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Top 10 Software Engineering Internships (Salaries Revealed!)




what's poppin so today we are going to

talk about internships yes we talk about

this all the time but I love talking

about it so today we are going to talk

about what are the top 10 software

engineering internships you can get now

top internship is really subjective you

know some people like for example Apple

for Google some people like Google over

Apple so you don't really know it's kind

of subjective and also there's a lot of

things to consider like salary benefits

prestige you know some people it's all

about the and then how much you learn

and then also the team and also the

technology that they use some people

care about that

some people don't so you know so it's

kind of hard to consolidate all these

together and come up with good answer

until now so there's this guy in

Waterloo that's great

LinkedIn you know scrape the whole

website looked at all you want to lose

students and basically what he did is he

looked at every single student and their

history of internships that he did now

Waterloo makes you do six internships so

basically he made an assumption that

your last internship is better than your

before last internship so for example if

their first internship was Google and

then their next internship was Apple he

would deem Apple better than Google now

that's just one person so he did that

with everyone

you know he did that with every single

you Waterloo kid and basically gave an e

low score to every one of these

companies so now I'm just gonna use this

website and I'm going to sort it by

dizzy low score before I go into the top

town let me just show you what this site

is all about this I think this site is

kind of down now and I kind of just kept

a copy for myself so so here's what it

looks like as you can see every row is a

person so if you sit it out you know you

see that this guy went to clear bridge

associated then TD Securities then said

they'll so that means that that would be

better than all these

companies and encode Connect would be

better than Citadel oh that's me that's

actually me

I guess the data wasn't very updated and

I could clearly say that say that though

is better than sorta Bank by far anyway

so this is what it looks like and then

when you aggregate all this you get this

with new law I don't know why we can't

sort I mean usually you can't sort but I

think it's because the person thin they

probably didn't do the department didn't

scrape the JavaScript so I have like an

old version so what we're gonna do is

we're just gonna copy all that and like

as a true data scientist I'm just gonna

use Excel you know I was thinking like

maybe parsing in or something but screw

that I'm just gonna use Excel because it

seems like it's well formatted so all

right the name copy open up Excel and

voila okay cool and then put a filter

here filter and then sort descending so

I'm not gonna tell you which company's

first yet so I'm gonna blur it out here

I'm just gonna blur to top 10 and as you

can see okay maybe I'll start from the

bottom you know so you guys no spoilers

so you know for example EA is ranked

number 24 you got square number 22 and

then Bloomberg 21 you can see it's

sorted but they're a low score yeah and

then okay I'm gonna blur out the top

with the top ten it makes a lot of sense

all right let's start number 10 we have

Microsoft you still working for

Microsoft so you still working for

Microsoft so yeah Microsoft is still

pretty good then you know as not bad not

gonna lie Microsoft's a pretty good

company it's just that for me or for my

um some of my friends we just like to

joke around that Microsoft is like it

and company is like a low tier company

but it's not Microsoft is a great

company the only reason we do that is


have to make fun of one company and

Microsoft is so big such that if I make

fun of them they wouldn't care because

I'm so small but yeah this is great

because I'm able to talk about Microsoft

okay so Microsoft is known to have

pretty easy interviews I have done their

interview for software engineering and

for program manager and I'd like to say

that their software engineering

interview was pretty easy I passed in

one shot so so the software engineering

interview is quite simple for me at

least they came to Waterloo and I had

two interviews back-to-back and then

after those two interviews they'll say

you get the internship or not so the

first question I got was a little bit of

a design question with like databases or

the infrastructure basically what

they're saying is that you know if you

send a certain message to a certain

server and they have to send it back and

stuff like that but what if if like

those messages get lost what would you

do for fault tolerance and stuff like

that it's a little bit of a design

question and then the second question is

super easy link list question it's stuff

like can you find out if the link list

has a loop or something like that and

then is there another way you can do it

I'm not gonna go over details but

basically it's two questions alright

second thing I want to talk about is the

salary for me I think the salary for me

was like seven thousand dollars a month

and then you get sick housing actually

housing is kind of a gamble sometimes

you might get better housing sometimes

not because they just put entrance

everywhere for me I was able to go into

like a hotel I think it was like the

Hyatt Hotel and it's pretty dope cause

you got maid service every single day so

yes the benefits were pretty good all

right let me double check the salary

real quick Microsoft yeah so Microsoft

is seven point two thousand dollars per

month and then they give you one point

three thousand dollars for housing or

you choose their corporate housing

obviously choose a corporate housing

because it's way better but yeah seven

point two thousand that's not bad that's

not bad yeah I'll show you at the end

the list like this salary list and later

on but I don't wanna you got to stay

through this whole video just check it


all right cool on to the next one on the

list number nine it is yep at an

interview of Yelp for software


their interview I would rate it a bit

harder than Microsoft you know I pass in

one shot too but they had a lot of

interviews okay I think on site I had

two on-site interviews and then two

phone interviews later to confirm that I

was in you know just lucky and very

standard interview questions and then

they also look at your projects a little

bit so I think what I showed them is I

showed them a project that you could

sink watching YouTube together they were

pretty impressed by that and then a lot

of like normal questions normal like get

algorithm questions that you get all

neat code so then the phone screen is

also just coding you know that you go on

code pad they ask you a question and

then you code it so I think their

interview process is a little bit harder

and they don't accept like that many

people let's talk about a salary so Yelp

is seven point six thousand dollar per

month plus one point five thousand

dollars per housing if you don't do

Corpening that is pretty good I think

Yelp is Yelp is usually hired in like

Google and Microsoft because they're a

little bit smaller so they have to stay

competitive by giving you more money so

yeah so the salary is pretty damn good

and then prestige yeah I think Yelp is

pretty much mid tier like okay honestly

don't don't take my word for granted but

I'm just like comparing to all the next

ones that we're gonna see but Yelp Yelp

is like not like super high tier but

it's also not like super low tier it's

kind of like with Microsoft same level

as Microsoft in terms of like prestige

and in terms of how much you're gonna

get next company is Pinterest to be

honest I don't know why this isn't

higher it might be just variants to be

honest because there aren't that many

people that got into Pinterest because

the total number of students that got

there or like at least scraped it was

only seven I do think that the princess

is pretty high up there cuz I heard from

a lot of people Pinterest is like one of

the smartest companies like every time

you go to Pinterest people say like wow

I've worked with like the smartest

people so yeah I think Pinterest should

be a little bit higher up it might be

just variance like I said alright let's

check Pinterest Oh

so how hard is the interview I don't

know I actually don't have a because

I've never interviewed with Princess so

I wouldn't know so I can't tell you that

okay and then how good the salary is all

right you ready the salary is $9,000 a

month and then $3,000 per housing so

that makes it like $12,000 a month then

that crazy so yeah so definitely because

of the salary people do want to work at

Pinterest all right next company I have

here infusion hmm I'm actually not

familiar with this company let me google

it real quick

or maybe it is a really good company I

don't know but I don't have I mean if

you guys know please comment below if

you know infusion and what their

reputation is but I don't quite know

because there's a lot of there's a lot

of other good companies that didn't make

the list I'll give some spoilers Amazon

did not make the top 10

LinkedIn did not make the top ten

squared anomic the top 10 but they're

all super good companies it's possible

that a lot of smart people maybe got

into these companies and then they just

got bored so they want to work for

startups and then it'll decrease your

deal oh that's just how it works but

yeah all right company number six ooh

speaking of Amazon I wonder if you can

guess which one this is so a company

number six it is a nine comm so in case

you guys don't know what a nine calm is

subsidiary of Amazon a nine I think it's

more like the research focus part a more

data-driven part so I think they do like

a lot of the search functionality of

Amazon and all the hard stuff the hard

problems so I had an interview of 89 I

should twice actually and I got rejected

twice so the first time yeah I'm not

gonna lie it I think it was pretty hard

I don't remember what the question was

but I think it was really a dynamic

programming and I think it took me some

time to write it and then they also have

like a design question I think it's like

something related to like either

horizontally scaling or vertically

scaling I think it was like a

distributed question but basically I

didn't do so well and then the second

I had the same interviewer and I think I

did well because like it was the same

question but they still didn't take me

so I think it's because I was being a

dick I was like yeah I was there before

yeah whatever you know I think I think

they just don't like me so so how good

is this salary let me check

oh well then again I wouldn't know

because I didn't get the job so but

let's look at Amazon so Amazon give you

seven point six thousand dollars a month

and two point five thousand dollars so

that's pretty average so I guess it's

average average salary I don't think it

would be much different from Amazon so I

think that's that's a good estimate of

what a nine interns would get seven

point six thousand okay

and then terms of prestige it's kind of

similar to like it's like Yelp and it's

like above Yelp and Microsoft definitely

definitely below Pinterest so I think

that's a prestige level especially in

Waterloo like it's pretty good but it's

not like whoa Oh number five

Google classic Google I mean everyone

loves to work at Google a lot of like

really smart people can get to Google

early on but they also like to come back

to Google at the end because the company

is so big you could choose which team to

go in some people like to work for it's

very specific team at Google some people

sometimes if you're not like super great

at programming or you're not like a

prodigy but you can still get to Google

because they're so big such that they

accept a lot of interns so prestige

level I would say pretty high you know

but nowadays it's getting more and more

easy to get into Google and so I think

that's what your value is decreasing in

terms of like Waterloo internships so

the interview varies a lot so it really

depends what your interviewer is I

perceive never gone to Google I did I I

did a few interviews I choked not a lot

of like dynamic programming questions or

anything some of them can be simple I

heard some of them can be hard it really

depends so a lot of bearings bear now

the salary is pretty [ __ ] to be

I think the reason they can do that is

because everyone loves Google so they

pay you six point six thousand dollars

per month and then maybe three thousand

dollars for housing per month so that

makes it maybe nine point six thousand

but yeah your face salary isn't that

great because it's only six point six

thousand so yeah and then my friends who

worked at Google they said it was pretty

chill to be honest they don't work you

that hard and even once you're full-time

if you don't want to you could go in

teams that don't work really really hard

and that but Google is really good to

work there because later on you know you

have a super comfortable life company

number for Facebook Facebook Oh Facebook

so yeah I've never worked as a software

engineer at Facebook can I even say that

my friends who work at Facebook said

they loved it you know they have a great

campus beautiful campus

lots of prestige kind of yeah but it's

getting bigger and once a company gets

bigger obviously they lose prestige and

stuff like that but yeah so the salary

for Facebook interns for software

engineering is eight thousand dollars

and one thousand dollars for housing so

in total nine thousand dollars I'm

surprised actually that's quite that's

quite low for housing and then Facebook

is really good because when you come

back as a returning intern if you do

really well you get more stocks and like

bonus and stuff like that so on average

according to this chart is like one

hundred seven thousand dollar salary you

get about thirty seven point five

thousand dollars of stocks per year and

then your bonus can vary from 75,000 to

$100,000 in bonus but that means your

first year you just boom on three

thousand dollars right in your bank

account so yeah so that puts Facebook on

number four and then number three is


all right so Twitter is number three

Twitter is surprisingly not that high in

terms of salary I'll talk about that

later how hard is the interview I

remember interviewing for Twitter for

software engineer or data science that

I'll remember

and I had a phone screen and with that

phone screen I felt I'm so I'm guessing

Twitter's pretty hard you know because I

felt the phone screen but but then again

you know maybe I just suck so by

according to other people I think

Twitter's is also pretty average I don't

see a lot of people getting into Twitter

so I think Twitter is pretty like pretty

difficult in terms of like the interview

not super super hard also not you know

not super easy but yeah so that's how

hard the interview is so I can't really

tell you anything about that

the phone screen that I hat was a

dynamic programming question that I

screwed up how good is the salary the

salary is pretty [ __ ] actually it's six

point five thousand dollars per month

and they give you $2,000 for housing or

maybe get up corporate housing I'm not

sure yeah and then prestige I think it's

I think it's pretty up there I mean for

some reason they're losing popularity

nowadays I mean also this list is kind

of old but yeah Twitter's losing

popularity so maybe not that much all

right number two okay so I realize I've

been doing this wrong this should be

number one

so I started number ten but I realize my

excel sheet it starts out one but then

the first row of my excel sheet it says

company name so that means I include the

header but okay so for the number one

company I would choose I would choose

one company out of all of these and then

yeah so it's basically Ole Miss first

coming all right anyway so number two

company is Palantir technologies oh I I

think Palantir is actually the coolest

company because I've tried so many times

getting into college here and I still

haven't gotten in yet so the first time

I had an interview was when I was when I

was freshman year actually I got really

lucky because like I talked to this guy

and he just gave a talk about Palantir

and he was from Montreal and I was like

oh me too I'm from Montreal and then you

know he was nice enough to give me an

interview and then I got that phone

screen the phone screen was actually

pretty hard it was um well at least I

think it was pretty hard it was like

print a binary search tree in order or

something like

left to right and that was that whole

easy I wrote the recursion and they say

all right now do it without recursion

like Nani and then yeah so basically you

had to you know you just had to make it

stack kind of like a kinda like a

recursion stack but basically you just

have to make a stack you had to loop it

in and then you pop the stack until

there's no more things to pop you could

search binary search tree in order

traversal without recursion and you'll

find it

and that's exactly what I did so it was

a full screen right and then what I did

was I secretly googled the answer and

went to the Wikipedia page and saw the

supernal code and then I just looked at

it and said oh wait I think I understand

and I just wrote the code perfectly for

them yeah so that's that and that's how

I got past it but then after that I went

on site and then the guy talked to me he

looked at my resume he's a how the [ __ ]

does this guy get in and then he asked

me like a design question and yeah I

just screwed up cuz I didn't know

anything back then I was just a kid so I

didn't know anything about - first

chakra I only knew about algorithms so

yeah so I got killed mmm okay it's not

that great so yeah the salary is seven

point four five thousand dollars per

month flat that's it and then you have

to pay for your own housing and

something that so it's not that best I

think this company has a lot of prestige

especially back then everyone was

wearing these like dope ass black

sweaters by Palantir and everyone felt

really cool working there I'm not gonna

lie it was a little bit cult issue

according to some my friends but in a

good way

so yeah and I remember people telling me

that their food was amazing to have like

salmon you know like a really nice girl

time they have like really good chefs to

make food they have massages you know at

their campus so yeah so they usually

have things like for deployed engineers

and normal software engineers and stuff

like that for deploy is pretty cool

because it means you get to travel and

you've met you get to you get to talk of

clients and then you know fix your [ __ ]

or whatever but yeah it's a really cool

company and makes you feel really badass

because they're like gods with data

that's basically what pound here is oh

yeah for those who don't know Palantir

technology is basically like a Dana

consulting company like they don't say

they're consulting company you say

technology company but in the end I

think they're a consulting company what

they do is like they help the government

like track down Osama bin Laden they

help they help like some some government

stuff to like track down disease and

stuff like that they probably like do a

lot of sketchy stuff that we don't know

about because they're like they're just

really good of data they help hospitals

and stuff like that for for processing

and analyzing their data what else

something more interesting

oh they help a lot of hedge funds and

banks do some financial stuff that we

can't talk about because they're so

secretive all right

so number one according to my

spreadsheet it's company name yeah all

right let me just look at the one that

pays the most I would say that they're

number one hmm

okay there's a lot wait where's change

Street oh no Jane tree is not here wait

mm yeah okay so Jane shade should be

here but I guess it's not anymore but

you could kind of know where I'm going

with this okay and I'll just choose this

one well I don't really want to choose

it cuz my brother worked there and I

don't want him to feel proud of it okay

forget I'll just choose it all right so

the number one company it is two sigma

for you guys who don't know two sigma is

a hedge fund it's it's a very

quantitative based hedge fund meaning

that use a lot of tech and it uses a lot

of numbers to kind of like decide on

what stocks to trade or what commodities

to trade and stuff like that so they're

known to be pretty techie you don't like

the finance kind of vibe or like

appliance culture people are not like

jocks they're people are like pretty

cool like it basically looks like it

looks like a typical tech company when I

went there and visited so the reason why

I chose is because the pretty high

salary is ten point four thousand

dollars a month and then they give you

$5,000 for relocation and then they give

you $5,000 per month for housing what

the [ __ ] holy [ __ ] that's crazy that's

more than how much I make as a full-time

[ __ ] but yeah and the bonuses I heard

they're crazy like once you've worked

out full-time bonuses are amazing and

yeah you wouldn't believe it

so basically all these finance companies

should be here in case you guys don't

know it's not fin tech because fin tech

means a technology company that is about

financial products like they help you

you know manage your portfolio blah blah

that's not it

they use tech so that they can so that

they can grab a [ __ ] ton of data and

then just make a lot of money in the

stock market or whatever that they trade

so it's totally different than fin tech

technologies but you can't compare it to

like like Robin Hood you know it's not

the same thing but yeah so two sigma

Citadel of Jane Street like um

sis Gahanna SSI cube no decide sis


red sauce technology actually we can't

talk about Renaissance too much because

that's just at another level so we that

just like we don't understand what he do

but yeah so all of these are really

really good hedge funds and they

probably pay the most compared to like

other tech companies so yeah alright so

now let me talk about oh wait so yeah so

two sigma or stage hello hi it's funny

because it wasn't that high before what

my brothers started I remember me

telling my friends I hope my brother

works s to sit there like what the [ __ ]

is that

Oh Michael it's a finance companies like

a home finance is it banker or something

like no it's not a bankers a qualitative

researcher but anyways 2 Sigma was not

really popular but nowadays because of

the emergence of all these finance

companies and then they realized I hold

you should they pay a lot it got the

attention of the software engineers so

so yeah so now prestige definitely high

prestige people love to Sigma they think

it's they think it's like the best thing

since sliced bread so yeah pretty good

alright and interview is probably super

hard if it's the same or if it's similar

to the full time interview a lot of

probability questions a lot of

qualitative questions a lot of

Statistics questions a lot of brain


lots of hard CS questions

I mean I don't know I never got an

interview from them so I wouldn't know

but yeah that's what I heard there are a

lot of companies that did not make the

top 10 list don't know why probably

because we just don't have that much

data like I said this this set is not

super super good because it's still kind

of hacky but let me tell you a few

companies that I think deserves you know

to share the number one spot one of them

is snapchat of course

come on snapchat is great snapchat such

a great company it's also in LA so

that's pretty dope they have a New York

office - they paid $10,000 a month so I

think snapchats really good Cora Cora is

extremely hard to get in really smart

people they pay eight point three

thousand dollars a month and then let's

see twitch twitch is super fun you know

you get to get to watch people play

games all day and then they pay you 7.4

thousand dollars a month then Airbnb

Airbnb is really good too they pay

$7,000 a month plus corporate housing

and they give you some Airbnb credit

super cool and 'red dog friendly one of

my friends yeah I'm one of my friends

interim there and he got to bring his

dog everyday I see our strike is really

good stripes is really good $7,000 a

month plus corporate housing definitely

good company it's about payments let's


Dropbox of course Dropbox is really good

I'm surprised their their salary so low

six point three thousand dollars per

month plus five thousand dollar house oh

I guess a five thousand dollar housing

is pretty good or a corporate housing

but I don't think any corporate house it

would be five thousand dollars maybe

that's a total I'm not sure so yeah yeah

that's pretty much it

I think these companies are definitely

really really good so if ever you have

the opportunities to to work there

definitely do it and yeah if ever you

guys are you know inundated by offers

from all these companies and you find it

really really hard to choose well I'm

going to link you guys the salary for

all these internships and also the site

that gives you like the e low and then

you could kind of compare and see which

one's better than which well so yeah I

hope that was interesting for you guys I

hope that was useful

the happy job hunting just remember if

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always peace out and see you tomorrow

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