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Witcher 3 - BEST ARMOR In the Game - Ursine Bear School Gear Location!

welcome back to another which of free

video guide today I'll be showing you

how to get the best heavy armor set in

the game it's called the your sign heavy

armor set which is from the bear witcher

school you can find the timestamps

linked below in the description on where

to find every single part of the set

this includes all the weapons the silver

sword the steel sword the crossbow and

of course the Euro sign armor set itself

you will need to be level 20 to actually

equip the entire set though but why is

this heavy armor set considered to be

the best in the game especially on

harder difficulties the US sign armstech

gives you a very high damage with the

strong attacks and it also has an

extremely high armor rating that can be

upgraded but you also have a great

resistances on the armor set and if you

didn't know resistances in the witch

free are more important than the actual

armor value on the value is basically a

flat reduction to damage whereas your

resistances are a percentage based

damage reduction this means it can

massively reduce damage taken compared

to having a high armor value alone in

many cases this can mean you will take

zero damage but also once upgraded if

you take a look at this unique armor

ability when we use a Quen shield to

defend ourselves if that shield then

shatters there's a chance for a new one

to be cast at no stamina cost this bonus

increases by 5% for each part of the set

you're wearing so when you're wearing

all six pieces you have a 30% chance to

recast the Kuenn sign for free and the

damage you deal with the explosion of

the Kuenn sign ability will be increased

by 200% this essentially makes you know

impossibly hard to kill and it is

especially effective on harder

difficulties and the you're seeing

weapons have a fantastic adrenaline

point gain of plus 22 percent and they

give you a plus 75 percent critical hit

damage boost so those heavy attacks are

going to be hitting really hard

I recommend upgrading the saws with

attack power runes to increase their

damage further but now let's take a look


where to find this entire armor set and

all its weapons now just in case anyone

watching this is new to the witch you

actually start the game here in white

orchard you'll then come to this

location over here ville n if you take a

closer look at the lend

you'll see it has a large city to the

north called novigrad during the main


you'll eventually come to the docks here

and you can fast travel to the next main

location in the game the skellige Isles

which is where this armor set is located

and now here we are at the Isle of

skellige now the first thing we're going

to be picking up is the witches crossbow

diagram from the bear school so the

first place you're going to arrive on

skellige is in this giant big island in

the middle of the map here at the main

castle just here you're gonna want to

grab a boat and you're gonna want to

sail north west so this town over here

on this small island called spore lag

they need to come here for the main

quest anyway but we need to go to the

very south past the old watchtower to

this secret little cave on the shores

here that's what we're gonna find the

crossbow here we are we can see a

wonderful view and if we turn around

this is the cave and just into the

entrance here we're going to find stinks

of carrion oh Jesus Christ I did not

actually see that drown abhar has to

take him out first there we go right

I've killed the drowner so from the cave

entrance just here you're going to want

to come inside and then to the right

you'll find this ledge here just jump up

here and then jump across this ledge

which I almost failed believe it or not

and then there's another jump you can

make here across there and you'll find a

dead body of a skeleton which you can

loot and here we have another letter and

the diagram of the Euro sign crossbow so

grab that and we can take a read of this

letter as

now I'm going to be reading these

letters as we go along but feel free to

skip ahead if you can't be bothered to

listen to them and you don't care about

the storyline of this weapon set my

dearest in guevara arrived at fought to

search on summers first day he tarried

there awhile draining more than one

barrel of me with the yar both were fast


then one day y'all talk via summoned me

and ordered me to sail to spike root

with him to show him where the sirens

were the thickest it's no exaggeration

my little mountain goat to say I've

never met a warrior like him in my life

he's live as an eel and strong as a bear

when the sirens came at us I hadn't even

time to seize my axe before he gutted

them all and his weapon why I've never

seen anything like the crossbow but so

small he wills it in one hat I know he

has a sketch of it in a saddlebags for a

spider when he was packing up once he's

asleep I'll try and sketch a copy to

take to our Smith on our skeleton make

of it so we can protect ourselves from

the siren this case they return soon at

dawn break we're off sirens are swarming

thicker and thicker my hands are numb

from so much sword swinging my breath is

ragged but thinking of you gives me

strength and here's of course talking

about The Witcher and now we know the

location they went to kill the sirens so

the in our mysterious friend was talking

about it's located back on the maned

island of skellige if you travel all the

way to the south fair on the other side

of the island you will find the ruined

in now there is a story to why this Inn

is actually a ruin so you need to fast

travel here next so as you can see this

is the ruined in I've already killed

some harpies here and we're gonna find a

secret basement inside this in so we're

gonna need the odd shout to access it

I've already blown it out of the way

though do take care when you go in

psychos you're going to find to level 20

rates within so let's wait for them to

attack us

spot them appropriately

where's the last one gone there she is

come out and gets me there we go so once

you've killed both wraiths you can find

the your sign sword located in this

chest just here the diagram of the year

sign sword you're a sign I honestly I'm

so sorry if I pronounced incorrectly I'm

Dyslexic we also have an innkeepers

notes which we can have a read but if

you'd firstly checked down the hallway

here you'll find another notes just here

an arrest warrant for The Witcher Goods

let it hereby be known that the which

are known as God has committed foul

crimes against Duke au payara voting her

Grace's majesty resisting her Grace's

gods and collaborating with the usurper

and other such deeds bringing harm to

ducal tiara any person providing him

shelter will be considered complicit in

his crimes it is the duty of each and

every one of ducal tiaras subjects to

provide any and all possible help to the

agencies of the law who seek to capture

the bandits for the apprehension of the

witcher gerd dead or alive we have set a

reward in the amount of 300 our seed NR

in the name of her grace so you have

here the innkeeper's notes that was

right before dusk and then a witches

show dirty unshaven and stinking worse

than a fisherman from Pharaoh asked for

a room and a bucket of water so he could

freshen up so first I didn't want to let

him in on account of the bloody sack he

was carrying but then it came out he had

arranged to meet Jorgen iron hand here

and a friend of jorgens is a friend of

mine son had long set by the time Jorgen

showed which handed him that sack and we

all learned why it stank so bad inside

was the head of a siren Jorgen had

contracted the witcher to take it down

after attack some folk in a cave in the

northwest part of spy creek seeing a

dead shared folk awful fast and Jorgen

happy as a clam started buying everybody

rounds The Witcher refrained at

saying he was off to take care of ass

trigger that had infested the ruins of a

fortress on the northern edge of the

Isle but in the end he gave in offer all

there's no refusing Jorgen made a lovely

heap of coin that day for the Sun

started rising and not a man had gone

home The Witcher got drunk with Jorgen

and started telling his tales then we

all sat down for some quench that's good

he might be the first he might be a

first-class warrior but he's one lousy

card player lost half his reward for

that siren to me and drank the other

half and then wanting to win it back he

wagered a diagram for some kind of steel

sword to my eye it was a scrap of

rubbish some things you got to do for

the sake of sportsmanship and and

camaraderie so I accepted the wager and

I assumed he won because we found it

here in the innkeeper's house but what I

must say is that because the witcher was

found here it looks like everything else

was burned out after you finished up at

the end we're going to travel all the

way to the north of the largest islands

all the way past the - camp just sound

for the mountains here you're going to

find a long track that leaves you passed

a small lake to this old ruin just here

now this ruin is guarded by golems but

do not worry we have a plan to get past

them but it does have some golems

present so you're going to want to be

careful when your approach is actually a

really easy way we can just grab this

scavengers gear without even fighting

any of these monsters you can just run

round to the right here

and just quickly grab all of the lutes

from this dead body skeleton so now we

have the diagram of the silver which saw

also on the skeleton you will find the

knight's letter which we can now read or

you can skip ahead if you don't care

about the story you're honoured your

most honored grace the duchess of oxy

The Witcher gird feared your Grace's

wrath feared your Grace's righteous fury

so off he fled to skellige to that hive

of pirates thieves and other bandits and

such in sooth the gods must have smiled

on our quest for quickly did we catch

his foul scent and track him to a public

house near the village or find out where

he was banqueting with the locals some

sought to protect him treating the

treacherous man as a companion in arms

we therefore showed them no mercy and

burned the into the grounds alas and

alack The Witcher escaped us once again

but we tracked him to the ruins of an

old fortress called Ed's near where he

went to hide or else perchance lay in

wait by some monster we made haste to

assault his position with all our

strength but still the treacherous foe

slew five of my men wounded me most

severely and brought the ruins roof

collapsing down on us with some

witchcraft never fear we shall surely

free ourselves from here once more I can

only guess because this man was dead

that they never actually did manage to

unbury themselves from all of that

rubble meanwhile I've ordered the via

witches campsite searched and have found

a diagram for some highly curious weapon

it is enclosed with this writing

entrusted to your Grace's safekeeping

another day perhaps to and we shall dig

ourselves out of this rubble and catch

The Witcher if fate is kind now the

message does go on but it's really just

cursing how stupid The Witcher is and

how dare he dishonour your grace by

rejecting her and so on and it pretty

much just tells us that the night is

very much in love with your grace

once we are done here we need to travel

all the way to the North East grab any

boats and travel over here to this

island to URI TLAs Harbor

once you arrive you're going to want to

come to the north of the village just up

the mountain passed over here now once

you arrive in the village you actually

be able to see the tower to the north

over there so we're going to run

directly towards that tower just to show

you on the map this is the village we

are just to the right of this circular

old ruined keep here and then there's

kind of like a park or road that we can

take all the way up to this very old

castle which we're going to be using now

you notice that this pathway is blocked

just here so we're gonna go right

because there's actually like a

secondary route that it takes a little

bit of par-4 to actually get to the top

we're gonna ignore these villages forget

them they're dead anyway

and we're gonna ignore these pros as

well just for the sake of this video all

right we're taking care of this scroll

there we go now we can carry on down

this road once again all right so back

to the jump we should take just over

here and we gonna run around to the

right and jump over here which oh my

goodness luckily we made that all right

we killed the sirens as well to make our

life easier we're gonna climb off of

this area here and carry on around it's

pretty straight forward path really but

I just wanted to show you just in case

you're getting lost along the way my

goodness that's right Daryl use your


let's take out this siren see there we

go we can jump over here and just carry

along this path I like how it just goes

to this super peaceful serene music

after every battle it's kind of funny

just sounds super strange you can see if

we slide down here now you can get back

to the main path and we can enter the

castle which is straight ahead of us

which is where we need to go to actually

grab this arm sir it seemed to be really

bad at jumping today there we go so this

is the entrance to the castle and do

take care because there's a few rapes

once you go inside make sure you loot

all of this stuff by the way before you

head in

you can also when you go up to the very

top find a secret treasure chest just

over here as well so make sure you grab

that while you're here and if we jump

back there's also a body I think


there's another chest just here with a

candle and how how nice of them to leave

a candle we can also go right up to the

top of this mountain if it takes your


anyway let's drop down here and go



once again you've seen iron grates go to

the left and just carry on around and

down this spiral staircase just here

it's not too hard to find the location

of this diagram but you can get lost so

just to make it easier you go right and

straight on down this hallway right for

the spawn at the end let's take him out

he's only level seven

just here you're going to find a

treasure trust some ground diagrams but

most importantly need to use this lever

just here that's gonna open that gate

over there behind you which is the one

we need access well we don't want to

access the race but so once again from

this lever we just pulled if you

actually go down here to the seconds

gates on the rights that is a body this

isn't very important but there is a

unique relic weapon called a star here

and a greater rune stone as well so you

know you can grab that if you need it

and you're also gonna find on this tomb

here the Ballad of Tory are the red so

make sure you pick that up will read

that later but for now let's go and drop

into this cell just here do take care of

the full

come downstairs and then go lights and

head upstairs all the way and you're

gonna find another little ledge to jump

up and another one and then there is a

wall now you can use the odd sign to get

past this or you can actually jump over

it if you jump over I think you actually

stopped the race from spawning but I'm

just going to use the odd spell to open

it myself and just over here you'll see

on the right that's where we entered

from that iron grate over there you

could see this is the throne room

actually quite a nice thin glass window

with the view there but the chests that

we need with a diagram for the your sign

armor is just here this has the whole

heavy armor set inside it and it also

has the Chronicles of Clan to search and

The Ballad of The Witcher gird so you

can read those all and you can you know

finalize the whole story here there's

the Wraith is finally spawned the level

20 Wraith very spook alright so we've

killed at the rates and if you guys want

a short cut out of here you can use this

lever to open the gates and back to the


there you go and make sure you go

outside and appreciate this god damn

amazing view out here you can see the

Isle of Skellig over there but now let's

take a quick look at the armor stats and

see how good actually is to get the

equipment made we're going to travel

back to the castle on skellige and just

find pretty much any blacksmith armor or

grindstone you can find a Smith here in

the castle just on the right as you go

through the entrance if you didn't

already know that and we can chat to him

wouldn't cross something for me grab

something for me will ya so now we can

craft the Euro sign boots like so and we

can also craft the chest armor just here

and the gauntlets and finally the Euro

sign trousers as well and now we have a

full set so next you need to fight a

blacksmith at one of these icons on the

map to craft your swords as one writes

here don't chat to him customer willing

to craft something will you grab

something for me so we scroll down we

can craft the your scene crossbow just

here let's craft that first next we have

the your scene silver sword that's craft

flat and then we also have these steel

your seen sword which is just here this

craft that next and now we have the

entire your scene which a sense I hope

you found the video helpful guys you can

find all of the other armor set

locations linked down below in the

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