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10 Best Domain Name Registrars for 2021 - Get Your Domain Name Here

what are the best domain name registrars

that's we're talking about in this video

what's up everybody my name is David

website you created procom so what are

the best domain name registrars now with

domain name registration basically you

have I can and you have ICANN certified

domain name registrars and you may be

wondering like what the heck is I can I

can is basically a nonprofit

organization that manages the DNS

service and then they contract out the

actual management of domain names to

private companies which is why you

cannot register a domain name directly

through I can you must use an ICANN

certified domain name registrar now

GoDaddy is not the only game in town

anymore there are plenty of good domain

name registrars and in this video I want

to share with you some of my favorites

and why so let's begin what to look for

when using a domain name register so

before we get into the list I just want

to mention this the most important thing

you want to take a look at is price

obviously you can only register a domain

name for a year at a time so you know if

you have one domain name it doesn't make

a big difference whether or not you're

paying $9 or $10 or $11 but when you

start to have like 10 domain names 20

domain names and you're paying 15 16

dollars per year instead of paying 8

dollars a year it really does start to

add up so you do want to take a look at

the price and then next you I just put

this in a broad category called service

you want to take it a look at a bunch of

broad things like do you get a discount

on your domain name for the first year

is Whois guard and core included so who

is guard protects your private

information so when someone looks up

your domain name they can't find your

email and your phone number it's all

guarded by the domain name registrar

what is their refund policy like and how

easy is its user website do they have

annoying episodes what happens if your

domain name accidentally expires do they

have a grace period how many years have

they been in business is auto renewal on

by default so I don't know it basically

means that when your domain name is

about to expire they will automatically

charge your credit card

and so like most domain name registers

they can have Auto renewal on or off and

so you just want to make sure all these

broad things you want to just take a

look at because they do come into play

when making a consideration so anyway so

let's get to the list right now

number one is Namecheap is

the domain name registrar that I

personally use and I recommend them in

my long form how to create a website how

to start a blog video tutorials simply

because they provide the lowest prices

out of all the domain name registrars so

let me show you well go to the big box

right here and we'll type in

super-amazing and we'll search

and I really like how quick and easy

this is so we just search for and now I

can add this to my cart without having

any annoying upsells so we'll click on

add to cart there we go and we'll click

on View carts now the price is 888 a

year to register your domain name and

you get Whois guard for free which is

amazing because other domain name

registrars do charge for Whois guard now

the only slight downside to Namecheap is

that if you were to request a refund

they only give you store credit but

overall I think they are still one of

the best if not the best domain name

registrar so number one is

number two is Google domains so I think

a lot of people are surprised to find

out that Google actually has a domain

name registration service but yep they

do and you can find it at domains that

Google or just search for Google domain

names now here is the home page so let's

search for our domain name which is

super amazing

now what I like about Google domain

names is that has good integration with

other Google services like Google Sites

and G suite but their prices are just a

little bit higher than Namecheap so

that's why it still recommend Namecheap

over Google domain names so it's gonna

cost you $12 a year so let's go ahead

and add this to our carts and let's go

and view our carts and now it's $12 a

year private

see protection is on which means you get

who is scars so for just one low price

of $12 a year you can register your

domain names with Google domain names

and you get your domain name

registration and you get who is

protection for $12 so number two is

Google domains

number three is

now they definitely have one

of the best domain names around but

their dot-coms start at $9.99 a year for

registration but they do have some

hidden costs and that be $9.99 in price

point that makes them a little bit more

expensive to name she panned a little

bit cheaper than Google domains but they

do have some hidden costs so let me go

and show you so we'll type in our domain

name super-amazing and will

search for it now super-amazing blog at which changes to one year and

for one year it's $9.99 and there who is

protection they are charging us $8.99 a

years so with namecheap you get who is

protection for free now you don't have

to pay for privacy protection if you

don't want we can just remove this from

our cart but it's still more expensive

than Namecheap and we don't get Whois

protection whereas Namecheap you get it

for free so again is a good

domain name registrar they offer a

variety of services but again if you're

strictly looking for domain name

registration I still suggest sticking to

Namecheap so anyways that's number three

number four is one and one now like a

lot of other domain name registrars they

provide additional services in addition

to domain name registration like website

builders and web hosting but let's take

a look at their domain name registration

process so we'll type in super amazing

blog super amazing blog com okay now the

first issue I have with one in one is

that they do have annoying upsells and

I'm gonna show you that it's just in a

bit but they do have a good introductory

offer where it is only one dollar for

the first year and then they will charge

you 15 dollars for each additional year

now fifteen dollars a year that's quite

high I mean again Namecheap was 888

all-in-all is costing us $9 per year so

why pay 15 for something that you could

be paying $9 for but anyways let's add

this to our cart and this is my first

real issue so let's go to continue and

they're so annoying

with the upsells so I just might add it

to my cart I want to view my car I don't

want to have to look through this

because if this is your first time on

this web so you can be like my web say

what what where am i what the heck is

going on oh I want to be over here

domain only I don't like this I don't

like when domain name registers do this

where they try and get you to pay for

more than what you want and even here

this contract for one two years no I

just want it for one year let's see one

year so it's 10 dollars for one year

than $15 all right so why is it see like

display I don't understand why is it ten

dollars for one year when previously he

said it was $1 so do I have to register

it for for two years okay so if I

registered for two years then it's for


the very first year and then $15 for the

second year but again that $15 is like

an inflated price so with the other

domain name registrars you could be

paying $9 so it's almost double so

anyways it's just I don't I don't see

the value with using 1 in 1 for domain

name registration I'm sure that they

have other excellent services but for me

personally I would probably pass on 1 in

1 for domain name registration but they

are still a very popular domain name

registrar that needs to be mentioned so

that's number 4 1 in 1 number five is now personally I really

appreciate this redesign I think GoDaddy

has really made a nice branch or the

transition from having one of the most

confusing websites out there to

something that's very professional and

streamlined and much easier to use so

anyways let's use GoDaddy and figure out

how much our domain name is going to

cost so we're going to type in super

amazing blog and we'll do a quick search

now when you try to register domain name

at and GoDaddy it's going to start you

off at $11.99 a year for the first year

and then the actual price is $17.99 and

that for me is just quite expensive

or domain name registration now GoDaddy

is a great company they offer a lot a

variety of different services but for

strictly domain name registration

purposes I definitely would pass because

again $17.99 is so expensive

particularly when you're gonna start

having multiple domain names if you have

like six seven domain names and you're

paying almost twenty dollars per year

per domain name that it gets that gets

so expensive particularly when you can

compare what you would be paying if you

had your fit five ten fifteen twenty

domains at Namecheap for example so

anyways for GoDaddy they're great for

other services but I would pass on them

for strictly domain name registrations

so that's number five GoDaddy comm

number six is hovers been

around since 2008 and they were formed

by two cows to cows is this Internet

conglomerate that owned multiple domain

name registration companies that and

then they decides just to combine

everything into one brand and that brand

is now i really like harvard

comm but their prices are a little bit


anyways let's search for our domain name

so super-amazing

okay now the thing I like about hover

like Namecheap is that it's a simple

straightforward process to just register

domain name there's no confusing upsells

boom it's available get it for your

website click Add to Cart I love it so

simple and easy I like minimalistic

simple straightforward websites so let's

go ahead and add it to our carts now

$12.99 for the first year and then the

annual renewal weight is $15 that's just

a little bit expensive so let's go to

our cart now the cool thing is you do

get who is protection for free and the

price is just a little bit high so let's

just go to like say like two years for

example and you know it just you know

it's a little bit expensive in my

opinion but overall hover is a good

company and they have again like most

domain name registers a variety of

services anyways that's number six hover

comm number seven is Shopify domains now

this is a service primarily targeted at

people who have Shopify stores so the

advantage is that there's again like

they said in the home page there's no

configuration needed so you

once you sign up to Shopify you get a

subdomain for your stores yours your

domain your domain name basically will

begin as something like my story Shopify

com you're gonna eventually want to

transition your store over to its own

domain name so by using Shopify domain

names they provide this quick and easy

integration now is Shotwell now you for

your Shopify store you can use other

domain name registrars like Namecheap or

GoDaddy but the advantage of Shopify

domains is that everything's just

integrated and it's quick and easy so if

you have a Shopify store I definitely

recommend using Shopify domain so

anyways let's take a quick look so we

have super amazing store calm now there

are a couple slight issues with Shopify


unlike other domain name registers that

let you get take whatever you want they

do have some limitations on what domains

you can register so super amazing store

calm is taken so if I was just to type

in like one two three four and then

search they're gonna have say please

enter a domain name containing only

letters and spaces so if you really want

to have like a domain name with a number

in it you couldn't do that you only can

use the letters so that's why you'd like

that's the advantage of using like

Namecheap for example because you can

register whatever you want so anyways

let's continue super-super

some amazing store com

let's see if this is available okay and

it's available and it will set us back

fourteen dollars a year so let me just

go ahead and click this and now in order

to purchase you have to reserve your

brand on Shopify by going through the

process of signing up in creating a

Shopify account so that is number seven

Shopify domains and number eight are a

few different web hosts now web hosts

are not domain name registers they

actually register your domain name

through a domain name register on your

behalf but three that come to mind that

allow you to get a completely free

domain name for the first year our

Bluehost Hostgator and hosting ur now

for Bluehost you get your domain name

for free for the first year with any

hosting account that you purchase same

with Hostgator now the renewal

rate though it costs $17.99 a year now

what I don't like about Bluehost is that

they really hide that because like I

really try to find where it specifically

said the renewal rate for the domain

name and they don't have it anywhere on

their website like if I go to choice

plus and then I take a look at their new

domain name we'll just type in anything

and click on next nowhere does it say

any what it doesn't tell me like where

the price is for the domain name they

just hide everything in the choice plus

monthly plan and just give me this one

final price and I couldn't find it

anywhere in their Terms of Service or

anything I literally had to send in a

support ticket asking how much is the

renewal rate for domain names and they

told me $17.99 whereas Hostgator is way

more upfront and I really appreciate

that so they have get your domain name

on one-year domain name registration and

on shared annual plans I love it and

then I'm able to click on this and in

order to qualify blah blah blah blah

blah and they just tell me right off the

bat like how much it costs and I really

appreciate that so like here it costs 17

and 99 so another phone will say

anything in 1799 USD domain name fee so

that's the renewal rate so I really

appreciate Hostgator being

straightforward this now hosting er is

the Dark Horse like they come out of

nowhere and their domain names are $8.99

their domain name price is the same

price is Namecheap but for $8.99 you get

to the main name but you don't get who

is protection so Namecheap still wins on

that front the host singer really

provides tremendous value because if you

get a premium shared hosting account or

a business shared hosting account they

will provide you with a free domain name

for the first year so we'll just click

on a premium shared host and let's view

our cart okay

and now if we go down here it says grab

a free domain name and we can just

change it to calm and then you're good

to go now

if you were to buy a domain name that's

not this plan so let's go back instead

of premium shared hosting if we go back

in single shared you can't get a free

domain name with singular shared it's

only for premium and business but the

renewal rate is $8.99 a year so it's a

really good price as on par with

namecheap they just don't get who is

scarred and you can only get the name

for free if you're willing to go with a

premium or business shared hosting plan

so out of the list Namecheap still comes

out on top surprisingly hosting her

provides tremendous amount of value

particularly when compared to Hostgator

and Bluehost who charged $17.99 a year

for domain name registration the reason

they do that is because they're

registering the domain name through a

domain name registrar and so they tack

on a fee on top of the registration

price in order for them to make a profit

so anyways that is number eight web

hosting number nine is Dinah dot-com so

if you've made it this far into the view

make sure to hit that like button

because we've finally found a domain

name registrar that crushes Namecheap on

price with Dinah dot you can actually

get your dot-com for $6.99 and then it

will renew from there on out at $8.99

Dinah dot is a website from 2002 it's a

very old website and they provide a lot

of helpful services with your domain

name registration so they provide

auctions marketplace listing so you can

buy or sell premium domain names fairly

easily now if we just go here and we'll

take a look at our super-amazing we'll just take a quick look

and with our purchase we get a very

simple streamlined interface so I'm just

gonna go here and click Add so again

it's $6.99 the normal price is $8.99 but

they are having a discount so it's $6.99

and then it renews at $8.99 so that is

the same price as Namecheap but right

now you can get a discount so let's go

ahead and add it to our cart and now

let's view carts and now what with our

part with our registration we get one

year at $6.99 and we can continue on two

years three years four years at

same low price that we get domain name

privacy included and we also have the

option to have a website builder so if

we go ahead and enable it you'll see

that you can get a free one-page website

so you can just register domain name and

you can literally create a one-page

website for free now obviously if you

want more pages you can pay you know

higher price in this but you get access

to their website builder so without

paying for hosting just like you just

register domain name and then you get

access to the website builder if you

enable it and just go to free one page

only with your purchase and that's it so

that is number nine and dinah dot-com

number ten is pork bun dot-com pork bun

is an American company and I love their

domain name I think it's so fun and I

really like pork buns I got them when I

was in Thailand but anyways they are a

newer domain name register and they

offer some really compelling features

with their domain name registration so

let's just take a quick look and type in

super amazing blog and let's see what

pork bun is all about so I like it that

there's no confusing upsells it just

tells you the exact match but the domain

and you typed in it gives you these hop

extensions command dot Nets as well as

other trending domain extensions but we

want to get the dot-com so we'll click

on the plus sign and then we'll go to

check outs and now with our registration

we can register for a year and it's 856

and with every domain name we get Whois

protection which is the main thing that

we want but we also get an SSO

certificate email forwarding and URL

forwarding then it gives us a bunch of

trials and powerful council management

that that's fine but like email

forwarding helpful URL forwarding SSO

certificates nice and who is privacy all

for one low price so pork bun is a

domain name register to be aware of so

that's number ten pork bun calm alright

guys that is it for this video if you

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tons of good content on this channel

anyways I'll see you next video bye bye