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Watch this before you hire a Personal Trainer - Why I stopped taking clients

what's happening muscle mind welcome

back to my life today I wanted to talk

about personal trainers and I just want

to give you some tips before you you

hire one if you're thinking about

getting one so I've never had a personal

trainer but I've been one in the past

and actually I'm not personal training


I have no clients and the reason that I

don't want to do that anymore is because

it is such a narrow scope I think

YouTube and this outlet right here I

love that you guys are watching this if

this gets way more views and I can ever

reach personal training people one at a

time right so I can get one

someone image I always cry I was always

a private personal trainer so I bring

people here or go to them I would never

I've never worked in like a commercial

gym but I have friends that new so I

feel like I'm going to position the talk

about I have some opinions about it but

like I was saying I narrow scopes like

you teach one personal lesson right and

that takes an hour of my time or I can

make a video in that same lesson grow

traffic and an audience to share it too

and then it's all data logging people

could always come back and watch and I

just think this is such a better outlook

and I found myself being a really bad

businessman when I was personal training

right because the name of the game is

make money

it's a job isn't it and to be a good

personal trainer right to make money in

the long term what you need to do is

have a sustainable client it's almost

like let's say you're a renter and

you're renting out a house you want one

tenant for the next 20 years so you want

someone who's gonna move in and never

move out so it's a residual paycheck you

just keep getting it's having the same

thing with personal training if you're

going to be a personal trainer you're

training one person you want them to be

a long-term plan and I found myself

educating too much to the point that

people wouldn't need me if that makes it

so I would get people and the first like

20 minutes the first maybe 10-15 minutes

I would always give a lesson I would I

would teach them about some nutrition

tip about some form about just something

unrelated to the workout we were doing

and then we would get into the workout

and after a while I found myself kind of

they become an expert maybe working out


and there wouldn't be as much

construction going on I kind of felt

like I wasn't as needed and so I wanted

to get into this is something I really

wanted that brothers there's two reasons

that you should hire a personal trainer

there's two things that a personal

trainer will give you the first is

information so it's that education

outside in that because they're going to

give you some type of information but

it's going to be kind of skewed I'll get

to that later the second thing they give

you is motivation so the two main things

information motivation you don't need

them for either and they're not

efficient at giving either because the

information aspect like I said earlier

if they give you too much information

you will not need that so they always

have to strategically keep you in the

dark somewhat and I'm not saying all

personal trainers do this but I'm saying

especially one of the commercial gyms

will do this they will give you a

workout plan but they won't tell you why

you're doing it they'll give you a

nutrition plan they won't tell you why

you're doing it

they'll correct you want a formal though

kind of just to walk you through stuff

but they're not going to say oh this is

why I set this up like this this is why

you're going to increase this weight

this is why I want your reps to be here

and that's what I found myself doing

again why wasn't the best personal

trainer it's not because I don't have a

technical knowledge it's just because I

didn't have the capitalistic

money-making that sense that businessman

stands I wasn't thinking long-term about

the money-making goal I was thinking

more about helping the person out which

I think can be a goal like this like I'd

rather do it on YouTube on YouTube that

makes more sense because if people feel

like they're being helped they're going

to keep wanting come back right and then

for motivation are a lot of people will

hire a personal trainer simply because

they they don't have the drive to go to

the gym and they'd rather you know hey

someone whether it's 25 50 bucks before

I give you this one more time I wanted

to talk about there's there's many

different there's a broad spectrum of

personal trainers so what I'm kind of

talking about right now is just a

general CPT general personal trainer

someone you can find in any 24 hour

fitness or something like that

I'm not talking about the specific ones

because if you get specific within

personal training you have a

rehabilitation specialist you have like

strength and conditioning coaches you

have people that are specific to

and those people have a very specific

knowledge and you can hire them for

short-term spurts right so let's say you

have a bodybuilding show coming up or

you want to you know get down to that

peak leanness you want to get on stage

it makes sense to hire a coach because

you need a crash course you need someone

who's going to feet force feed you

information and kind of like handle the

process for you

because there's a start date and an end

date but when you hire a general

personal trainer if you think about that

long term if that personal trainer is

what you need long term it's not going

to work out unless you were always

paying this person 150 bucks or whatever

is a week which is crazy so specific

personal trainers make a lot more sense

to me the general ones not so much I

think there's a lot of great resources

out there whether it's YouTube

bodybuilding comm bodybuilding comm

actually has like a series of YouTube

videos where they go over form they talk

about supplements which maybe you don't

really need and they talk about you know

diet nutrition it's all basic there's

nothing overly complicated about like a

beginner fitness advice beginner fitness

no it's not too complicated kind of what

I'm saying getting back into motivation

if if someone else that personal trainer

it's an unhealthy motivation that's just

how I see it is extrinsic first of all

which it's not within yourself if you

should find motivation within yourself I

understand that that is not possible for

a lot of people or a lot of people just

don't have that they don't love it

whatever it may be my advice is to find

a sport or some type of fitness that you

do love because if you've gotten you go

to the gym and you get on a treadmill

and you're sweating you're panting you

hate the way you feel from it then you

know what maybe that is your that's not

your type of work that doesn't mean like

that doesn't mean you don't like working

out as a whole that means that you don't

like what you were just doing so just

experiment but take up a sport play

basketball play golf do something that

is is active and it's going to get you

in shape that you love you can combine

the two things that's why I found

bodybuilding I don't think there's

anything overly healthy about


right I mean besides the cardiovascular

activity what you're doing kind of on a

tangent here we can doing with your

bodybuilding is you're making yourself

more heavy which puts more toll on your


it puts you at a higher BMI and

bodybuilding I wouldn't say is that the

healthiest former training but it is a

solid cardiovascular workout but the

health aspect really comes in in the

diet but motivation should come from

yourself if you're paying someone for

motivation is going to be a long-term

expense one of my favorite videos that I

ever did was actually a couple months

ago it's called more than that maybe the

beginning of the year it's like three or

four months ago

it's called gym cost analysis I'm going

to paste it right here I really insist

that you guys go watch that exactly

seriously one of my it's basically a

cost-benefit analysis of home gyms the

cost and the time so if you put yourself

in a position where the exercising is

easy for you right you are much more

likely to stick it out and personal

trainers are out that you're going to

get over a personal trainer because the

cost of games too expensive and become

too much of a hassle for you it to go

out of your way I work in Hollywood

which requires me I live in like Long

Beach area so it's like an

hour-and-a-half Drive right so I'll wake

up at 8:00 get to work at 10:00 get off

at 6:00 get home at 8:00 so I lit it

from 8:00 to 8:00 I'm moving I get home

at 8:00 I'm telling you right now I

wouldn't go to a gym if I had to go to a

gym I would not get a home at 8 o'clock

get dressed go to a 24-hour fitness

whatever come home give them a 10 then

eat it's just too much so I'm happy that

I can get home let's say I'm like I'm

tired I take a pre-workout on the way

home pull in my driveway come in my

garage and workout and that's something

I built over time I used to do

instructional fitness on television like

like p90x that ones the tapes and stuff

and that worked out really well for me

until I compiled all this stuff and I'll

make youtube videos in our time but but

when I kind of like the final verdict

and conclusion I know it kinda went on

tangents here when it comes down to

personal trainers like look within

yourself and motivation first of all and

look online there's tons of great

resources for information that you're

not require you paying that much money

there's people that will give you free

stuff online there's people like me who

are certified personal trainers that's

what that is over there if you have my

certificate who do not mind giving free

information just simply because they

love doing

you know and I love watching my channel

grow a little bit too which is half the

fun but I appreciate you guys watching

the video muscle