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How to find the best hashtags for Instagram to grow your Instagram account 2019 | #ChiaExplains

So how do you find trending hashtags to grow your Instagram account?

Find out inside the video!

Hey guys, it’s Chia from Brand24 and today I want to talk about trending hashtags: how

to find them and how to use them for business.

So, hashtags, especially on Instagram, are here to help you increase your visibility so that

more people can discover your page and your super amazing content.

It’s just about making sure your target audience is able to find you.

And there are a few different ways that people currently find content on Instagram, and all of them involve

hashtags. So,

the most common way to discover new content on Insta is just by searching for hashtags.

In fact, besides hashtags, the only other things you can search for in the IG search

bar are user profiles and locations.

So, the second way to discover content is on the Explore Page, which suggests content for you

based on the accounts and hashtags that you engage with.

And the third, relatively new, way that people discover content is by following hashtags.

So, this works just like following a friend: if you see a hashtag you like, you can follow

it, and then you’ll start to see top posts with that hashtag in your feed, along with

the latest Stories with that hashtag in your Stories bar.

So, while following hashtags helps you discover more content that you might be interested

in, using Trending hashtags helps more people discover new content from YOU.

How do you find trending hashtags for Instagram?

There are a couple ways: you can do this manually, through Instagram search, or automatically

(with is a little more thorough), using different apps and tools.

We’ll start with Instagram: if you’re looking for trending hashtags inside

Insta manually, start by going to the Search bar and entering a general hashtag that you want to

use for your post.

For example, if I wanted to post a picture like this, I might consider a hashtag like


So you’d enter that hashtag into the search field, and then you’d see a list of all

the hashtags that contain the full text “palmtrees”.

The hashtags with the largest number of posts are trendier than the others.

And if you click on any of them, you’ll also see a list of Related hashtags

that you can look into.

So, another way to find trending hashtags that’s just a little more comprehensive, is by using tools.

For instance, Brand24 has a special feature for this.

You just create a project like you normally would, you know, to track mentions of your company,

your hashtag, or whatever it is that you’re interested in tracking across the Internet (it does not

have to be a hashtag).

So, let’s use an easy example for this, like a TV show.

Just set it up like you normally would: enter the name of the show, create your project,

and discover what people are saying about it.

When you click on the Analysis Tab and scroll down a little, you’ll see a section called

Trending Hashtags.

This takes all the mentions of this show and analyzes the hashtags that were used in those

mentions, and lists them according to how often they were used.

You can do the same with your business or your product.

Just track your brand name (or your product) and find out what people are saying about


And when you’re looking for trending hashtags to use on Instagram, just head over to the Analysis

Tab inside Brand24 and scroll down to the Trending Hashtags section.

This is where you’ll find a really personalized list of your top 100 trending hashtags according

to your brand or product.

You can use these to connect with fans of your product, help them find your company

page, and just see what they’re saying about your business in general.

So, another question that often comes up is: how many hashtags should you use?

It seems like everybody has a different answer for this.

Some experts recommend that you use the maximum number allowed, which is 30.

Others say that you should use less, to avoid looking spam-y.

And some brands have actually published studies they’ve done on their own hashtags, with results ranging

from 9 hashtags getting the most engagement, to a bare minimum of 11.

It varies, and it depends on your content, your audience, on the hashtags that you

use, and many other factors.

The general consensus is, however, that hashtags are definitely meant to be used on Instagram… that

is, unless you’re already a wildly popular influencer who has throngs of people entering

your name directly into the Instagram search bar every day just to catch a glimpse of your

newest post.

If not, I suggest experimenting and trying different combinations of hashtags, sometimes

more, sometimes less, and different types, until you find that sweet spot.

Everybody’s content is different, which means that everybody’s “magic number”

is going to be different too.

And if you don’t like the way it looks when you use 30 hashtags, there are 2 ways to make

it less obvious: you can omit using any hashtags at all in your caption and then just add them

in a comment right after you publish.

OR you can enter your caption normally, and then add several empty lines beneath it, before

you add your hashtags.

Instagram — it only shows the first couple lines of your caption in the feed, so users won’t

see your hashtags unless they click on “more”.

There are also other things to consider when you’re trying to grow your Instagram profile,

like: making sure you avoid using banned hashtags, finding good community hashtags that already have

really strong communities with genuine interest in that topic, and knowing how to pinpoint which

hashtags bring you more engagement versus spam — there are certain broad hashtags like #motivation

and #inspiration that tend to get you some really spam-y comments and followers.

And we will definitely go over all this another time in a separate video.

Because that’s it for this week.

If you have any questions or anything to add, you’re welcome to drop it in the Comments

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