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hey guys welcome back to another videos

- today I'm doing something really

really really exciting I have teamed up

with adore dogs and they have sent us a

couple of outfits for honey and biggie

which you guys know I love honey and

biggie they're like my little children

I'm obsessed with them so I'm super

happy to be doing this video but before

we move to the video as always give this

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comment down anything you guys want to

know down below now let's move on to the

video as you guys have always seen we

always put honey and Biggie in our

videos we take them for walks we even

dress them up in cute little outfits

honey is always about that comfort life

she loves wearing little pet hoodies and

all that stuff so we're really really

happy to team up with the Douro dogs

today because they have sent us four

high base pet hoodies yes I said high

base because they're supreme there's


there's Balenciaga I don't exactly know

which Styles we've got so we're going to

unravel them and unpackage them today if

you guys are wanting to get any of these

products their website is in and they sent us

one of every single color if you guys

can see there's a cute little sticker on

the front and I'm totally obsessed with

that it's got just their a name and it's

got like a cute little nose on the oh

it's so amazing so I'm gonna rip it open

right now this right here is the first

hoodie that they have sent us I actually

chose this one so this is the supreme

/lv take on it and actually says pop

cream so it's really cool because

they're kind of giving it like a puppy

slash pets wish them all of their

clothing as you guys can see the front

of it has the mini box logo right here

and then the back has another box logo

it is really really soft and super super


for Luffy so this is definitely gonna

keep them warm in the winter the front

of it has just two little draw strings

on it which adds like that really cool

hoodie feel

I'm just feeling the quality of the

printing and stuff and it's actually not

bad like I'm rubbing it together it's

not cracking or anything which is always

a good sign because sometimes when you

have like screen printed things on

t-shirts and jumpers it starts to crack

even when you just start to go like this

but that's good really really good

quality for this one that's the first

design this one here is in a size extra

large so all of the hoodies we've gotten

them in a size extra large they've got a

size shut up on their website so we just

went via that and hopefully I mean I'm

pretty sure it is gonna fit our little

pups another little detail that I like

which they've added on is this cute

little tag a swing tag that just is on

it has their logo on one side and it's

got all the care details their social

media and all of that stuff on the other

side that is the first hoodie right

there so let's move on to the second one

this next one here is a surprise for us

and honestly I'm pretty happy with the

surprise because bumper tada it is the

babe shock hoodie this one is just a red

one it's really cute I think we're gonna

make biggie way this one I think it's

gonna look good on him and the red it's

gonna go with his super ring affair this

one is just really plain the whole

jumper is just red itself and you've

obviously just got the shark hood right


this one actually feels a little bit

softer than the supreme LV one which I

just showed you guys and another thing

that I love about it is if you guys can

kind of see behind on the back there's

like a little slit so that you can put

the dog leash through which is always a

good thing because somebody's don't have

that so when it's up like this the hoods

like a bunch and their leash is just

coming out from the top of the neck if

that kind of makes sense but yeah this

one is just there Shakuni one in the

color red now moving on to the second

package let's open it up I'm pretty sure

I know one of the ones that were getting

because I did ask for the Balenciaga one

and this one here is the main reason why

I was really really excited you guys

probably have seen this all on social

media but this is the poor Lenzi yoga

how freaking cute

that we've got this one in the blue this

one's definitely going to be all honey I

think so it's gonna be really cute this

one also has the drawstrings at the

front of it and there's another baby

pull and Tiago at the front as well

this one is honestly just pretty much

like all the other two that I've showed

you so far just a different color the

material is still very very soft and

just a different design now let's move

on to the fourth and final one that they

gave us which I have no idea what that

one is going to be so let's have a look

the last one that they've given us which

I'm really excited about because when I

showed how the website and were going

through them I totally missed this one

and I didn't actually choose this one

and when I showed how he was like as if

you didn't get this one but luckily they

did send it out to us anyways this is

the newer Balenciaga version it's also

got the pull and Tiago mode on it and

it's got the piece mirrored towards each

other this one is really really cool as

well I like it it's just the black one

as always it's got a at the front as

well with the red printing on it the

more that I actually look at it the more

I'm questioning whether or not it's

gonna fit honey and biggie it honestly

looks a little bit long so you know what

let's actually go try put every single

one of them on them I'm gonna take some

b-roll of it so I hope you guys enjoyed

this biro in three two one


anyways guys that's the end of this

quick short video I hope you guys

enjoyed it I was really happy and

excited when we got to team up with the

Dora dogs we were so lucky and thankful

that they sent us all of these hoodies

they're gonna be so cool-looking this

winter in them I'll take a lots of

photos and everything on it so always as

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