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what they step learn like I'm trying to

get some anyways let's hop right into my

video in my last video I told you guys

I'm coming back with another video or

with a detailed video about he remembers

everything he remembers okay so this is

specifically for all of my you know

small business owners that are looking

into getting in some selling hair and

stuff like that so I'm to give you a

little video as to what you should look

for way to look for it and you know the

whole nine so let's get right into it so

step number one you have to find out

what kind of hair you're trying to sell

so there's many different kinds of hair

there is virgin

there's remy there's synthetic there's

raw there's all of this stuff there's

synthetic don't do it but there's many

different types of hair that you can you

know if you're interested in selling

you can get into another so this is the

first thing you have to find out what

you're trying to sell okay so me I

personally sell virgin here 100% version

here I don't deal with the rummies I

don't deal with the Brazilians or the

humans or that you know the synthetics

definitely not I want to provide

something I like so my customers you get

your money's worth

you pay this and you know you'll be

bought to last you five okay so um I

think I have one of my bundles here so

this is a 14-inch virgin hair bundle

look at that shine guys this is from my

vendor that I use and I use this funder

exclusively because they literally have

everything and I just love them okay so

that's the first thing that she needs to

figure out you need to figure out what

kind of hair you want to sell um I would

say nowadays the more popular kind of

hair is remy hair and virgin hair um

some people do sell raw but that's a

little bit more on the pricier side so

if you're if you're a young business

owner and your audience or your consumer

it's also young people or young

middle-aged people you know that's

something that's more appealing touch

their pockets so um those are the two

brands those are the two types of hair

that are pretty common within the mark

on the market right now so yeah so step

one like I said it's to find out what

type of hair you're interested in

selling to is to find out who are you're

selling it to okay so if you were so

right here that would be at you will

sell that to let's say you know that

would be a little bit pricier your

audience will be like you know the rich

people's them and up there and stuff

like that and if you're selling virgin

here this is more so middle-class you

know people that like to pay for quality

and stuff like that and then Remi would

be somebody to just trying to get a

quick low something around the case

maybe it's not gonna last as long but

it's um you know a little bit on the

lower side cost wise and stuff like that

so you have to be there

who is your audience and what they'll be

able to pay and figure out which one of

those things you you're like interested

in selling now you need to after that

you need to find out what database

you're going to use there chk there's an

express there's Alibaba like the list

literally goes on as to what databases

you can use to get in contact with your

vendors personally this video is gonna

be about the most popular one I think

which is Alibaba I'm gonna show you guys

like a quick little you know how I

maneuver around the site to the ad

insert in like Omni filters to show you

how to get the numbers down but it's

like when you get into there if you like

hundreds of thousands of vendors and I

could understand why somebody would get

overwhelmed like he'll how am I supposed

to choose or how am I supposed to sample

all of these members from other thousand

of these vendors and stuff like that so

I'm going to show you some tips and

tricks and to getting the the number

down by using filters so number one on

Alibaba we click on the little filter


it says minimum order so you're gonna

say that you want a minimum order of

about one bundle because not only when

you're on sampling or trying out stuff

you don't want to order in a big bowl so

you're not looking for a company that

orders that would like for you to order

in bulk you're not because I know a lot

of us small business owners I don't even

order everything in bulk because I'm got

money like that okay so you're not your

minimum order quantity you're gonna put

one for a location if you want um virgin

here or Remi here and stuff like that on

maybe you would say China or India if

you're looking for like um Indian temple

hair which is like more so geared to

like raw here you would say India where

you basically put the location that you

would like the hair to come from so

would be um I said it says hair weaving

or hair broke or some [ __ ] like that so

you would basically put care weaving I

keep looking down cuz I have like

everything written into the book you're

gonna choose it then there's another

option that says remy or non remy we are

not going with Remy if you want my me

that choose Remy but I I was not going

when Remy out of what Remy I'm gonna

provide my

clients with something that's gonna last

long they're gonna get their money's

worth if they get away from me

it's gonna last one or two years if you

get from me here um I would say maybe

three to four months if you take care of

it good like it looks good like you know

it flows and stuff like that when you

first get it but over time you really

see the quality of it if you get what

I'm saying

okay a lot of these fenders or a lot of

these business people they do some rummy

here and um I kind of sort of noticed

that from a like a business mindset

based off like the prices because it's

like I know like whatever average prices

for like version here I'm like yeah

that's definitely not virgin here

because you could tell by the prices I

mean there's nothing wrong with that if

that's your audience that yeah but I'm

just me personally I was looking I was

looking in some more so of like the

Virgin here something I was gonna last

longer cool now here tight you're gonna

choose what type air you like or

whatever I'm gonna do like a little I'm

still recording I'll show you guys

exactly what I'm going to pick and then

you're gonna do um Indian or Brazilian

or whatever you're looking for Indian

hair feel you for Brazilian here so

putting these filters on will lower the

amount of vendors tremendously like it's

gonna go for like a hundred thousand so

like six hundred okay this is going to

lower it tremendously and then we're

gonna go onto the page and we're going

to read the reviews and stuff like that

and we're gonna start to you know cut

these vendors down to see what you're

really interested in show you guys all

of the filters that I'd that I pick to

give you guys more so on the visual and

what exactly you'll be looking for okay

I'm going to go right in and search our

search the cuticle align here as you can

see now I'm going to click on the little

filter tab and I'm going to start

filling in my filters I click on one

minimum order China or locations so they

pick a category I just left it at all

here weaving is the here extension type

non Remy here and I'm also looking for

virgin I clicked on Brazilian here as

well and then we're gonna click on trade

assurance and verified supplier we just

want to make sure that ratified and the

method that you're using to pay is trade

assurance so these are some of the

vendors that I see as you can see the

vendors the amount of vendors is now

down to three hundred and forty five

results and I feel that is a significant

amount for it to go down to like I feel

like you can go through three hundred

and forty five vendors realistically

instead of the hundred thousand that it

was that these are just a few I'm

scrolling down to see um it says virgin

human here just to check the stats on it

it has stock pictures it has everything

that you want to see um

you also want to make sure that you read

the reviews make sure that the pictures

are legit I always like to stay away

from vendors that have like pictures

from Instagram and stuff like that if

they don't have real pictures on their

like I don't really yeah so yeah these

are just some of the vendors like this

render right here with the girl yeah I'm

not clicking on that but yeah claim are

to say that you're here especially if

you're selling here this is what is

going to draw your customer in you want

to make sure that you're selling quality

that's number one

because returning customers it's what's

gonna keep your business going okay you

don't want to get a customer one time

and get one sale from them you want it

to be recovered that is how you're gonna

make your money once you have loyal

customers they're gonna cut the a

they're gonna turn a friend who might be

some of my friends they're gonna tell a

friend like you

I bought this this this this from this

girl's magic I think you should go get

it and once this customer keeps coming

back that's how you make your money make

sure that whatever you're selling is top

quality you want to make sure that your

customers are

coming back okay now I say all of this

to say that I hope this helps you a

little bit on your journey into funny I

hear thunder are funny and even better

hear thunder this is the same process

that I went through and when I tell you

I mean I'm not gonna lie to you and be

like it's easy like the first Thunder

that you click on it's going to be your

vendor I probably went through about I

would say four vendors before I got this

vendor and this is this is the goldmine

okay I'm telling you like this week is

four months old you guys I swear to you

is four months old I got this in like

January it's that old but um yeah I hope

this video helped you to find you here

vendor or narrow down your choices when

it comes when it comes to finding and

your vendor but um yeah good luck and

thank you guys for watching my video and

I'll be back again with another video

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