you

want to do a lot of complaining but


that's the status of this one at the

moment also in the package

extras we have the power brick we have

the micro usb

cable they're gonna give you a headset a

wired headset oh my goodness haven't

seen one of those in a box in a while

they're gonna give you some silica gel

for jack

that's been a minute also a sim card

tool which gets its own

plastic baggie a sticker holy smokes

this is comprehensive two cases

what that's crazy how is it that that

when you spend less you get more you


no one's giving you cases on a thousand

dollar smartphone they're like nah you

got enough money

get your own case 150 bucks they're like

take a case it's on the house this is

just your

standard clear look and then they also


absolute funky town as willy do would


holy smokes look at that you rocking

that willy do or what

oh they gave you a screen protector as


holy smokes look at that a tempered


screen protector as well included in the


here's a phone let's get the plastic

peeled off here

all right let's boot this up and see

what uh blue is all about

bold bold like us jack you missed it

you're too late oh bit of a laggy


bold like us

not terrible so far i'm just that was a

little laggy

it's not it's not fast it's not super


but the look of it the display is a bit

vibrant if you if you get real close you

can tell

i guess you can see some pixels yeah you


but i mean look at the package it's a

relatively stock looking experience it's

installing a bunch of updates right now


oreo okay so it's on 8.1 a couple of

unusual things i mean they put

opera on there out of the box and next

radio but how does that compare to bloat

on other devices it's not terrible wait

a minute they put prime video

what else did they put on here by

default blue help

data clone i mean obviously you probably

won't use

most of this stuff but you're gonna get

a couple of things like it's not gonna

be a completely stock experience

obviously okay we get that so this is

what it's gonna look like

with the notch off now since it's an lcd

you can kind of see where the gray tone

is there

unfortunately it pushes down your time

and various other icons instead of

leaving them up in that extra real

estate so this is not my favorite

implementation but it's 150 bucks


remember the price point like there you

go oneplus 6t

boom all right there's a notch here it's

a small one

but as you can see you can fill the

header with all

your various icons that you would

normally want to see your battery

percentage your time and so on

so that's the ideal implementation


that hilly

accidentally not the best location

one thing i will say it's not quiet it's

not quiet


there's no low end though i mean it's

not a quality sound it's pretty tinny

not that i had uh not that i had high

expectations for it but

nonetheless get the little plant

it's not the sharpest image to my

eyeballs compared to what i'm

typically testing here on flagship

devices i mean it's not in the same

territory not that i expect it to be

now there is a beauty mode face beauty

it's always jack's favorite moment here

smoother whitening slimming iron larger

are you ready we're gonna max them all

out okay oh that's

oh my god this is what people are

looking for

this is it this is a glimpse into the


what is that who is that is that a human


do we have some beard hairs it's not


you know what it might be better by


to other front-facing images than

than the rear camera was on the plant


look guys it's going to be a little bit

of a little bit of everything that you

need at 150 unlocked and it's a thing

that's readily available and will work

on your north american network you're

just gonna slap your sim in there and

you're gonna live your life and you're

gonna have a headphone jack

you're gonna be okay you're gonna be all

right the hard thing here is

to compare this to the type of stuff

we're seeing

coming out in those emerging markets at

price points like this

that are probably going to be a step

better or a few steps better

in the meantime a decent package there's

something that will get the job done for


looking at this thing if i had to decide

what what the biggest drawback was it's

probably that processor you know it's a


laggy here and there and possibly the


the display i feel like i could get used

to the notch i could live with it's got

a 4

000 milliamp hour battery that's another

plus right there there are other players

in this space though

uh not just internationally but also

domestically i know motorola

they play in this kind of price point as

well but nonetheless this is the champ

this is the one that that won out this

is the current

best-selling result on so you

let me know what you think

if you had 150 bucks to spend on a


what would your choice be this or

something else