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[Zelda Breath of the Wild] Where to find the BEST HORSES

hey guys what's up and gladly here back

today bringing you another breath of the

wild video and today I'm gonna show you

how you can find the very best horses

the game has to offer

these horses are as good or even better

than the unique ones you can find like

the royal stallion or the opponent oars

I'll show you the location where you can

find three different types of horses

that each have amazing stats one of them

having five strengths three speed and

five stamina the other one having four

strengths for speed and five stamina and

the third one having two strengths five

speed and three stamina meaning that

this last one is actually the fastest

horse that you can find in the game and

it is also my personal favorite so where

do we find these magnificent beasts well

you want to go here to this plateau

where I've marked with a star here you

can get here easily by floating down

from the Hebrew tower you can also get

here from the ridgeland tower if you

don't have any of the shrines nearby to

fast travel to once you're there in the

middle of the field you'll see a group

of either three or four horses the ones

you want to go for are the ones that

have a solid color this body or patchy

horses usually have lower stats so don't

bother going for them choose one of

these solid color horses as your target

and try to sneak up on it remember to

bring some stamina potions as some of

these sources can be pretty hard to get

under control this time it was

surprisingly easy but I usually have to

use one or two potions to successfully

tame one now make your horse run to see

how much stamina it has since this horse

has 5 Spurs that I can use to do speed

boosts I know it has 5 stamina

since the horse has 5 stamina I know it

will be one of these two sets of stats

judging by the speed of this horse I'd

say it's the five strength three speed

and five stamina horse of course the

best way to check the stats is to

register it at a stable and the nearest

stable to here is just to the Northeast

on the map at Serena's stable and sure

enough we found the five three five

horse let's head back out to the same

spot and see if we can find another one

I like how the horse apparently can't

see me right here another five stamina

horse let's take it back to the stable

this time it's the four four five horse

very dependable and all-around horse now

I know there's an even faster horse out

there so let's go back out and try again

this time the horse only has three Spurs

which means it has three stamina and

that's really exciting because it means

it has to be the five speed horse that I

told you about earlier if we check it

out at the stable we'll see that it is

indeed a five speed horse even though

it's all around stats are a bit lower

than the other horses this horse quickly

became one of my favorites because it

just feels so fast and so good to travel

at that speed like the wind is really

blowing through my hair

as a final tip for you guys if you want

a specific color on your horse like say

for example you want a pure black one

you can save your game reload and the

horses will have changed color you can

do this as many times as you want to get

your perfect horse now as far as I know

no one has actually found a horse with

perfect stats that is 5 speed 5 stamina

5 strength so for now these are

definitely some of the best horses

you'll find in game maybe Nintendo will

add some horse related content in some

DLC but for that we'll just have to wait

and see but for now I hope you enjoy

these awesome horses keep on riding and

I'll see you guys next time