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here on its y'see here have you all

having a great day in this video I'm

going to show you 10 foods that you must

eat in Istanbul

stay tuned as I'll be giving many

helpful tips to searching for the best

foods that you can get in Istanbul

Istanbul has so many kinds of food to

eat you can go everywhere and grab a

cheap meal honestly the reason why I

chose to go to Istanbul was to actually

try out the food because I told that the

food was really good here so I decided

to give it a try

turns out it's a very interesting

cuisine taking into account the

geography of Turkey we noticed that is

situated between Europe and the Middle

East as a result train has been

flourishing in Istanbul for centuries

does spices and different ingredients

made its way to Turkey and not to

mention the fact that Turkey has plenty

of natural ingredients seafood spices

animals which heavily contributed to

Turkish cuisine so here is the list

number one manaman venneman is a

scrambled egg dish that has tomato green

peppers feta cheese or served with bread

this is an amazingly tasty dish they can

eat for breakfast lunch or dinner it is

available all throughout the city add

some spices on top and then it will give

you a firing start to the day

number two Turkish coffee also known as

took cover seat it is a type of very

finely ground unfiltered coffee it is

served in small amounts cream or milk is

not included and his service sugar on

the side the restaurant I went to was

manned up by bus in Baoli

check the description box below let's

drink our coffee

it's good I want a little bit of sugar

so makes the flavor fluid it's actually

a very rich taste very thick as well

this one luckily it's not as bitter as

the American coffee to be honest I don't

like American coffee you know this one

is acceptable it's meant to be consumed

with small amount and you actually give

it a bottle of water which is nice it's

a water remains of it pretty much all

the coffee beans and whatnot so no

matter how much this moves you can't

really move a lot anymore that's the


I've taken just some water make it less


all right string

all right so it's decent copy if you

don't like it submitter just order a

little bit of sugar if you don't have a

little bit of sugar it all make its

tribute and you don't want to drink it

if you're not a copy of us don't put too

much sugar either because basically

coffee is not meant to be sugar like all

the time it's supposed to you supposed

to have the natural taste of it so

that's why generally speaking if you

have too much sugar then you'll get

mostly a sugar flavor instead of a

coffee sorry

number three Turkish tea also known as

chai Turkish tea is black and is a very

popular drink in Turkey it is typically

served in a small glass and a small

saucer there's a saying that you haven't

visited Turkey unless if you had Turkish

tea number four Turkish ice cream also

known as don derma its ingredients

include cream whipped cream seller

mastic and sugar salat is the flower

that allows the ice cream to resist the

melting and is able to be picked up

easily this can be found in many tourist

places throughout Istanbul it is also a

worth the experience of being trolled by

the ice cream man oh nice




paying to get strong

so like elastic so something interesting

it's vice pain to gets wrong

good elastic level is real number five

eskender kebab this dish has doner kebab

with thin cut grilled lamb top up with

top tomato sauce along with pieces of

pita bread and finally add it with some

sheep cream and yogurt number six

baklava Turkish Delight and various

Turkish sweets for those who have a

sweet tooth you cannot miss these

delights baklava is a rich sweet dessert

pastry which is composed of layers of

phyllo with generous servings of nuts

and sweetener mainly honey and syrup

turkish delights also known as local are

confectionary that is based on starch

and sugar there are original versions

and there are the diabetic versions

available Turkey has a lot of different

kinds of sweets of author too so that

those who are craving sugar there's also

to lumbar kun fe and sewing on number 7

PA it is a Turkish bread traditionally

cooked in hot clay ovens with different

condiments anything with flour or bread

is one of those foods that are

definitely worth trying in Turkey due to

its freshness number 8 braised black sea

salmon this is a salmon that is braced

with different sauces and a lot of oil a

lot of garlic as well it is one of the

best dishes on offer and you should go

especially if you're heading to the east

side of Istanbul number 9 kebabs

this can be typically found anywhere in

Istanbul but this is a must try when you

are around you can see the layers of

meat being cut with all the fat and

juices around it is served with bread

and servings of vegetables as well

number 10

Turkish pastries did I tell you how good

flour bread is well Turkish pastries are

even better

I personally managed to eat more egg

which is a baked filled pastry serve of

Turkish team pastries may come in the

form of savory or sweet dessert pastries

are very common as well that's it for my

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