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BEST HERO GWENT CARDS Locations Guide - The Witcher 3

welcome back guys last Emil here playing

the witch's tree I'm going to show you

the locations of best hero cars for

Gwent I'm going to describe the

locations as best as I can

now the first card for today is Geralt

of Rivia

strength 15 factual neutral ability none

good old zero card can be acquired

during the grand quest old friends from

teller at the seven cats in near

novigrad so it's a really good card next

card yennefer of vengerberg strength 7

faction neutral ability medic this hero

card can be earned by defeating skip on

the innkeeper in oxenfurt once you've

gained access and novigrad territory

beating this player will also open up

when side quest playing innkeepers next

card Cyrilla or ciri strength 15 faction

neutral ability none this hero card can

be won from a squirtle warrior in a camp

outside novigrad during the grand quest

big city players next card Vernon Roche

strength 10th faction northern realms

ability none you can win this cards from

a young boy called Haddie in a village

of mid cops in velan so Haddie in the

village of mid cops in Valon um just

beyond oh no you're alert because heavy

plays at Norton realms deck and favors

using close combat units so he is quite

strong you can actually counter his um

card with biting frost whether card and

be sure to use spy cards whenever you

can defeat him next one is Leto of

gullet strength infection nilfgaard

ability none you can win this no

guardian hero card from a boat right in


during the Gwent valent players side

quest so he plays a powerful Milt guard

deck using all three rows equally his

cards are so powerful and

not one of his cards I believe I'm go

below 6 in strength so just be sure you

have a really really strong deck before

fighting this guy and dumb as I said

both right in origin during the Gwent

valent players side-quests all right

next one is more run strength 10 faction

nilfgaard ability none this card can be

won from a madam at the brothel in

novigrad during the Gwent side quest big

city players and next one the Karin

which I use a lot because this is an

awesome card has strength 8 faction

monsters ability morale boost this card

can be won from the armor in character

older in Skelly get so armor in Kerala

in Skelly get awesome card I really

advise you to use it as much as you can

a Strad theis not sure if I pronounced

his name right but Tom I'd really L have

a lot of problems with these names so

yeah it's crazy

strength 10 faction northern realms

ability none you can win this card from

Dijkstra in novigrad so again

Dijkstra in novigrad so ok guys I showed

you one the best

these are the best hero cards for in The

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt so don't forget if

you couldn't find some of the cards and

you need like more detailed explanation

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signing out I'll see you guys next time

stay classy everyone