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The top 10 things to eat in Rome 👫 Handpicked by locals 🍕


Italian food is much more

than just pizza and spaghetti.

When visiting Rome, do as the Romans do and eat some of the cities’ typical dishes.

These are the top 10 things to eat in Rome.

First things first. The day in Rome starts with an Italian coffee but if you really want

a good kickoff, visit a local pastry or coffee bar and accompany your espresso with a maritozzo.

This typical Roman breakfast is no less than a blissful whip cream bomb.

This is a maritozzo, a very traditional Roman

breakfast that we have with a cup of cappuccino.

You have to grab it! All of it! So you will get messy.

Ok, let’s try it.

You ready?


All roads may lead to Rome

but the best route is Via Gastronomy!

If you are craving for something quick and tasty, a slice of Italian pizza

is the right choice.


Romans are proud of their crispy crust pizza, and from a mundane snack they made it into

an edible masterpiece.

The local recommendation? Buy a slice of pizza in one of the many forno’s around the city.

Something halfway a pizzeria and a bakery.

Cheap, fast and delicious.

Mmm bellissimo!

Need a quick recharge in between the sightseeing?

What about something a little messy but downright delicious?

Suppli is a typical Roman dish

it’s the king of the Roman street food.

It’s a rice ball with tomato sauce, beef, mozzarella... Deep-fry it, and then...

No place in the world does fried food to the level of Rome.

Fried zucchini flower has become one of the city’s signature dishes.

Fiore di zucca: zucchini flower with inside mozzarella and anchovies, and we deep fry it

Moving next to the most graceful and elegant friend dish


Jewish-style artichokes are deep fried to become crispy from the outside but stay creamy inside!

The best place to get this delicacy is the ancient Jewish Quarter.

This recipe, offered by most local restaurants, comes directly from the past and owes its

name to the Roman-Jewish community that invented it.

Time to move to Roma’s classic pastas.

The first one? Cacio e pepe!

It’s a spiritual sensation when you find yourself in front of a bowl of goodness.

This typical sauce is prepared from 4 simple ingredients: black pepper, parmesan, and pecorino

cheese mixed together with some pasta water to create the creamy sauce that it’s the

perfect combination of savoury, spicy and tangy flavors.

In Rome, you live to eat.

Our second pasta pick and #7 of this Top 10 is Bucatini all’amatriciana.

In its purest most classic form, the sauce has only 4 ingredients:

cured pork



and hot peppers

Time for some dessert! And one thing that can’t be missed visiting Rome is Italian gelato.

Cioccolato, panna cotta, frutti di bosco, fragola, limone

Rome gelaterias can please even the

most sophisticated taste lovers.

Gelato is created by skilled artisans who take pride in their creations.

No artificial colorings or flavorings are used in authentic Italian gelato.

How to recognize it?

If you want to make sure you are dealing with naturally produced gelato with local ingredients

then remember this: if the colors are too bright, the gelato ain’t right.

Buon appetito!

If you want to branch out from gelato in the world of Italian sweets, you must eat Tiramisu

which is probably the country’s most beloved dessert.

If you are in Rome you have absolutely to try the tiramisu

Like pistachio, for example.


And you have... A normal one?

This is the classic.

Let’s try!

That’s really good!

The last but not least important food to try in Rome

is award-winning cheese and cured meats

which also goes well with Italian wine.

The city has all traditions in making these delicacies.

This is Antica Caciara

the best cheese shop in Trastevere.

It’s very special because this family is selling cheese to us since 120 years.

Parmigiano, prosciutto, pecorino...

When you’re in Rome, don’t forget to get at least a few varieties of cheese and cured meats

and then...

have a picnic on one the Roman hills and enjoy some Italian snacks and a

good bottle of wine.

Thanks Gabriele!