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How To Buy "Bling" | Diamond Buying Tips for Dudes | Engagement Ring Shopping Tutorial

I have never been more confused and

completely out of my comfort zone like

the time I went and bought my wife's

engagement ring I had absolutely zero

idea what to expect what I was looking

at how much it was supposed to cost then

if I was getting ripped off Here I am I

go into the jewelry store and like hello

uh yes I would like to buy a diamond

engagement ring please fantastic


have a seat I've got a few questions

what were you thinking in terms of

clarity color carat how about setting

what is your budget I almost ran out of


it would have found me in the fetal

position underneath a parked car I had

absolutely no idea what he was talking

about what I was getting into all I

wanted was a diamond ring

so today gentlemen I have teamed up with

my go to online diamond retailer James

Allen to help you understand the diamond

buying process what you're looking for

while you're looking for it and the

different aspects of buying a diamond

not to mention how to save some cash the

goal to give you enough info that you

know what you're doing the next time or

first time you shop for some bling now

for me personally I don't understand the

allure of diamonds sweet watches yet but

diamonds they're just not my thing and

they're probably not yours

like women lose their ever-loving mind

over them check it out

when's the last time I show a hands you

were sitting with your girl watching a

movie a reality TV show and she exclaims

o-m-g did you see the size of that ring

exactly let's get started so now let's

go over diamond buying basics the first

item of business is determining the

shape of the diamond you're going to be

shopping for you've got emerald round

princess heart radiant oval marquis

asher and pear when in doubt always go

round it's always in style it's always

in vogue and she's always going to love

it now let's go over the four C's

see number one is color diamond color is


on a scale colorless or the best quality

is d all the way up to Z alright

anything from d e f G H is going to be

great as you slide once you get past

sort of H in color

the diamonds are going to get a little

bit yellow to the eye and not as

desirable as the clear options bringing

us to C number two which is clarity when

you're looking at a diamond and

inclusion is a little kind of black spot

that's out of place this means that the

diamond is not quite as clear as you get

less inclusions the more expensive the

diamond is going to be and of course

there's a weird scale to base it on

flawless diamonds have a clarity of eye

F or internally flawless vvs1 stands for

very very slight inclusions vs1 very

slight inclusions si one slight

inclusions and I one imperfect a visible

inclusions C number three is cut

sometimes you look at a diamond you're

like oh it's a nice diamond other times

you look at a diamond it's like popping

you in the face with sparkly amazingness

it's got a better cut in the center you

have an ideal cut diamond the light is

going to bounce off of that bad boy like

some special right and then you've got

versions of that you've got shallow

you've got very shallow you've got deep

you've got very deep and really it's

going to dictate what that diamond looks

like diamonds cut super deep it's going

to look small if it's cut super wide

like a small like like this as opposed

to this it's actually going to look

darker not pop as much ultimately you've

got to decide do you want a diamond

that's going a punch in the face with

sparkle yeah I would too

or do you want one that is just big on

the surface all right because the

sparkle is going to be more lustrous

from the ideally cut diamond follow me

so far right well the last C fourth and

final C is the big one carats the carat

is the weight of that diamond it's also

going to correlate to the size the carat

weight is all over the board

everything from super teeny-weeny I

can't even write super little so big and

monstrous like 20 carats

bigger the setting is simply the band

and the prongs that that diamond is

going to sit in its the ring and also

know that when a diamond is placed in

that setting it is going to look about

20% larger and now you're ready to shop

for a diamond the first thing you need

to do is set your budget and remember

you can always upgrade later if you're

not making a ton of cash now don't sweat

it buy what you can afford

shopping online is a great way to be

able to buy a better diamond for a lower

price James Allen comm is an amazing

resource and something I would highly

recommend checking out next time you're

shopping for a diamond they have over

70,000 different diamonds to choose from

and the sweetest thing about this is

that they've actually photographed each

and every diamond you go on you set your

parameters you determine the shape the

color the clarity the cut the carrot

even your price range that you're

looking to spend it does its diamond

magic and spits out the results and you

get to see these specific diamonds that

you have to choose from and what you're

going to be buying even better than that

they've got proprietary software that

gives you a 360 degree view of the

specific diamond you can zoom it up you

can zoom it down you can see what it

looks like in real light it's amazing

they also sell gemstones wedding bands

but they're selling everything for

thirty to fifty percent cheaper then

you're going to find it anywhere else

they have a hundred percent 30-day

money-back guarantee they've got sales

associates there to help you that are

not commissioned 24/7 so it's like 3

a.m. and you're shopping in your

underwear you want to talk they got you

covered the lifetime warranty and

they'll even offer you free resizing

there's a link down below to go check it

out see what's in store for you if

you're not shopping now you may be soon

and it's just going to be a great

resource and a great educational tool

and opportunity for you to get a great

diamond when you're ready gentlemen

congratulations you found that special

someone that fits you like a glove

you asked her to marry you or him

whatever you're into and she said yes

and now hopefully you know how to shop

for what she's really excited about I

think you're not a great guy but she's

in it for the bling