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Top 10 Best Vanilla (NO DLC) Guns and Weapons in Fallout 4 #PumaCounts

hey guys it's been a while but I figured

I would go ahead and do a fallout 4

countdown video for you guys and today I

would like to go over some of what I

think are the best non DLC guns of

weapons in this game now before we start

I'm going to be focusing on weapons that

can be acquired fairly reliably on a

consistent basis this includes things

like unique and non unique weapons but

doesn't include certain legendary

variants like the explosive minigun

while the explosive me gun is awesome

it's not something that can be acquired

relatively quickly like a unique weapon

or just a generic non unique weapon

however without further ado these will

be the top 10 best guns of weapons and

fallout 4 that don't require dlc

starting now number 10 pickman's blade

when it comes to base game melee weapons

pigments blade is probably one of the

better weapons you can get this is

because it has the wounding legendary

effect which can prove to be pretty

overpowered on any weapon in general

melee weapons have good synergy in

Fallout 4 as they get more powerful with

both a higher strength special stat and

with proper investment in the big

leagues perk essentially at its core

pickman's blade is a fully upgraded

combat knife complete with the stealth

blade but thanks to the wounding effect

I think you'll find that this is also a

great knife for direct combat as well

with this said pickman's blade does lack

in some areas most notably you're going

to have some problems with armor

penetration which makes enemies with

heavier armor power armor and other

enemies like mirelurks more difficult to

fight and in order to maximize attack

speed with the combat knife you're

probably not going to want to wear power

armor as your attack speed is reduced in

first-person there's also the issue of

range you're going to need to get

relatively close to enemies in order to

deal damage and this makes fighting

certain enemies like death claws more

difficult regardless I would still say

this is a pretty good unique weapon that

you can get in pickman's gallery be sure

to check the paintings and help free

pikmin so he can give you the key number

9 the Furious power fist interestingly

the best way to get the power fist is to

get a unique variant known as the

furious power fist as you can probably

guess this weapon has the Furious

which allows the player to deal more

damage on each consecutive hit this

makes the furious power fist very

effective up against enemies with a lot

of health or high resistances because

your attacks will become stronger

throughout the fight my criticism of

this weapon though is that it lacks the

attack speed that you really need to get

the most out of the serious legendary

weapon effect that and some enemies can

block your attacks which can be pretty


you're also limited to using this weapon

outside of power armor which definitely

does make the weapon a little more

difficult to use but with that said I

think you'll find that the furious power

fist is capable of some decent damage

output and in normal mode you don't

really need a massive amount of armor

plus the usage and perk requirements are

really low as you only need a strength

stat of 1 in order to start investing in

iron fist of the unarmed class of

weapons the power fist is the best

unarmed weapon provided you don't have

any of the DLC and so you get the

Furious power fist you will need to kill

Swan at Swan pond and if you really want

a good weapon early

I think the Furious power fist is a

great choice number 8 the righteous

Authority if you're interested in using

weapons that make use of fusion cells I

would say the righteous Authority is

probably going to be your best choice

generic laser weapons offer the best

damage per shot of any weapon that makes

use of fusion cells after being fully

upgraded and while laser muskets are

superior at first you'll discover that

laser weapons get far better and

Institute lasers are just kind of

underwhelming if you're trying to get

the most out of your Fusion salt ammo I

would recommend a laser rifle or pistol

and I think the righteous Authority is

probably the best unique laser rifle in

the sense that it's easy to get and can

be acquired much sooner than other

unique laser weapons if you've got a

luck based build this thing should

really be able to dish out the pain as

the lucky effect allows criticals to

deal double damage and you're also

getting a slightly faster rate at which

the critical emitter fills my only

complain about the righteous Authority

in particular is the magazine size there

are other unique lasers where magazine

size isn't a factor and they may feel a

lot better to use for that reason but if

you're making heavy use of vets

and combining it with perks like

critical banker the righteous Authority

is probably better overall to get this

gun you just need to help dance at the

Cambridge police station during fire

support and then help them again during

call to arms what these missions can be

done really early and it's likely that

the righteous Authority will be your go

to laser rifle through the rest of

Fallout 4 number seven the Ripper when

it comes to melee weapons I would say

the Ripper is probably one of the best

especially if you can manage to get a

legendary variance with the wounding

effect not only would the effects of the

wounding effect stack but you're getting

a very fast attack speed with the Ripper

so it's likely that any other legendary

effect that benefits from faster attack

speed would be great on the Ripper as

well like other melee weapons you

benefit from boosts to the strength stat

as well as the big leagues Burke at

moderate levels big leagues will allow

your attacks to disarm opponents and I

also really like the Ripper because it's

pretty difficult for enemies to block it

where most other melee weapons can be

easily blocked if you plan on using the

Ripper I recommend using it with the

extended grip that way you can take

advantage of the bleed damage the

extended grip offers further increasing

your DPS with the weapon ultimately the

Ripper is a weapon you're just going to

have to randomly find but with that said

if you check around West Everett Estates

you should be able to find a guaranteed

Ripper along with several other useful

items like a hazmat suit and super

mutant armor plus this area also has

missile launchers and other quality

weapons number six the deliverer

so the deliverer is a weapon that you

can get during one of the railroad

missions called tradecraft its unique

pistol that uses ten millimeter ammo and

has the Vettes enhanced legendary weapon

effect which improves your hit chance

and Vettes while also reducing your

action point cost out of all the weapons

that can use 10 millimeter ammo the

deliverer deals the most damage and

while it can't be modified into an

automatic weapon I don't think you're

really going to need it this would be a

great weapon for both stealth builds as

well as for people that like to use bats

a lot the 10 millimeter ammo that the

deliverer uses is also fairly cheap and

relatively lightweight if you ever

decide to play in survival mode so this

also makes the deliverer a very


uncle choice for survival difficulty if

you plan on attempting it and while it

might suck that you can't get this to be

automatic like you can with the standard

10 millimeter pistol in the long run I

don't think it's going to matter and

overall the deliverer is a great gun for

all difficulties and is highly

recommended for pistol users number 5

plasma weapons this should be fairly

obvious but plasma weapons in fallout 4

are actually pretty awesome and very

versatile in my opinion the most ideal

barrel is the sniper barrel as it allows

the plasma rifle or pistol to achieve

the greatest damage per shot possible

with plasma cartridges while this may

leave automatic users in the dust

somewhat you're still able to really

take advantage of this weapon provided

you've invested in either the rifleman

or gunslinger perks and what's also nice

about plasma weapons is that they deal a

combination of ballistic and energy

damage and the combination of both

damage types makes the weapon very

effective against pretty much all

enemies if one enemy has high damage

resistance but low energy persistence

the energy portion gets them and


there are a few unique variants of

plasma weapons the Sentinels plasma

caster isn't really worth it in my

opinion as plasma weapons can't be

suppressed but the experiment 18 - a is

a nice automatic weapon for automatic

weapon users the experiment 18 - a can

be acquired by purchasing it from a

vendor when you arrive at the Institute

and has the rapid legendary weapon

effect which increases fire rate and

reload speed otherwise I'd recommend

trying to get a plasma weapon with

either the neverending effect two-shot

effect furious effect or any other

high-quality legendary weapon effects

that you can think of if you're looking

for a plasma weapon check high level

Gunners as they tend to carry them

number four the Gauss rifle so the Gauss

rifle is probably going to be the best

weapon available for sniper builds when

it comes to raw damage output while the

two millimeter electromagnetic ammo that

the Gauss rifle uses is both expensive

and heavy it's still relatively

efficient in terms of how much damage

you can particularly deal per pound of

ammo fired what I will say is that my

complaint about the Gauss rifle is how

uncommon the weapon is and how

rare and expensive the ammo is using

this weapon can be a little stressful if

you're paying for the ammo upfront

because if you miss you're out 20 bottle

caps or so per shot even still with the

instigating effect and the proper perks

the gauss rifle is a neared guaranteed

kill provided you score a headshot on an

enemy from a hidden position in my mind

you're better off trying to get a

legendary variants of the gaucho in

particular instigating versions are

quite powerful and there is a unique

variant called the last minute but it

has the crippling effect which deals

extra limb damage it's alright however

you may want to try your luck at a

legendary variant before you go and buy

one from Ronnie Shaw after old guns in

general the Gauss rifle is incredibly

powerful and should serve you pretty

well if you're playing as a sniper

number three the Gatling laser the

Gatling laser is one of the more obscure

weapons in fallout 4

however it's probably the best heavy

weapon especially once it has been

upgraded fully with the charging barrels

once fully upgraded you get a weapon

that deals a little less damage than a

laser rifle however with a magazine of

500 bullets

provided your fusion core is fully

charged the property of using fusion

cores as ammo is what makes the Gatling

laser so great while fusion cores

themselves are heavy

when incorporated into the Gatling laser

you're getting almost unsurpassed damage

output at the lowest weight possible if

each blast from a Gatling laser deals

about 50 damage and you're getting 500

shots at 4 pounds you should be able to

deal roughly 6250 damage per pound of

ammo fired none of the other non DLC

weapons really come close to this

particular figure

there is one non DLC unique variants of

the Gatling laser called the final

judgment this version has the rapid

effect which boosts fire rate and reload

speed for better DPS you will have to

play through the Institut quest line and

kill max in to get this version though

ultimately I just recommend that you

pick this weapon up either at a vendor

or if you can try your luck at getting a

legendary variant even without the

legendary effect I would say the Gatling

laser is probably one of the best

weapons in fallout 4

number two the big boy as far as heavy

weapons are concerned it's pretty hard

to be

the fat man grant said well the fat man

is awful in survival mode due to the

weight of mini nukes Emma weight doesn't

matter and other difficulties so I think

you will find that the fat man is going

to be much more practical in normal mode

as for the big boy

the big boy is just a fat man with the

2-shot effect so instead of firing one

mini nuke you're firing two for the cost

of one and while this doesn't translate

to exactly double the power I think

you'll find that it's relatively close

while the fat man is bad for survival

mode in my personal opinion I will say

that from my experience one blast is

usually an instant kill and if you're

playing at survival mode it makes the

most sense to use the big boy as it will

be the most efficient way to use those

twelve pound mini nukes and while the

big boy itself is expensive you could

presumably get one as soon as you get to

Diamond City all you should have to do

is talk to Arturo and you can just buy

one from him now before we go over the

number one entry on this countdown I'd

like to go over an honorable mention the

spray-and-pray wall I will personally

admit that I don't like this weapon

there are many of you that do like it

and think it's pretty great I have to

admit that it is nice in the sense that

it's an explosive weapon that you can

get really easily just by purchasing it

from crickets and having the synergy

with commando and the demolition expert

perk makes this gun a heck of a lot

stronger my main issue with this gun is

that it's based off of the submachine

gun in Fallout 4 and if you really start

to look at the base stats of that gun

you'll start to realize that the

submachine gun itself not necessarily

the spray-and-pray

is pretty awful the submachine gun has

about identical fire rate and damage to

an automatic pipe pistol or rifle with

significantly overall more weight you're

also required to use 45 caliber ammo

which weighs more than twice as much as

38 caliber ammo and costs almost three

times as much and the only real

advantage that the submachine gun has

over pipe weapons is larger magazine

size however I consider heavier and more

expensive ammo that deals the same

amount of damage too detrimental to be

practical for me to use even still the

ease of access is commendable and that

is why this gun is an honorable

and finally number one the overseers

Guardian the overseas Guardian is pretty

great for a couple of reasons obviously

the legendary affect on this gun is the

two-shot effect which doubles projectile

count for further boosted damage however

the less obvious thing is that the

overseers Guardian is based on the

combat rifle which before any DLC was

probably the best and most flexible

rifle in fallout 4

this thing can come in automatic or

semi-automatic and if you're a rifleman

user the overseers Guardian and the

combat rifle can be modified to accept

38 45 and 308 calibers combat rifles

provide the second highest damage per

shot with 38 caliber bullets however

they provide the best damage per shot

with both 45 and 308 caliber bullets

before any DLC so if you're really

concerned about getting the best out of

your ammo the overseers Guardian and the

combat rifle by extension is a fantastic

choice I would say the best part about

the overseers Guardian is that you can

simply buy it from Alexis combs

in vault 81 and while it may be a little

expensive to acquire early on you can

use this gun for a variety of roles due

to its flexibility and because of the

two-shot effect you're getting far above

average damage with this gun but alright

guys I think that's going to wrap up

this particular video let me know in the

comments what you think the best non DLC

gunner weapon is and as always liked

this video if you liked it click the

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always take care and I'll see you all

next time