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How to Get the Best Exchange Rate

have you ever got exchanged money and

received less than you thought you Italy

would yep

enjoying the club I went to Dubrovnik

recently and I realized I lost out of a

lot of money and this was due to some

rookie mistakes this video is all about

my tips to get you the best exchange

rate and to save you money let's start

off with tip number one and that's to

research you need to make sure that you

get the best exchange rate from whoever

you exchanging from so that could be a

bank or a supermarket so I know that

Evan Evan s confront came quite good

Barclays or whatever your bank is and

also the post office however I am making

this video in 2015 so who knows who's

going to offer the best rate in 2016 and

2017 and in the future so just do your

research go online it's really easy

these days just take about 5-10 minutes

just to see what the best exchange rate

is and that leads up to my second point

which is know your key terms because

when you're researching you might come

across a few key terms which might throw

you off a little bit but don't worry I'm

here to go through them with you today

okay so the main one that you probably

going to come across is obviously

exchange rate and what that means is how

much one currency is worth compared to

another and so the two terms that branch

off that is the selling rape and the

buying rate and the setting right is how

much you will get when you exchange your

money for a foreign currency and the

buying rate is how much you get when you

return from your holiday and you want to

exchange the foreign currency into your

own currency so say for example I'll go

off two fronts that I want to change my


two euros I would look at the selling

rate and then when I come back from

France and I want to change my gyros

into pounds and I would look at the

buying rate so for example at this time

I've just gone to Google and checked now

today's date is the 22nd of December


100 pounds will get you 135 euros once I

return from France

if say for example I have 50 euros left

if I exchange that back into UK money

a pound that would give me you what

37,000 five pills just be aware that the

exchange rate changes from day to day

when you are exchanging money make sure

that you are planning in advance for it

what I mean by that is some stores offer

a better exchange rate if you order the

money online so I know for a fact that

the post office offer a better exchange

rate if you order the money was

enlightened with it and you know how I

said that I lost the money when I went

to Dubrovnik right so I went to the post

office the day before my flight and I

walked in and I think the exchange rate

was about 10 points something the

official exchange rate that is and I

went to the counter and the guy gave me

a change rate of 9.1 not 10.1 hours I

caught up on your website it says nine

point six and he said that that was the

internet rate and if I had ordered the

money a week in advance so yeah that

that was a lesson that I learned then so

don't make the same mistake of leaving

your exchanging of money to the last

minute also I made another mistake on

top of that which was a I I exchanged my

money in the UK so I shouldn't have

exchanged my money in Croatia so this

was a little bit of reset which I should

have done as well so basically I wanted

4000 Kuna for my trip and Kuna is the

current currency

actually I think it's going to change to

the euros ooh that's another story

so I wanted 4000 Kuna for my trip and I

exchanged it at an exchange rate of 9.1

so this costed me 440 pounds and what I

realized was that if I had exchanged my

money in Croatia I would have only had

to pay 400 pounds and because it was the

exchange rate was 10 and that's what

they were offering so if I have my

research beforehand and I wouldn't have

just lost out on 40 pounds 40 pounds

down the drain

I mean exchange rate they offered was 10

and I mean I learned my lesson

the next topic foot discussion is like

pre top-up cards debit cards credit

cards but the things that I would want

you to watch out for is number one make

sure you do tell your bank that you're

going to be traveling abroad because the

last thing you want to do is in a

foreign country your bank card being

stopped / so that's something to look

out for number two if you do have an

American Express card just be aware that

something like they're less widely

accepted and number three just make sure

you do know what fees are involved and

the last thing with like pre top-up

cards is that make sure you do take some

cash with you as well just because you

never know what emergencies could arise

it is better to have like a little bit

of cash stored away for those situations

my last point for today is track your

currency so what I mean by that is the

currency always fluctuates so perhaps

one country's currency is going to be

worth more in the future or worth less

in the future so it's good to keep an

eye out for these things to see whether

you should exchange your money back into

your own currency or if you know that

you're going to be travelling to that

country again soon perhaps it's worth to

just keep hold of that money that's what

I've done with my euros and the UK is

very close to Europe and I know that

I'll probably be heading to Europe

sometime soon so I've just kind of kept

hold of that money at the euros for the

future hope you found that video useful

I just stopped you making the mistakes

that I made and to hopefully save you a

little bit of money and to give you that

extra little bit of spending money for

your travels so enjoy enjoy your travels

and I'll see you next time see you later

hope to see you next time for some more

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