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The Top 10 things to eat in Paris | WHAT & WHERE to eat, by Paris locals 🥐🍷


throughout my time in Paris I met up

with local foodies for breakfast lunch

and dinner

asking them one question what are the

top things to eat in Paris and where can

I find them from morning treats till

evening drinks you have to watch this

video if you want to eat your way

through the Parisian food heaven let's

start with something iconic order a

freshly baked croissant or its cousin

everybody knows the croissant but in

Paris you can meet it sweeter cousin the

cream on the caramel is something you

have when you really want something

sweet and crispy both pastries can be

found in patisserie young kuvera its

founder young and brilliant pastry chef

we invents those classical recipes with

very modern and original twist they're a

pleasure to look at and even better to

taste another unmissable item on our

list are macaroons these elegant little

sandwiches are basically made out of

clouds and come in various tastes and

colors they're so popular in France that

there's even an macaroons Day which is

celebrated on 20th of March it is the

perfect treat to share with your friends

or gift to your loved one and four

amazing macaroons our locals recommend

Maison George Delany cone in lemon a

neighbourhood need a minute of peace

hide away from the busy streets and

enter into a quiet Moroccan garden

content serving sweet North African

pastries and even sweeter Moroccan tea

together with a hammam restaurant and

Gardens this particular D salon is part

of the Grand Mosque of Paris what a

hidden gem

in the multicultural and diverse Paris

oriental cafes I just round the corner

from local street markets here we

meeting with Zoltan a local guide to try

French delicacy oysters - lettuce I have

one rule when it comes to I searched you

can either have em fresh and raw or you

don't have him at all

first Zoltan recommends triangle stirs

plain to understand it taste and only

then with fresh lemon juice and other

condiments and what is his favorite

place I rely coming here to the marsh it

is impoverished in the heart of the

Marais because here you can bring all

your friends with you you can sit on the

same table and you can have all

different variety of foods from Lebanese

pizza to French foods and different

varieties of food as for different

varieties of wine so let's talk wine

when in France even the supermarket wine

can surprise you in quality but if you

want to come to one place and try all

the different wines from many different

regions of France de vino is the place a

small shop sitting on top of a vast

ancient cellar Davina is the local

choice when you are around the lemon a

neighborhood : before for wine tasting

experiences or just pop in to try some

French wines by the glass and as French

like to say life is too short to drink

bad wine and our food voyage continues

to beguile neighborhood for something

way more hearty and this my friend is a

classical French grandmother's food when

one is tired of nibbling on exquisite

French food in the Michelin star

restaurant then the order be Boone young

this comfort meal raises a simple scoot

to an art form best place to go where

Bev bourguignon comes in big portions

and just cost around 10 euros come

inside boo-yan Pagar and 1950s inspired

diner in the center of a trendy pickle



walking all around Paris you'll soon

notice another essential French delight

then many many varieties of French

cheese Lordan suggest we visit a local


by the name of 4matic but how can you

remember all the different types of

cheese it's really hard impressed you

have a two hundred forty six different

veggies we can explain all of them but

we if you want to narrow it down you

have like eight roller categories and in

this place if you want to be like really

like narrow down different categories

you have the heart the soft and the blue

cheeses you usually start in the cheese

plate with the lightest one of those

which in our case would be the chef and

the strongest in flavor would be the

blue cheese let's move on to one more

dish you really have to try in Paris

another french delight that comes from

Brittany region is the crap now you can

make the whole meal out of it start with

the savory one a galette and then move

on to the sweet crap am I right yes you

are absolutely bright and you can have

it with some very nice fresh apple cider

if you pass by delegate market and a

Libra square you should come to second

rosette and have a beautiful meal so as

for a seat outside and enjoy a colorful

market life and fall in front of you


to do a good French apparel first you

need friends second you need a bit of

alcohol and third you need good food

basically you can have an apple wherever

you want at home or on the bar

but weak French we like to go outside

and weather is beautiful weather like

that we love to go on the Parisian docks

or on this beautiful location like here

in the booth abouna so send in front of

your belly Parisian cocktail culture

wasn't a thing even ten years ago but

through that time a lot of things

changed step into a secret speakeasy bar

just behind the fridge door of a

pizzeria there are many changes a lot so

don't be afraid to ask the knowledgeable

staff about the recent additions when in

Paris take your time and absorb

different cultures cuisines and tastes

all in one city in the end food is all

about interaction beats strangers or

locals it's the people we meet that make

our city visits special now for more

local in size just like this video

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