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1000 ANT BITES!! DANGEROUS Catch and Cook in Vietnam!!! | Surviving Vietnam Part 4

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today now on to the video if they're

gonna try to get out of the basket what

do you have to do you have to hit a

basket i mean you're not going against a

lion andrew you have to do this

oh you're everywhere they're crawling up



last time on our best ever central

vietnam bike journey

andrew caught zero fish nothing

absolutely nothing

i helped catch one of these study is


and we had a glorious albeit unusual

feast with some nice local folks

i got like a thimble full today we're

leaving kontung and heading

even deeper into vietnam central

highlands is this a new country where am

i now

this is flyover country often overlooked

or skipped in favor of more convenient

well-known tourist hot spots it's the

bits in between right

but if you dig deep if you scratch

beneath the surface

you'll happen upon discoveries that make

the long journey

worth it oh yeah oh yeah

mysterious ethnic foods that don't even

slightly resemble traditional vietnamese

cuisine look at that that's a

front quarter some of it you gather dude

that looks [ __ ] gross some of it you


does he have a bow here and some of it

you better bite before it bites you

while andrew and i await our exact

coordinates and mission details


this fall restaurant is a favorite among


it's been around for more than 30 years

but they aren't selling your typical


this is dry farm i know i was confused


dry far this unique offering is made by

deconstructing the traditional thaw we

all know so well

separating noodles and broth looks very


the most the most thin it's the most

thin one noodle i've ever seen in my


and then herbs and then some other fun


how do you live here without just being

stressed out all the time no one else

seems to care this place is packed this

fur is that good

here the dry phos starts with blanched

fod noodles minced pork

fried scallions onions and coriander in

a separate bowl

some serious beef brisket balls and


top that with green scallions and

finally the broth

of the gods

so here we've got hoisin got chili sauce

and soy sauce mixed together to me

but basically how it is is good but the

vietnamese way

is to take the elements out of the soup

and dip it into a sauce

very salty yeah i think i need to mix

that with some noodles

grab some dry noodles


that's pretty good i've always been a

fan of for breakfast today i'm feeling a

little bit like complete chip and this

is like my go-to hangover cure this will

heal your soul

oh the tendon in here is fantastic i

never used to like it now i crave it

it's the best bit of fun the best

we are deep inland right now and we're

headed south eventually we're going to

end up in

chang where we end up in the middle i'm

not sure yet but

oh oh no another card she's circling


let's see what she has planned for us

today you are officially deep

in vietnam's central highlands here a

patchwork of ethnic minority influence

along with specific geographic


and climate conditions are a recipe for

some of the most

unique food in vietnam some of which you

will not only be eating

but also catching today oh my god

they're kwame again oh and then it says


i don't like bugs here's my experience

with bugs the more you do it the more

you just kind of get used to it it's

like a

beer did you like your first beer no

that's right beer used to taste like ah

right and bugs are like that

it's not a big deal all right let's

finish up this far

and maybe another bowl of it too and

then let's hit the road okay

central vietnam's highlands some of the

most overlooked beauty

in the country

the journey to get here is long and

arduous and 100 percent worth it

beautiful is an understatement like a

page ripped from a fairy tale

tea fields that go on and listen

an elevation that creates the perfect

environment to grow coffee beans


oh and the volcanoes

i heard somewhere around here there's an

old volcano

yeah well it's not active anymore but

there's a volcano somewhere let's ask oh

uh xin chao could you come over here

do you know how to say that is a

magnificent mustache no

no hey uh your your mustache

good yeah anyways we heard there's a


somewhere around here do you know how to

say volcano

uh do you know fire think luau and then

mountain noises

oh that's it go ahead come on all right

let's check out the volcano

this volcano hasn't been active for

millions of years

local farmers have taken advantage of

its rich volcanic soil

transforming this once explosive help

hit into a patchwork of gardens for


growing taro sweet potatoes and flowers

after almost killing ourselves coming up

here we have made it and my god it was

worth it yeah this is surreal man we're

not effing volcano

we're at the edge of july province the

name comes from those who have inhabited

this land for thousands of years

the jurai people are one of the largest

ethnic groups in this country half a

million strong

mostly in central vietnam and nearby


so the gentleman we talked to already

he's jorah and then the place we're


lunch next we're going to eat some

jiarai food what kind of psych this is


yeah this is a great start today it's

all about the jurai people and culture


their volcano too i don't know if it's

theirs but i'm gonna say this


out here life moves at a different pace

there are still traffic jams but they're

usually caused by herds of cattle

instead of motorbikes or cars

it's hard to explain and probably

impossible to measure but

people seem happier here and honestly i

can see why

welcome to bazon restaurant bazan means

red soil the rich fertile ground that's

omnipresent in these mountains


this is one of the few places that

serves traditional dry dishes

under the command of mister his name is

kasara cook now is it a coincidence that

his name is cook and he happens to be a


yeah our guide as we delve deeper into

jurai food and culture

area local and gerai member koya part of

our mission

while we're going through central

vietnam is to discover the different

ethnic minorities here and see

what makes them unique can you think of

anything that separates the gerai people

especially when it comes to the cuisine

the unique point is that gerai people

don't use

lots of ingredients but based on the

flavors of the main

food so i've noticed right here you have


squirrel how does one come upon a


the rurals people are hunting and then

give it to

peasant restaurant have you had squirtle

before no this is the first time i

saw a coral and there it is right in

front of you is it looking at you yeah

he looked at me


today's squirrel will be cooked in a

banana leaf it's hard to believe the big

fluffy tail

comes out of that tiny little ratty tail

first hack it into bite-sized pieces

oh there's like a half a head that gets

mixed with bitter gourd

salt msg coriander chilies and water


so we've got four different dishes first

bile beef

oh no we did the bile yesterday that was

the worst

that was porcupine bile wow

cow bile is very different these beef

slices are grilled over hot coals

half of it is drenched in a deep bitter

bile with the touch of coriander the

other half has the bile on the side

all right let's try it out okay cheers


oh yeah oh yeah yeah a hint of bile you

don't need much there's nothing like the

bitterness of bile it's intensely strong

next goat our next dish sliced goat meat

steamed inside bamboo

along with salt msg coriander chilies

garlic oil and lemon grass

it's kind of like a bit more mild pork

but then you get the chewiness from the


yummy here this is kind of what we're

building up to squirrel i don't think

i've ever had squirrel before and here

it's kind of gift rad for me like

they knew it was a special day so open

it up wow it's all right there a


mixed with bitter tomato what happened

to this tomato what made it so bitter

that's like really bitter eggplant yeah

that's pretty good all right i'm gonna

grab some of this meat

oh nice smoky flavor fatty meat it's

kind of like a turkey yeah definitely

dark meat that's pretty good and there's

no um

oh what happened is that the bile yes

that's awesome you were trying to cover

up the squirrel taste and then you just

put bile on it

that's great when we were talking to the

chef a little bit earlier he seemed like

he got a little emotional why do you


he had that reaction in placo city there

is not very much foreigners so

when he saw steam which have furnace and

this team is documented this make him




to learn more about real gerai cuisine

we're heading even deeper into the

mountains to the town of ayunpok

home to mr moai a man fighting to

preserve jurai culture

this guy can catch and eat pretty much

anything he makes bear grylls look like

a glamping enthusiast

today he'll teach us the art of the hunt


my man first of all thank you for having

us here at your beautiful home i see

you're doing a little bit of cooking

right now

mr i is a bit of a girai renaissance man

just behind where we're sitting now his

backyard has everything one would need

to survive the apocalypse when the

pandemic came you must have been like

this is what i've been waiting for a

garden chickens

goats it's all there today we're on a

mission to try some very unique gerai

food already we've been to a traditional

jarai restaurant where we tried squirrel

have you ever had squirrel



now his mom just breaks up two squirrels

they had in their fridge

wow so that answers that question but

today we have a whole different food

mission my understanding is that we're

gonna actually be going out to catch

some kind of food ourselves

the outstanding choice today is the

kinds of

salt sauce made from ant yellow and

almond from yellow ants yeah

sauce yeah sauce how do you make a sauce

from ants

a blender and salt is a common staple of

dry cuisine

it can go with everything actually mr mo


is selling and salt as a little bit of a

side hustle

he gets his ants at the nearby waterfall


we just saw him on a cliff catching ants

and i didn't want you to try it there

because there's something that you may

not know that i do know

dude these ants bite so i didn't want

you on that cliff getting bit a hundred

times being disoriented and then falling

off here

no cliff we've come to another tree

there's an ant

nest these ants build their colonies in


each colony of these weaver ants has

multiple nests

the nests are made of leaves stitched

together using silk produced by ant


oh and if you come too close to them

they will bite the sh

out of you i mean uh but go uh giving


away okay okay we're hunting a hug so


gonna cut it down i'm gonna catch it in


don't let him climb up the basket

keep hitting it on either side why not

they don't want to get they're going to


in the bottom of the basket from head

trauma they die from the acid or

something i don't know

all right well time to do the ant thing


okay he's going up the tree right now

yeah he's headed towards the nest okay

i'm going to try to get this basket

ready i can see it

oh that was easy okay oh my god now

they're in there that was easy

oh my [ __ ] god [ __ ] man oh take the

nest out oh one is biting my arm i can

feel it wait wait wait wait wait wait

wait where is that i'll get it up

get it down there look at this oh my god


i don't want it to get me though

oh yeah they're falling off the tree oh

that's why all my breasts i think

mother's daughter oh yeah oh my goodness

you're so much wrist they're so good at

climbing this [ __ ] thing

don't drop the basket that's hard bro i

can i can see the [ __ ] like eggs

there's dude we're gonna eat good

tonight look at that that's a ton of

eggs a ton of ants this better be the

best damn ant sauce in the [ __ ] world

the first ingredient for our jungle

feast is in hand these ants will be

turned into a delicious ant

dip adding a burst of flavor to our

other dishes

the dip starts with chilies and salt

smashed together in a mortar then

the ants and their eggs

okay so right here guys we have a big

container full of june bugs but these

are like super june bugs now i know

andrew is not a huge fan of any kind of

bugs especially considering he just got

bit about a thousand times

all my rest oh there he is hey buddy

pull up real close to him all right

oh we have our next food here another

bug uh

i'm curious what do you call these in

your country andrew

get out of here oh dude that looks

[ __ ] gross

oh mother oh [ __ ] god look at that

head pulsating now do you know why those

are huge those are the queens

oh my [ __ ] god bro i don't want to

hear queen i don't know why

it just sounds so much worse to prepare

these scarab beetles for cooking we need

to remove their wings

and legs oh man i feel so freaking bad

all the little tough bits that are hard

to chew

get tossed if you do this as a child

they say you'll grow up to be a serial

killer here it's just part of the recipe

oh man

we just repeat that process about 100

more times when these bugs are ready

it's time to hit the hot oil


my man this looks incredible we have

quite the

smorgasbord here we have of course the

june bugs that we help prepare andrew

next we have

lizards and then the ants and it's

actually like a little bit of a war

scene in here because you see a bunch of

hands that are still alive trying to

grab eggs but they don't even know where

to take them anyways

grab a little bit of ants and a little

bit of eggs we're just going to eat a

whole lot of it uh yeah just throw it in

that's really sour exactly it's almost

like a cross between a green apple and a

lime yeah that's a good plate right our

second dish

lizards caught by our dinner host and

cooked the gerai way

simply roasted over hot charcoal waiting

to be paired with a bit of seasoning i'm

gonna just bust off a half a tail here

and then i'm gonna get a little bit of

seasoning here

now this seasoning is ant free roll it

up all right cheers

whoa oh man all that sauce i put too

much in there that's intense it's like

citrus and aromatics and then just fresh

spice it is a bit weird you just munch

right through the bones of the lizard

but that's a good way to eat a lizard

when are you smiling

we tried some ants we tried some lizard

here we have similar dip but they've

added the ants in and of course that is

gonna accompany

these big old june bugs right here


wow that seasoning is just so fresh way

more mild than i was expecting yeah it's

relatively good

um i have a great surprise for you the

queen remember you like the word queen

we're gonna eat that next


it says it has egg inside oh

the hell


get out of here that is the least

appetizing thing i've ever seen enough

beating around the bush

it's just a thousand bug eggs cheers

that's a hundred times worse got a

little bit of a gush i can't believe

that's the same bug

i think there's a little bit of wing

left on that or something because oh man

can you translate and say uh he said he

enjoyed it very much

he feels uh honored to have had this


the only thing he said about is he

wishes there were more huge bugs

that he could eat andrew i saved you

there all right you almost offended this


oh thank you sonny to be completely

honest i think these kind of bugs aren't

that bad when i've had him in the past i

just had him alone so here he's really

dressing it up it tastes great

i think what i'm starting to learn

during this trip is that it would be

easy for a traveler to come to vietnam

experience a lot of mainstream cuisine

and assume like that is vietnam but when

you go places like this you realize even

within this country there is so much


and this cuisine is unlike cuisine from

any other region so thank you for

carrying on the tradition and kind of

like holding a torch for your people

that shows what's special and unique

about your food and your people and your

culture can you try to translate any of



the spectrum of human culture and

tradition is unfathomable that's crazy


wild isn't that it's not yes there are

over 190 countries

but each country has pockets of ethnic

groups and cultures that fight to keep

their traditions alive

fighting to not be swallowed up by the

mainstream that flows all around them

the girai aren't a collection of far-out

jungle recipes they're one of the many

unique ethnic groups that add to

vietnam's incredible



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this one we will see you next time

a piece


we'll make it through one year for you