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Best CHEAP Computers For Home Recording? + Where To Get Deals

what a smart rapper I'm in the new house

first video in here and get everything

all set up and look really crazy cool

when I'm done and I'm gonna show you

guys my home studio and everything else

like that when it's all good to go very

excited but question asked was what's a

good laptop there's not super expenses

that you can make music done so in this

video I'm actually going to tell you and

recommend you the specs for the computer

and also these recommendations on some

places you can get a really cheap but

very good computer you can record

yourself on and I've actually purchased

computers from these places before so

you can know that they're reliable

waiting into that you're bringing

smarter rap in the intro I'm Rob level

this is tomorrow


just so you know you don't need a crazy

laptop or some supercomputer to record

yourself you can run Pro Tools from a

decent computer but that's not gonna

cost you really that much money as long

as you're not trying to edit videos like

I do like editing these videos and

editing music videos then you're gonna

be like a better a faster computer

better processor a better video card my

stuff they're generally word about that

you're just trying to run something like

Pro Tools or

Cubase or cakewalk or fruity loops or

whatever you don't run that is really

required that much really that much

processing power at all I was recording

myself when I was like 15 on

hand-me-down computers that were like

maybe 80 to 100 bucks I got away with it

of course I'm gonna give you the

technologies advantage since then so

you're going to only get a really cheap

computer and actually going to record

yourself I'm gonna show you this places

today all right I even travel around the

country using a three hundred and

fifteen dollar laptop that I got in one

of these places and I was in and then

that thing lasted me for freaking you

know two years I think the hard drive in

a dinette for one year it only cost me

thirty five dollars to replace it and

then I had for another year like

seriously like dirt cheap laptops so

where's my section still have that just

so I didn't one of these moving boxes

that I have in here so here's a list of

the requirements that you should really

look into have you if you're going to

buy a computer to start recording

yourself this way they won't be skipping

your data even the randomly appearing

have enough space for your recording and

stop storing your audio files as you

start to make tons of songs let's get

into Network quick number one I highly

recommend at the bare minimum for your

safety or how previously for your for

you so if you get an Intel i5 processor

at the very minimum at the lowest or the

or an equivalent I highly suggest that

you do not get an AMD processor or any

other type of processor besides an Intel

processor every time I've had an Ambu

computer the thing is just garbage

stupid slow within a month and my

personal opinion i don't use AMD maybe

on maybe something that will change the


make me like them but at this moment in

time I'm not a fan of A&D I go for Intel

I'd love it I just bought a $2,000

computer to record and only videos on

and uh Intel i7 7700 4.2 gigahertz I

mean that's it's a monster but yeah I'm

into like I always hope until I trust

that it works and I had bad experiences

bandy number two you're gonna want at

least at least four gigabytes of ddr3 or

ddr4 ram or better okay the four gigs

it's like standard but I'm just making

sure that you would choose Peter make

sure that it's not not two gigs make

sure you're getting at least at least

four gigs okay because even having the

operating system on is gonna take up

like a lot of gig of it so you only have

three left and then you're running you

know the effects and if you start really

want to mix it in stuff like give me at

least four I'm gonna recommend I'm

really gonna recommend it you can afford

and you get it you're going to get eight

gigabytes of RAM okay because that's a

solid amount me because for video if

you're doing a video you're gonna want

at least 16 gigs of RAM and it may seem

like overkill but it'll help in a lot of

stages and also your video card will

have ran in it as well just saying if

you're thinking about that and they're

number three at least make sure that you

at least one terabyte of space

you're gonna think you only needed 500

gigabytes but even just for music it

adds up fast as we were recording in the

software you're it's recording WAV files

in each one can turn out to be like 50

to 100 megabytes and that adds up if

you're recording

hundreds of tracks and recording songs

or regular basis so just be safe and get

at least one terabyte and then again you

can always go by like a heaven there's a

three terabyte ears at once everybody I

have 20 hard drives you can car dress

like 60 bucks the external hard drive so

just like no but it but having an

internal well what's gonna save you time

you know it's gonna be cheaper for you

if you get a desktop and oh so the only

thing it all be a laptop because I can

be portable with it but if just working

from home I recommend you get yourself a

better desktop computer

I'm gonna said of spending more to get a

laptop because laptops as their smaller

and the technology has to be smaller she

paid more money for the smaller tech but

if you get a desktop it's bigger you get

more in it for cheaper

you know be more powerful for you for

the same price now there's a couple

places that I recommended you can get a

laptop from number one place that I say

you can get one from is called laptop

experience that come to this is actually

these are refurbished laptops and I had

bought three laptops from here and I

recommend it to my aunt the person who

adopted me I recommended that she Bible

from there she bought with him there as

well and it's still just to my knowledge

still works for so long and I only I

think I'm in the top computer that I

bought from there was an i5 processor

they get on the eight gigs of ram and it

wasn't really solid this one it lasts

for a long time and only be $350 for

that thing I mean it still works like

today it still works okay

unless off experience there's computers

that cost fricking like uh I mean she

let me go in here real quick I mean I'm

looking at this right now cuz I want

that computer that that when I was

talking about that was 316 dollars how

about that like three years ago and

obviously again technology thanks as

fast this one right here the one I'm

looking over here for three to five

dollars is as i5 processor 2.5 gigahertz

and has 16 gigabytes of ddr3 RAM right

for three dollars like that's the best

that's a solid laptop you probably would

you're looking for like 200 bucks to be

completely honest with you I mean here

this is Wayne with

$885 it's beautiful 185 dollars

it's an e6 2 to 0 laptops at Dell


I 5 processor 8 days of ddr3 the only

has a 320 gigabyte hard hard driver

that's K for a walk 85 and pretty sure

it's free shipping you know I'm saying

like you're gonna you probably hit a

really solid computer there's one other

month with 4 gigs of ddr3 $160 all right

the number 2 actually bought my next

laptop because actually experience

didn't have a laptop strong enough for

what I wanted I first initially movie LA

and I put my budget from 300 400 cuz

that's what I could afford at the time

and I got that off of new Wacom and I

went to like a dozens of computers and I

really check the specs at the parallel

specs and I had a giddy one for $400

that was an i7 processor and it still


I just went to somebody to use for

Photoshop and

it worked well for them for the weekend

yeah Jesus I searched around to do it

though you guys I'm doing this tons of

stuff you know make sure you don't get

screwed or scams yeah really just check

check the ratings make sure that they've

been reviews and everything like that

and yeah you can get that only to go

over the $3.00 marks because typically

like the ones that I'm here that other

deals top hot-or-not 300 but if you only

got 150 laptop experience is great now

the last one I'm gonna recommend to you

is Amazon you can get a solid computer

from ammolite that's what kind of look

like new egg is so if you go on Amazon

and you look at the laptops I'll put

links below due to an example of some

cheap laptop so you just click straight

to them and check them out potentially

maybe you want to get one of those

laptops um and you can get one of those

they're probably 150 200 ollars in up to

300 a couple options for you and these

computers didn't even actually know what

I'll even look for desktops as well

he asked what for what a laptop but I'm

gonna say that you guys didn't do either

or if you don't plan on scrap internal

work in your house get a desktop okay

I'll put a couple of links for you guys

so you guys seems like okay check

yourself ok this will work for me we

don't forget it a desktop you'll also

have to have a mouse which you need like

ten bucks you also have to get a

keyboard received like five bucks and

you also gotta get on a monitor and the

monitor could cost you some money unless

you give it a few to cleanse demonic

I'll going to see what I could find but

often times I'll actually get a monitor

I have it Danny

lunch I had like six monitors or basic

624 monitors at 32 inch widescreen

monitor I got lunch I've watched many

monitors you get a monitor for 80 bucks

on Amazon or a new egg just it's not

even big deal but you just became a

smarter rapper I'll put those links

below for you guys if you want to go get

yourself a computer so recording

yourself and you want it to be reliable

check out those three places all right I

don't love listen Robert Kahn who don't

like hit me with your bars of the day

the four bars let me see them I gotta

get used to this range they're trying to

get used to it but um I'm gonna start

cranking out these video and habeas room

all set up my you see treat me I'll make

videos on how to something who's

treating it up I just stood you up my

studio gear that's in that I use things

like that I'm very excited for

everything that's coming right now it's

the end of the year rat and stuff of

moving new people in small raft

communities going

things coming back everything is in

grind mode super excited or and this you

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