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How to Find The Best Grocery Deals - The Item Search

hey there it's jenny from southern

savers I wanted to take a second and

make sure that you really understood how

to use one of what I think is one of the

really awesome features of southern

savers and that's the item search so

many people email me or send messages on

facebook all over the place hey where's

the best deal on this guess what that's

why this exists you can come it's right

on the top right hand corner of southern

savers type in whatever you're looking

for and you'll find the answer it's the

item search so it's going to return any

deals on that product this week right

now in stores around you now it will

return a ton of a result if you haven't

taken a second to set your profile for

southern savers so we have a login we've

had it for ages I know some people hate

logins the only reason the logon exists

is so that the site can be tailored to

you and one of those is tailoring the

item search so I can come I can set my

profile to actually only tell me the

results of what's on sale at the stores

that I care about I don't want you to

tell me where turkey is on sale at 32

stores that are covered on southern

savers I just want to know where turkey

is on sale at the stores that I plan on

shopping at so come select the stores

that you would use in your profile it

saves it forever you can even select the

newspaper that you use which would make

your shopping list much more accurate to

the coupons that were in your Sunday

paper that's a whole nother feature

though let's get our store set and then

let's search for whatever it is that we

are looking for a deal right now on so

you head to the item search again it's

on the top right hand corner of the site

you type in Huggies diapers or canned

vegetables now I need something I need

to know if it's on sale I kind of need

to know who has the best deal in town

this is going to do it for you it can

also do something else let's say you're

just getting started and you absolutely

love a specific product but you don't

know does it go on sale what is a good

price for it when was the last time it

was on

sale these are also key questions that I

get a lot from folks the item search

will tell you that as well so I can come

in I can tell it you know put in a date

from the past and say I would like to

see what we've seen deal wise untie

detergent for the last month hit Search

it's going to show you every deal on

tied in the stores that you've told it

to tell you results for for the last

month or whatever the date that you put

in keep in mind we only allow you to see

data back three months because you would

kind of kill our server if you told it

to give you all the deals for a year so

don't go too overboard on how long back

or how far back you go but you can see

back three months if you're really

really curious what I think it's going

to help you realize is that everything

in the grocery store really does go on

sale if you love gluten-free pasta it

goes on sale it's in the item search so

find out when was the last time it was

on sale and what is the good price that

I'm looking for it's a great way to

create your own price list or price book

depending on what you want to call it so

that's the item search one other big

thing to play in with the item search I

can make a shopping list from it and it

doesn't have to just be one item so as

I'm getting ready for a big meal around

the holiday times you could search for

turkey I can search for sweet potatoes

all the items that I'm looking for I can

save those deals to the same shopping

list if I want to now I know who has the

best prices yes I know for some of this

that could be multiple stores and that

may not make a lot of sense but don't

forget stores like wal-mart and target

they price match local competitors ads

so I can actually save all the local

competitor prices to one shopping list

walk into Walmart and price match all of

those deals if I wanted to you could

also use the walmart savings catcher app

again a whole nother topic for a whole

nother video but do you remember that

Walmart does not price match meat or

produce in the savings catcher app I

have to price match meat and produce at

the register so item search is coming in

handy for you you're going to put all

those produce deals from across town all

on one shopping list using the am sir

heading to walmart and get the best

prices and last big thing to throw out

the item search is part of this other in

severs app so if you have not downloaded

the app it's free but you can sit there

and search on the go for things that

you're looking for and we didn't just

keep item search for groceries by the

way there are two other searches that

come up on southern savers there's an

online bestial search type in the item

you're looking for it's going to search

across hundreds of different websites to

tell you who has the lowest price and

there's a black friday item search that

one only pops up one one month out of

the year but you can search across all

the black friday ads and find who has

the best price on the TV you're looking

for the laptop compare all the prices

and figure out where you want to shop so

use these features they're free there's

no reason not to and they're definitely

going to increase the amount than you're