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5 Ways to Avoid Resort Fees in Las Vegas

what's going on guys Jacob Werth back

here with another video of Jacob's life

in Vegas coming to you guys on a

beautiful but windy day here in Las

Vegas as the Sun is setting and I got a

video that I think a lot of you are

going to like because this video is

designed to help you save money okay we

know that casinos hotels right on the

strip off the strip all my Vegas area

have definitely taken fees and taxes to

a new level so I'm gonna do what I can

to help you guys save some money with

these five tips one of them does require

to spend some money but it may want to

being a better value for you just

depending on how the situation works out

then the other four really even have to

spending extra money on these other four

to avoid these resort fees so please be

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the video as well now let's get into

five ways to help you avoid resort fees

here in Las Vegas number one and this

one is going to require you to spend

some money and that is that you gamble

okay if you gamble here in Las Vegas you

can get your resort fees wait now this

could depend off from property to

property is well worth it to ask a

casino host and see what they say if

you're someone who gambles are ready

this might be easier for you to just

gamble a little bit more and get your

resort fees waive so it might be worth

looking you know your budget on your

Vegas vacation take a look at your

gambling budget and maybe pulling some

money from somewhere else for the

gambling budget because the amount you

paid resort fees could wind up going

towards you know you're gambling

budget-minded at least you're gonna be

easy for some entertainment costs okay

if you can avoid the resort for you to

spend that money on some gambling then

it could wind up you know working out to

your benefit where at least you got some

entertainment for the money you spent

and maybe even win some money back

number two you simply stay at a casino

property or hotel property that does not

have a resort fee okay I've done

constant on this before I'll link it up

here or down below in the description a

lot of these are gonna be off the strip

you can find some on the strip

usually these places do not have a

casino inside of them a lot of times

these could be a hotel it could be a

motel could be a timeshare that you can

just book for a few nights at a time

often times are gonna be off the strip

you can find some on the strip okay

there's ones I've talked about in the

videos before about ones that are on the

strip or just right near the strip

within half a block within a block

within two blocks something

very easy walk to get over here to Las

Vegas Boulevard so if you're not really

big on having a casino in the place

you're staying at it could mind it being

a very good deal for you some of these

places especially the timeshares will

have like a kitchen in there so it's

like staying in an apartment complex so

sometimes you can score a good deal that

way number three way to avoid resort

fees and this one is one where it really

pays do your research if you're gonna be

coming here to Las Vegas for a vacation

it pays to do some research and spend

some time you know searching for deals

and stuff beforehand and this place

there is basically it's gonna get a

shout out for me on this one

Treasure Island they've been running a

deal for quite a while now where they

have a deal where the resort fee is

optional yeah they have an optional

resort fee deal it shows our Islands

through there they're running a TV ads

what they're doing and you can actually

even find it like on YouTube and

actually on their website they have it

and you can find on there and on YouTube

where they see this this TV ad running

and it talks about the room rate for the

night and the fact that has an optional

resort fee so the two ways you get are

one you book online using that deal or

two you just call in to make your

reservation a I saw the TV ad that said

you have an optional resort fee you know

how can i book that and they say okay I

can book it for you right here over the

phone you tell them that you don't want

the resort fee and no way before you

okay so base but that means those when

you're there you know you won't have

access to like the fax machine you won't

have access to like you know the Wi-Fi

stuff like that right you know local

calls and all that kind of stuff or

long-distance calls you just have to do

that on your own but so there is a deal

though there's a deal for that for

treasure out if you're doing research

you talk to them you call them the head

and you say hey I saw this deal from the

resort for your optional resort fee I

want to take advantage of that also I'll

throw a little bonus tip for you guys

for hotels casinos get on their email

list lots of times they have separate

deals for email lists and you know if

you get on that you sign up you get

notifications before you even come on

your vacation so you can see that you

know place is offering 5% off this 10%

off this they might be running a special

for no resort fee for some time I think

Palms for the summer of 2019 was doing a

no resort fee special as well if not

mistaken so if you get on the email list

a lot of times you get the notification

ahead of time of promotions and deals

and discounts and stuff like that so

sometimes you can do that and you may

wind up getting notification saying hey

no resort feed deal coming up in the

future you can book your vacation during

that time the fourth way to avoid resort

fees here in Las Vegas staying at Airbnb

Airbnb or VRBO or verbose some people

like to call it you know whatever same

deal where you rent the place online and

ruin us someone rents out or could be an

entire condo or an apartment or even an

entire home you can rent those online

I'll put a link down below for those of

you especially you haven't used Airbnb

or VR people before I'll put a links

down below you can see what's available

for rent you can get rooms right here on

the Las Vegas Strip you can get places

truly like half a block a block away

easy walking distance if you don't mind

staying off the strip you can stay off

the strip that's someone's apartment or

someone's home

or something like that if you don't want

to be on the strip and have to eat out

all the time this can be a great deal

for you because you can basically live

in someone else's house you can live

your just like a local you can buy your

own food cook cook it at home you know

take your meals with you take your

drinks with you just bought a local

grocery store and don't have thought

that way you don't have to spend a bunch

of money on food and drink here on this

trip so you can either walk to the strip

take a short Ober ride take a bus ride

if you're near a hotel it could seem

that has a shuttle hop on their shuttle

take it over here to this trip but

nonetheless another way that you can get

a comfortable place to stay sometimes

you can get it for cheaper than the cost

of a hotel room and there's no resort

fee on top of it the fifth and final way

you can avoid a resource for you here in

Las Vegas and this one is a bit of a

long shot but it can be worth a try is

to simply ask nicely when you're at the

desk okay because some properties the

desk person could actually waive a

resource you maybe one night maybe two

nights just depends and if they can't

waive it you know for several nights or

for a night here there they can't waive

it for more than a certain amount of

nights a supervisor could do it there's

a tweet I saw and if I could find that

I'll put it up on the screen here of

someone who they went and got were able

to get all five nights of their resort

fee waived because the person in front

of them was you know making a big scene

and berating the desk person about you

know want to get the resort fee waived

and that person waive two nights for

them just I think you know to shoo the

person away from being so annoying

but in the person behind him whatever

say I'm sorry had to deal with that and

they just asked if they'd be able to

waive the resort fees for them best

person waived all five nice so the best

lady was nice enough to do that just

because the guy went up there and asked

and said you know and he was polite

about it because the guy in front was

being a jerk

so he's polite about it and it wound up

working in his favor so you can always

try that as well okay these desk people

at the hotels casinos they deal with all

walks of life okay they do people who

don't have a lot to spend and then you

know whine and complain don't do drunk

people or there's people lots of money

the bills people with a little bit of

money but I deal with people who are is

there by themselves people with health

with the family and the screaming kids

are there at the desk too they deal with

all walks of life so if you go up there

and you're polite with them and you ask

there's a chance they may waive it for

you or you can always give the $20 trick

or try you give the $20 give a $20 bill

between your credit card and your ID and

ask if they can waive your resort fee

then there's all kinds of ways you could

you know try to just entice the front

desk person to waive your user fees for

you if you'd be polite if you take a

shot and just go ahead and ask so that's

gonna be over this video guys those your

five ways you can avoid resort fees in

Las Vegas I hope you get to use

somebody's on your vacation I hope they

work out well for you here in the future

I appreciate all of you guys watching

this channel thank you for checking it

out that's it for this video I am Jacob

this is my life in Vegas