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How To Pick The Right Dress For Your Body Type

Wrapped, Short, Flared, Fitted,

the possibilities are too many to list down

but the right dress

can make everything feel just perfect.

Everyone has that little black dress hanging

in their closet, but let's find out what's

the most flattering dress for your body type.

If you have the fairly straight and athletic body,

of a rectangle body type

a wrap dress can give you the opportunity

to add curves & highlight your torso.

The wrap detail draws attention to your slim waist.

The layered effect creates a curvy silhouette

for a straight body shape.

Flowy bottoms mean volume and can further

add to the curvy illusion.

Colour blocking can highlight your body shape

and give you a more defined waist.

A full torso and slender legs are the characteristics

of an Apple body shape.

A-line dresses show off your legs while the

volume balances out a heavy upper body.

A V-shaped neckline flatters your chest and

creates a vertical illusion.

A shift dress is perfect for hiding any bulk

around your tummy while the short length perfectly

complements your slim legs.

Equally proportionate shoulders and hips with

a slim waist are the traits of an hourglass figure.

Body hugging dresses can do wonders for your

figure and highlight your curves

If a simple fitted dress is not your thing,

a slim wrap dress can justify the defining

purpose and draw attention to your slim waist.

Broad shoulders and a narrow lower body are

the classic signs of an inverted triangle body shape.

Embellishments and details at the lower end

can draw attention away from a wide upper body.

Keep the upper half of your dress simple

and let the bottom stand out.

Ruffles and flowy skirts are the way to go

to achieve a voluminous look.

And remember, sleeveless dresses do not broaden your shoulders further.

A curvy set of hips with a narrow upper body

sums up the Pear body shape.

An off shoulder dress highlights your shoulders

and helps to balance the attention toward your upper body.

When it comes to choosing the perfect dress,

balancing your hips will get you the best results.

Wrap dresses will draw attention to your chest

thanks to the overlapping detail and the

slim fitting skirt will complement your naturally curvy hips.

Use these styling tips and discover dresses

that will suit your body shape and accentuate

your natural features.

Until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs.