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trying on homecoming dresses | Hoco dress ideas

hi guys I'm bye anyways welcome back to

my channel so you guys are probably very

confused by the title of the video and

what I'm going to be doing today just to

clear a few things up I have not had my

homecoming yet as you guys know I posted

a video of me getting ready for


that was just a sponsored brand deal

video that I actually had to post on

that certain day so I couldn't have

waited until homecoming week for me to

post that so I apologize about that for

the in confusion but today I actually

went home coming dress shopping and I

got 7 dresses so let's just say one I'm

very undecided - I did I got so many

dresses so I could film this video to

help you guys out if you like one like

suggestions or like just to see like if

you want a type of dress like this just

to see how they fit and feel so

hopefully this is like a guided video

for you guys for your homecoming dress

and plus one of these I'm actually going

to be wearing to homecoming so I have to

like actually decide on which one I want

to wear and I couldn't do that in the

time I was trying them on because

they're all so pretty and I love them so

much so I need you guys to comment down

below which dress you like the best or

which dress I should wear to homecoming

um so like I'm really nervous this will

be my effort like this will be my first

ever homecoming I've ever been to I have

been to a dance before I went to winter

formal but homecoming is really

different because literally no one once

I weren't too formal so I'm very nervous

I'm pretty sure I'm going with a group

of girls I don't really know yet I was

not asked to homecoming

I mean homecoming is in four weeks from

today so probably was still one good ass

but it's fine but I honestly just want

to go with a group of friends anyways

but we'll see so yeah today I'm gonna be

trying on some homecoming dresses and

Drain guys what they look like and how

they feel and fit so yeah let's get


but here is the first dress on so this

dress is all black I was kind of

debating if I wanted an all-black dress

because of my

like honestly they look good together

like I thought I would want a lighter

color but look at the back I'm in love

with this dress like look it's so pretty

I want to do stress so much it is so

soft super comfortable and I do feel

really good in this dress and as you can

tell it has a slit right here like down

the middle that's pretty cool

um here it is up close if you can see

the least it's so pretty so here is like

a better view and it's super simple but

the back makes up for it gosh I don't

know so comment down below what you

think of this dress so I mean maybe this

is the dress who knows I'm sorry I

really wanted to do that black dress

that I just had on before I tried this

one on um was from Windsor not Dillard's

and that dress was $34.90 oh but anyway

so here's the next dress this is also

from Windsor this is $31 in ninety cents

so as you can tell these dresses are

pretty cheap thirty dollars is really

good for a homecoming dress so this

dress is a little bit uncomfortable

because the fabric is like that weird

scratchy fabric

it's crisscross like right here and then

it Criss crosses right here and there's

the back it's pretty straight compared

to the one I just had on also this is

another dress that makes my body like

pretty good sorry that just put it out

there if you want to feel good I am very

happy with this dress like I said it is

a little bit uncomfortable but I do love

the color with my hair so comment up

below if you liked this dress or what

you think about it so yeah alright guys

here's the next dress I feel like a

bride this dress came from Windsor this

one was $69.90 it's pretty expensive but

not that bad I would obviously don't

know how I feel about this one I'm very

comfortable in it though on the long

sleeves feels really nice by the way but

I feel like I'll get really hot in it


no but it's so pretty as you can tell

it's full of jewels it is so sparkly um

like I said it's just I don't know how I

about it like I really don't know

there's the back it just covers the

whole bar but the sleeves are

see-through so it's like a like a

t-shirt kinda like a dress you would

wear to like an after-party of a wedding

there's number dress number three sorry

I'm just like testing out if it's good

enough to dancing right guys so here's

the next dress this dress also came from

Windsor so this dress was $32.90 when I

tried this dress on at the store this

was my favorite dress that I tried on

it's kind of still is my favorite dress

I feel like this is so funny when I

don't remember what video it was though

I said red is not my color but I think

about it I think red is my color with

this dress I feel like it is um it is

see-through right here and I think

that's really pretty like a pretty touch

to the dress

and it's also seen through in the back

but it's not like open you know exposing

my stomach but like I just like the

simple look of the top and then the back

as well like I like this simple look of

this dress and it is sparkly sparkly

very sparkly yeah if this dress is also

like very perfect for homecoming I feel

like or this is so hard to decide why

did I pick seven very very very happy

with this purchase but we gotta try on

the other dresses so here's the next

dress this dress came from Dillard's and

this dress was $70 and it is beyond

beautiful look at the detail on this

dress I don't know if it's pretty to you

but it's really really pretty to me and

here's the back it's open back the dress

from this point of view pull it off with

like a choker not like this one because

I feel like that's pretty basic for

homecoming so yeah I definitely do like

this dress that's in the top for my

favorites because this dress is so

pretty too so here's dress number six

I'm pretty sure or five I don't really

know I lost track okay this just came

from Dillard's and this one was one of

the ones that was the most expensive

this is $100 100

$9.00 but I feel like this dress this

dress is so worth the price and here's

the back it is pretty open in the back

which I do love like I love back dresses

like very very elegant and simple and it

just flows naturally like it is long in

the back that's how my winter formal

dress was alright guys so here is the

last dress as you can tell it's very

bright but let me just show you my

favorite part about this dress so here

is the back like please tell me that is

not pretty

yeah my mom actually picked out this

dress for me as you can tell my hair

looks really good with this dress like I

feel like I look good in this color it

kind of looks like a bathing suit

doesn't it but yeah so I don't know if

this is the right dress but I'm pretty

sure this dress is probably a no-go for

dress code anyways so I was actually

planning on returning this one anyways

so I think this one's out of the picture

so I mean I have a couple of weeks to

think about it but please just comment

down below I suggest you think looks the

best and like I'll be happy and I don't

know if you can really tell from that

but just coming down below which one you

think I should wear or like which one is

perfect anyways hopefully you guys enjoy

today's video make sure you guys video

big thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I

will see you guys tomorrow back with

another video bye guys