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Red Dead Redemption 2 | How to Get the Best Horse


you always got on guys

Eric say welcome back to another video

for Red Dead Redemption 2 and this one's

gonna be a really quick one but I want

to show you guys where to get and how to

get the best wild horse in the game

there is a horse that you can find out

of the wild an Arabian horse with the

white coats and if you get this one and

you tame it it is a little bit

challenging but if you tame it it is one

of the best horses you can possibly get

so if you guys to enjoy this do you want

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icon now to begin with in order to get

this what you want to do is you wanna

head up to the top left-hand corner of

the map the Northwest area you'll find

Lake Isabella and this is where you want

to put your Waypoint if you head all the

way up to here this is we're gonna find

the horse now bear in mind it is a snowy

area and the horse has a white coat so

it can be a little bit challenging to

find but this is what you're looking for

you might have to kind of wander a

little bit around the lake but this

general vicinity is where you'll find it

it's a fixed spawn it will be here and

this is definitely a horseshoe that of

where it gets now being a wild horse it

is also something you're gonna have to

tame and some horse races tame some are

harder and given how good this one is it

is a little bit challenging but if you

guys want a few tips essentially what

you want to do is when you find the

horse you want to hold down l2 so you

can focus on the horse as you approach

you wanna make sure you're walking

really slowly don't make any sudden

movements don't run towards it and if

not that walk very slowly towards it and

if you pay attention to the bar in the

bottom right hand corner anytime that

bar begins to deplete you can quickly

tap square to calm the horse down and

again any time that it starts to get

agitated just slow down stop moving let

it calm down again before you begin your

next approach continue to walk forward

and continue repeating this process

calming it down as you go and then once

you get close enough you can of course

Pat it and you can then press triangle

to mount it

ah easy


okay once you've mounted the horse you

then need to tackle with a little bit

sand so make sure that you don't get

bucked off so the way you go about doing

this is you hold the left analog stick

downwards to begin with and you then

essentially want to hold it in the

direction that is opposite to where it's

moving so as an example if the horse is

try go left then you want to hold right

if it's trying to go forward to want to

hold back

et cetera and you basically repeat this

and then the game will then notify you

once the horse has been broken in and at

that point you can then go and put your

saddle on it so take it over to your

previous horse jump off take the saddle

off your horse put on this new one and

this horse is now yours this my friends

is one of the best horses in the game

the Arabian breed seems to be one of the

best breeds you can get there are two

additional horses there's a black

Arabian and a rose Arabian those two

come from story progression and in the

interest of avoiding spoilers I'm going

to skip over those ones but simply if

you play through the game and you get to

various points you will have the

opportunities to purchase those horses

they are pretty expensive but they are

also incredibly good but this one on the

stats front as you can see here it has a

health and stamina rating of five and

speed and acceleration ratings of six

now the other two Arabian horses the

black and the rose gray ones they have

the exact same speed rating the exact

same acceleration rating the only

difference is they have a little bit

more health and stamina but again those

ones have ones you can purchase whereas

this is a wild horse you can get this no

matter what progression you have

provided you've got to the point where

you can free roam around the map provide

you watch the point where you can just

start exploring you can head this

location and you can grab this yourself

so if you get it earlier in the game

this is of course gonna be a great asset

to you as you play through so they have

it super quick guide on how to get one

of the best possible horses in the game

hopefully you guys found it helpful be

sure to keep it locked for plenty more

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