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Which Brand Makes The Best MOM JEANS?

today I am testing out my subscribers

favorite mom jeans so I asked you guys

on Instagram what your all-time favorite

pair of mom jeans was I dumped all that

information into Excel I tallied up the

top 5 and then I bought one of each in

my size also you guys should follow me

on Instagram to participate in the next

one that I do in this series just sayin

so I have five pairs oh this is so

pretty that gradient I 5 pairs to show

you guys today and with that said let's

just get started so the fifth most

popular pair of mom jeans according to

you are the Paxson mom jeans

dunt-da-daaaaa so for each pair of mom

jeans I'm just gonna run through the

details and then I'll cut to like a

Tryon clip where I talk about my opinion

so these packs and jeans are $54.95

they're 100% cotton this jean comes in

sizes 22 to 32 and I got mine in size 25

for reference I am 5 foot 6 and my waist

like when I actually measure it is 26

inches and usually that translates to me

being a 26 inch in jeans so these I

would say run a little bit big also in

case you're curious about the color I

got these in the color megan blue i'll

have everything linked in the

description box so those are the details

on the packs on jeans let's cut to the

clips where I try them on and see what I

think so basically for this video I

asked you guys on Instagram to tell me

like the qualities that you look for in

the perfect pair of mom jeans

so for mom jeans there were five things

that you guys really cared about and I'm

just gonna like walk through my thoughts

for each of the five for all the five

different pairs I guess so number one is

high-waisted miss the packs and ones I

actually feel like aren't the most

high-waisted out of the five I feel like

I'm actually a pretty good person to

test this with because I have a very

long torso and a lot of the times even

jeans that are marketed as being

high-waisted don't even hit my belly

button and you could see here as I'm

standing naturally like my belly buttons

right there like right being covered at

the top of these jeans second thing you

guys really wanted me to talk about for

each of the pairs was does it have a

fitted waist these definitely feel super

nice and fitted around my waist as you

can see from the side like there's no

app or anything like that also for mom

dreams I feel like it's very dependent

on your personal preference whereas for

other things like white t-shirts it was

like pretty simple what's the best

quality for the money that you're

spending but for mom jeans it's almost

all about the fit

and there's a lot of specific things

when it comes to fit that people have

maybe even differing preferences on so

for example something like a fitted

waist is super important for an

hourglass figure where their waist is a

lot smaller than their hips whereas if

you're an apple shape where your

midsection is larger then you're

actually going to want a pair of mom

jeans where the waist isn't so tight so

it's not like one is better than the

other it just depends on your body type

and your personal preference so for all

of these five different characteristics

it'll kind of be like a sliding scale

and that way for every pair of jeans you

guys can say okay I like this I don't

like this so this pair is gonna work

best for me so with that said the third

thing that you guys really care about

when it comes to mom jeans is stretch

some people like a little bit of stretch

in their mom jeans and then some people

really wanted a super stiff 100% cotton

feel so the packs and jeans are 100%

cotton but I actually think that they

don't feel that rigid like these are

actually a very comfortable like soft

feeling denim it doesn't feel like that

very hard crunchy denim that sometimes

you get with like vintage jeans

so these almost feel like they have some

stretch to them but they don't even

though they're 100% cotton the next

thing you guys really care about is

bagginess around the thighs so for these

definitely a nice loose fit around the

thighs in the back as well you can see

it's nice and loose I would say these

are like right in the middle in terms of

looseness around the thighs and then the

last thing you guys really wanted to

know was if they were tapered along the

ankles and the cops these as you can see

aren't that tapered I would say these

are like a straight leg with a slight

taper so those are the five things I'm

gonna kind of talk about with each pair

the quality is really nice across all

five pairs there aren't any losers here

so it's more about finding your perfect

fit but yeah these pack someone's

something I would have never picked up

on my own but honestly they look really

really good and definitely a really good


so the fourth most popular pair

Jeanne's according to you guys were the

urban outfitters bdg mom Jean ha ha

these are called the high-waisted mom

Jean you can find them at Urban

Outfitters or Nordstrom also carries

this bdg line they range in price a

little bit so they range from 59 to 69

dollars and they come in sizes 24

through 34 I got mine in a size 27 so as

you can see the sizes are already all

over the place I'll tell you guys if

something feels like it runs bigger run

small these ones unlike the previous

pair definitely run small so size up if

you're getting these so those are the

details on the BD G's let's cut to at

the Tryon section and see what I think

ok next up these are the Urban

Outfitters bdg mom jeans pretty similar

fit wise at first glance compared to the

packs on ones so let's talk about the

waistline so these as you can see no

belly button in sight these are what

they are good like inch higher than the

packs and ones like these are super

super high waisted they almost hit me at

my actual smallest part of my waist

which in my opinion is a very flattering

look these are also doing a super good

job of being very fitted around my waist

but by the way is my notebook with all

my notes in it for this video but yeah

no gapping or anything like that like I

said before these feel a lot like the

packs and ones in terms of stretch these

are also 100% cotton but they don't have

that rigid feeling they feel very worn

in very very soft super comfortable like

you can move around in them they don't

feel scratchy they just feel really

really good for being under percent

cotton okay sighs these have bag your

thighs and more legroom than the packs

on one so these are definitely on the

bag your side I think these are actually

they might be the most baggy in the

thigh area out of the five you can see

like all the rooms that I have right

here and in the back you can see there's

lots of room in the back but it's

actually nice and fitted around the butt

which is nice these are also longer than

the packs on one so they're not as

cropped so it's good for those of you

with long legs because it has a lot of

room and actually when I was in store

all the ones that were on display were

rolled up at the ankles so I guess

that's like how they're intending you to

style it or

whatever I would say these are pretty

tapered like if I go on my tippy-toes

you can really see that they taper in

towards the bottom I actually think that

the packs and ones were a little bit

more flattering around the hips

it's got this tiny waist these really

baggy thighs but there's no like curve

around the hips it's very straight

looking so on my stick body shape I

appreciate jeans that give me more of a

hip if you've got vivacious hips to

begin with and you're trying to tone

them down this might be a good option

because it is very straightening along

the hips okay moving right along to the

third most popular pair of mom jeans

according to you guys

it is the Levi's wedgie so I bought a

lot of responses for a bunch of

different types and styles of Levi's but

the winner was the Levi's wedgie and

within the Levi's wedgie there's two

different kinds there's the normal

Levi's wedgie and then there's a Levi's

wedgie straight I the Levi's wedgie

straight so these bad boys are $98 so

they're at the priciest of the five they

come in sizes 23 through 32 and then

they also come in plus sizes from size

14 through 26

I've mine in a size 26 so these fit true

to size for me in terms of material that

these are 99% cotton and 1% elastane so

they've got a tiny bit of stretch

they're high waisted and then this color

is called

love triangle so let's cut to the charm

clips and see it what I think okay mom

Jean number three these are the wedgie

straights which means they have less of

a taper around the ankle I really like

these they just feel so good like these

feel like a step up in quality from the

other two even though the other two

super soft super nice comfortable these

just feel like good denim they've got

that Levi's quality that's really really

noticeable when you put them on and just

feel them the denim feels thicker it's

equally as soft but it's thicker and

it's more substantial you know what I


okay so high-waisted nests these are

less high-waisted than the B DG's and

these are about on par with the PacSun

you can see the top of my belly button

here so they are high waisted but on me

they don't hit me at the smallest point

I've got like an inch

to go before that point but I still

think these are super super super

flattering these also are nice and

fitted around the waist as you can see

in the back not much of a gap there I

would say these have a little bit more

room in the waist than the other two

pairs and the waistline doesn't feel as

stiff and constricting as the other two

pairs they feel a little bit more like

bendy around the waist you can like eat

in these and they would kind of expand a

little bit like they feel a little bit

more malleable so these jeans have a

tiny bit of stretch to them they are 99%

cotton and 1% elastane they still feel

like a really nice thick pair of jeans

but that tiny bit of stretch I think

makes them feel super super comfortable

bagginess around the thighs so the

Levi's wedgies are the most fitted

around the size of the 5 pairs as you

can see there's not much wiggle room so

it's kind of like a different mom jeans

kind of look it's definitely skinnier

around the thighs and then in the back

you'll see better in the like more fancy

Tryon shots but it's got that wedgie

look like it really just plumps up the

bum but it's very tight around like it's

very tight all around the upper leg and

then in terms of the bottom half it is a

straight leg it almost has like a little

bit of a flare because the thighs are

fitted and the cops aren't whereas the

Urban Outfitters like the opposite it's

a very baggy thigh and a more fitted

cuff I love these though and when I went

in to try them on I had never tried on a

pair of wedgies before and I was like

alright I'm getting two colors so I

ended up getting another color I got

like a distressed one as well because I

really like these a lot

ok we're getting up there this is the

second most popular pair of mom jeans

according to you guys and it is the Zara

mom Jean here we go these Zara mom jeans

are $39.90 making them at the most

affordable out of the five they come in

sizes 25 through 32 a k-8 0 through 14 I

got a size 27 slash us 4 in these these

are also 100% cotton so there's no

stretch to them and these are just their

medium wash so let's cut to the

and clips and see what I think oh I

think these look really good these these

are nice these are nice I've actually

owned these before and I really like

them so it wasn't surprising to me that

these made the top five just look at

them like they're just nice they're just

nice so high waisted nests yes these are

super super high waisted they're more

high waisted than the Levi's and they're

about on par with the Urban Outfitters

but there's a difference which I don't

know if you can tell but the zip line or

the zipper goes all the way down in the

Urban Outfitters version which is an

equally high waist the zipper stops like

somewhere around here and then it's just

a seam that's something that a couple of

you guys did mention in the little poll

that I did on Instagram that you want

the zipper to go all the way down if you

do Zara is definitely the option to go

for because the zipper goes all the way

down but it's an equally high waist it's

also super nice and fitted along the

waist like ah the shape of this is just

so good in terms of stretch these are

100% cotton and they definitely feel

like it these are a very rigid denim mom

Jean like they're super kind of stiff

and they've got that kind of like that

stiffness that not crunch but you guys

know what I mean like a rougher denim

feeling to it they're not scratchy or

anything they're just like thick and

stiff and then there is the thigh

so the bagginess around the thigh I

think that these are really really

perfect thigh bagginess there are less

baggy than the Urban Outfitters but more

baggy than the Levi's the only thing in

terms of fit that I don't love is that

you do get this kind of V right here

which I actually don't really mind like

as long as it's not giving me a camel

toe I don't really care but something to

note and then I also like love how these

look along my hips these are pretty

tapered and I feel like you can really

see that when I'm just standing straight

it almost looks like a V how it goes

down and tapers along the calf so yes

these are the second most popular for

good reason they're really really nice

very flattering okay the winner the

number one most popular pair of mom

jeans according to you guys was the

American Eagle

mom Jean this is something I would have

never expected

American Eagle has made its way into all

the denim versions of this video that

I've done but never the number one slot

so it's really interesting but with us

that I totally see why these one these

require a bit of explanation because

American Eagle has quite the suite the

array of mom jeans available so there's

the American Eagle mom Jean umbrella and

then under that umbrella there's a bunch

of different styles so I have here the

stretch mom Jean which by the name it

has a little bit of stretch in it it's

not 100% cotton but they also make 100%

cotton versions of the mom jeans they

also have the Kirby mom Jean which is

super interesting and a lot of you guys

broke down curvy mom Jean as your

all-time favorite style

so a typical pair of jeans is crafted

from a 10 inch difference from like hip

measurement to waist whereas the curvy

mom Jean is made with a 13 inch

difference so the curvy mom Jean is

gonna be great if you have a smaller

waist and larger hips or larger thighs

both the normal mom Jean line and the

curvy mom Jean line come in sizes double

zero to 24 so it's not like they split

the sizes down the middle into these two

categories it's more about body shape

which i think is so cool mom jeans I

think you guys requested this video so

much because they're so hard to find

depending on your body type and one pair

of mom jeans it's gonna look very

different on someone with smaller waist

bigger hips versus someone with a more

straight figure like I have versus

someone with a pair body shape versus

someone with a novel body shape American

Eagle was really the only brand that I

saw out of all the brands that you guys

submitted that had this like curvy

option which i think is awesome also the

curvy mom Jean comes in stretch and non

stretch as well yes there are so many

options at American Eagle so the mom

jeans on American Eagle are $49.95 but

right now they're on sale for 3495 so

that actually puts them at a lower price

point than even the Zara jeans so the

composition of the stretch mom jeans

it's 79 percent cotton 10 percent mo da

10 percent polyester and 1% elastane and

then the last thing is that they also

come in multiple lengths so they have

short medium long in terms of length of

your legs so I got mine in regular

lengths okay

if that said let's cut to the try on

portion and I'll tell you guys what I

think these feel really similar to the

packs on jeans in terms of like the

denim these are almost like the Zara

shape but with the packs on softness

factor so high-waisted missed these are

on the higher side but they're not as

high as the Zara jeans or the Urban

Outfitters jeans but they do cover my

bellybutton as you can see but they're

like a little bit a little bit lower

than my natural waistline but they're

pretty high waisted and there's also a

couple colors that come in like the

super high-waisted version online which

i think is an online-only exclusive

these also have a nice fitted nough

surround the waist so I haven't had an

issue with that with any of the pairs I

would say if anything these are on the

slightly more loose side just because

they're a stretch material but yeah they

don't feel as restrictive as some of the

other jeans that I've tried on stretch

factor is totally up to you when it

comes to the American you got mom jeans

line so I got the stretch version so

obviously these have stretch to them but

if you don't like that there is an

option for you there's 100% cotton

American Eagle mom jeans so whatever

floats your boat you know the stretch

ones though are really comfortable and

it's like more rare I feel like to find

a mom Jean cut in a stretch material so

when I originally pulled you guys a lot

of you guys said Kirby mom jeans stretch

or just the mom jeans stretch and it

does make a mom Jean super comfortable I

must say these also have a nice

bagginess around the thighs I think

they're pretty similar to the Tzar ones

those are ones are stiffer denim so you

don't get as much as like the wrinkling

kind of around my knees and around my

inner thighs and stuff and then these

are very tapered at the ankles so if you

like a good taper I think you're gonna

like these the most these are actually

like almost like a skinny jean around

the calves I totally see why you guys

love these and I especially just love

how there's really an option for

everyone like they recognize that

muhammad' jeans were really popular but

that people had different preferences

and then they went on and like made them

also okay so that concludes

it's testing my subscribers all-time

favorite mom jeans I really liked this

episode I would say in terms of bang for

your buck definitely go with the

American Eagle or the Zara if you're

looking for something really high

quality I would go with the Levi's and

that is it for today's video make sure

please to leave me your suggestions for

the next one in this series and follow

me on Instagram to participate in the

next one as well and yeah I'll see you

guys in my next video bye