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Best Free Fonts for Designers (2020)


yo what is going on guys

it's your voice si here is a video here

today bring as the best free fossil

designers a year I'm home set episode

year 2020 q1 it's the first apartment

like three or four we're gonna do at the

author not the actual year it's just

where I take some new fonts some new

pickups of my own and showcase with you

guys so as always the actual files or

certain fonts you guys see in the actual

video will be a nice little download

link in description down below for those

each individual fonts there'll also be a

kind of like a full one pack or one

bundle where all the fonts are basically

in this one simple link if you guys want

to go in and do that round if you guys

like them all at just one single shot

you want them all and yeah

overall hope you guys do enjoyed today's

video here today I think it's one of my

favorite ones personally of course check

out the playlist for more fonts and

maybe like leave it in the comment

section below like what you've been

using recently share it around I mean if

you don't want to I get it your design

and you want to keep it a secret we'd

get those things regardless I love you

guys I hope you guys enjoyed today's

video and I was just gonna sing going

alright guys so first up is a font

called soul maze now this font is a

super beautiful sans font a cool modern

high-energy feel to it I can see plenty

of use cases for this pop personally

it's actually one of the only fonts that

I have at the moment actually has its

own outline version of it I'm not sure

if that's a common thing if it is

whatever but I'm pretty freakin cool and

this one has it I can't tell you how

many times I of course have to lower the

opacity put a stroke on and make mine so

simple stroke to put like it in behind

like a character or individual or

whatever something I think it's a very

very cool font overall a fun I can

definitely see a lot of you guys falling

for so next up is a font known as

morganite so this font I can see myself

using a lot through this year as it is a

completely free font that comes in

multiple weights which is a major plus I

know a lot of designers including myself

that might struggle with finding how to

place a larger character text in a

smaller canvas space however what they

felt like this one that is more

vertically styled it is very easy for

the actual font so I've been put and fit

many characters in that actual space

which can help with like headings

magazine posters I have to have a lot of

characters in it and I just think

totally every designer should have some

kind of font like this and one like this

as well because it comes with 18

different link or something like 10 to

18 weights which is like pretty massive

for a font like diffuse for a course

free and personal use okay so this next

part is called Dasha sans it seems to

have this really cool Russian inspired

vibe to it I think

the attention to each character having

its own cool unique bold accent I can

see like this be used as a cool like

heading text or in the use case like a

cool side margin text going along the

page of course from the bottom of the

top all in all it's definitely a font

that's worth grabbing and I'm sure it

can fit into a lot of you guys's

projects along the way for sure alright

guys this next one is called peace sans

now this font I can t see being one of

my most used for this year the font

itself is playfully bulb with slight

curves to the characters that give the

fun a serious vibe but also like it's

really cool quirky and fun vibe as well

this follow probably overused by me in

the YouTube thumbnail scenes at it if of

course it fits the the good thumbnail

font criteria like to a tee I'd say if

you ever wander in the YouTube thumbnail

creations or even gaming headers or

whatever that you kind of see where a

fun font can be used this font will

definitely probably be a best friend of

you all right homie so this next one is

actually called monument so for me this

one here kind of speaks for itself it's

clean its bold and has really cool

modernized vibe to it and it is more of

that stretchy kind of horizontal style

where I would say the font itself is

more commanding of its space so it's

more like a heading font overall the

font itself is super clean its sleek I

just think it's one of those things you

can of course have in your fonts and it

just won't be a problem it's gonna

definitely pop up and you'll be like oh

I can definitely use this so for our

last font for today it's called new

machinae this Faust project was a ball

of inspiration for me personally it had

me think definitely on the use case for

the actual font I'd say just as a

project would suggest gradients with

this font by default we'll set a

futuristic tech vibe like right from the

start something where if you were

looking to give like a different style

another shot this [ __ ] can assist in a

major way and probably do most of the

work for you overall the font definitely

wasn't gonna be something passed me just

even the different unique choices of the

inner like character cuts with the NDA

like where it cuts off all that stuff on

its own pretty much had me at download I

would definitely suggest you guys of

course download I give it a shot

and if you guys are not entirely sure

what the use case would be let me give

you a scenario black background this

font space it kind of like a bit

spacious have like one of the middle

text or the subtext be a gradient you

got a tech vibe like no joke it's one of

those kind of fonts and I think it's

super super cool and to give it a shot

and alright guys that is the end of the

video here today as always guys the

fonts that you guys see in this video

all the fun

downloads will be in the description

down below for your course you guys to

of course download enjoy pick which ones

you kind of want if you guys like all of

them there will also be a pack of like

all the fonts in one simple link it'll

be like all fonts in this download here

kind of thing please we just kind of go

ahead and just do that if you guys wish

to do that as well hopefully you guys

all comment down what your favorite

fonts have been using lately are as we

did that last video and helped a lot of

people a lot actually so me put you like

your favor fought that you're using

right now in the actual comments and

enjoy yourselves with that being said

guys I'll talk to guys later says so HQ

outs did not get a cute smile and stay

positive in stay a freaking put up the

guys later and thank you so very much

for all the support on this series as

always talk to you guys soon later