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Best iPad to Buy in 2020 - Find the perfect iPad for Your Budget

hey guys and girls in this video we're

gonna take a look at the best iPad to

buy I made this list based on my

personal opinion and tons of research

and I've listed them based on quality

durability price and more I've included

options for every type of consumer so if

you're looking for an entry-level option

or the best product money can buy we'll

have the product for you in this list

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okay so without further ado this is our

pick of the best iPad to buy in the

market right now coming at number five

we've got the Apple iPad pro 12 point 9

inch the Big Apple iPad pro is a

seriously legit laptop replacement

Apple's ultimate tablet beats most

laptops according the laptop Meg thanks

to the text giant a 12 X Bionic chip

with a built-in Norrell engine combined

with a monstrously a powerful processor

the massive 12.9 edge liquid Retina

display of the tablet makes it an

incredibly capable productivity tool

capable of conquering just about any

task you throw at it with ease

having a screen this massive allows you

to easily multitask with the iPad pro

with a high refresh rate support for

enhanced HDR content and a quartet of

stereo speakers around it the liquid

Retina display is also superb for

watching your favorite content naturally

being a Perl model the range-topping

iPad is also compatible with the latest

Apple pencil allowing you to take notes

or unleash your creativity upon its

industry-leading display the 12 point 9

inch iPad pro has the same design as the

11 inch variant which means that it's in

passively compact for a device this big

with face ID onboard the tablet will

allow you to effortlessly log into it as

well as have fun with the an emoji and

meme oh geez if you wish in order to

make the most out of the range-topping

iPad pros vast multitasking capabilities

it's important to pair it with Apple's

smart keyboard folio the accessory is

well worth its substantial price tag

coming at number four the Apple iPad

Mini launched alongside the latest iPad

air the iPad Mini has the same powerful

Hardware tucked into a thin and light

body that can fit into a large jacket

pocket when it comes to sheer

portability the iPad Mini is truly in a

league of its own unsurprisingly in

addition to being the most compact iPad

the mini is also hands-down the best

small tablet worth your attention today

packing the same e 12 Bionic chip as the

latest iPhones the iPad Mini like the

iPad air delivers a fast fluid

performance regardless which according

to Mashable review editor is in a class

of its own the device will help you work

or stay entertained with equally

impressive results the only Mini is the

first small tablet by Apple to have a

Retina display with true tone technology

and capability with the p3 color gamut

the 7.9 inch display panel is a vast

improvement over the one found in the

latest predecessors it's also compatible

with the first generation Apple pencil

being a small tablet the iPad Mini does

not have a built-in smart connector for

attaching a keyboard cover you can pair

the slate with a Bluetooth keyboard

instead if you're looking for an iPad

that you'll use for productivity work we

suggest you offer a model with a bigger


number three Apple iPad pro 11 inch with

an apple a 12 X Bionic chip on board the

pro is the most powerful ipad available

today in terms of sheer hardware and

graphics performance the device is also

more capable than most desktop and

laptop computers out there the liquid

Retina display of the iPad pro is

nothing short of spectacular in addition

to true tone tech it has a maximum

refresh rate of 120 Hertz making

compatible apps and games even more

immersive crucially the display of the

latest Pro is surrounded by a quartet of

stereo speakers up from two bottom or

side facing ones on the other ipad

models the device is handily apple's

best sounding tablet to date the latest

iPad pro is the first Apple tablet to

feature fils ID and a USBC connector

face ID will allow you to seamlessly

login to the device just like you do

with an iPhone 10 our iPhone 10 or

iPhone 11 it also makes a tablet

compatible with an emoji and MIMO G

replacing touch ID with new features has

allowed Apple to completely redesign the

tablet with much thinner bezels an

impressively compact footprint

furthermore having a USBC connector

makes the iPad pro compatible with a

whole new ecosystem of accessories it

allows you to connect the tablet to an

external monitor as well as to charge

other gadgets among many other things

speaking of accessories the new pro is

the only iPad to be compatible with a

second-generation Apple pencil our fever

bit about the vastly improved new

accessory is the ability to charge it

wirelessly by simply attaching it to the

tablet it's worth it's $129 price tag of

course Apple also offers a smart

keyboard cover for the device and we

highly recommend it

coming in number two Apple iPad 10.2

inch the latest Apple iPad brings a

couple of welcome improvements over its

already fantastic predecessor headlined

by a larger 10.2 inch Retina display up

from nine point seven inches in the

previous generation and a built-in smart

connector the smart connector ensures

that it is compatible with Apple smart

Keyboard making it a seriously capable

productivity tool the seventh generation

iPad is powered by an apple 810 fusion

chip which is plenty powerful for any

task you throw at it

including augmented reality apps and

games the 10.2 inch Retina display of

the iPad is as sharp as the screens of

its pricier siblings it's also

compatible with the first generation

Apple pencil but there are some

downsides the display lacks true tone

tech as well as the ability to cover the

p3 color gamut this means that the

screen of the affordable iPad lacks the

same color range as its pricier

relatives overall the newcomer delivers

a great full-size Apple tablet

experience at a price point that's

simply impossible to resist like the

iPad air the iPad is available to order

in silver gold and Space Gray number one

Apple iPad air the latest iPad air has a

large Retina display with excellent

quality and the same industry conquering

chip as the iPhone 10s and the iPhone

10s max it has an ultra-thin only 6.1

millimeters lightweight body that's

perfect for all your on-the-go needs we

like that - 10.5 inch Retina display of

the iPad air it's true tone tech the

handy feature reduces eyestrain by

automatically adjusting the white

balance depending on the lighting

conditions it's nothing short of superb

to live with most importantly the iPad

air has a sub $500 starting price which

is incredibly reasonable given its

design craftsmanship and hardware


apple offers an excellent smart keyboard

cover for the latest iPad air the

accessory is well worth the investment

as it transforms the tablet into a

powerful productivity tool you can order

the iPad air in a trio of colors silver

gold and Space Gray that brings us to

the end of our review and buyer's guide

for the best iPad to buy hope to see you

in the next video let us know in the

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