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The Best Android Phone Deal RIGHT NOW!




hey guys dissipation vo calm and today

I'm gonna talk about the best Android

phone deal available in India right now

now generally we used to see in Samsung

phones with kind of okay specs in the 20

to 30 thousand price segment but

recently I was going through the flip

cards big savings days seeing deals and

that's when I came across the galaxy a8

II now in the galaxy 18 launched in

India last year this is what we tweeted

yes the galaxy a8 II launched at the

peace 47 990 last year in India and well

that was a pretty outrageous price tag

and right now it's available for a peace

40 mm which again is a pretty insane

price for a phone that's not a flagship

but a good high-end smartphone having

said that during the big savings days

saying the galaxy a8 II will be

available what kind of great price of 21

triple nine yeah 20 mm for the galaxy a8

II and that kind of makes the galaxy

eighty one of the most value for money

samsung smartphones out there now why do

I say that it's the best Android phone

deal available right now well just look

at the specs of the galaxy 80 so with

the galaxy 80 you get a truly bezel is 6

point 7 inch full HD plus Super AMOLED

infinity display yeah that's a long

Monica for display but this is an

infinity display no oh no you a true

infinity display with no not no punch or


it just looks stunning the phone is

powered by the Snapdragon 730 chipset

which is one of the more powerful

mid-range chipsets out there I mean it's

hard to get an on eggs in or Samsung

phone in India and the Galaxy 80 is one

of the exceptions

there's also 8 gigs of RAM and 128 GB of

non-expandable ufs storage yeah these

are great specs the cameras are also the

highlight of the galaxy a8 II there are

three cameras of 48 megapixel primary

camera and 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle

lens and a time of flight center now the

specs seem good but what makes it truly

awesome is this yet the galaxy 8 it

comes with rotating cameras and this

looks super cool and I know there are

concerns about moving parts not being

very durable but I guess that's a risk

you have to take and honestly this looks

too good to not take the risk anyway the


resolved pretty useful I mean thanks to

this you can use the main cameras as the

selfie cameras which means super needy

insane please Kate ultra wide-angle

selfies how awesome is that

and I know this reminds me of the age of

60 but yeah this is super cool on the

battery from the galaxy 80 comes to the

modest 3700 mAh battery but it has a

super fast 25 watt charger in the box

when it comes to the software the phone

was recently updated to Android 10 with

1 UI - so it's got the latest soccer on

board now all these features are packed

in a typical premium design but Samson

the phone has a glass back it's a

gorilla glass 6 back and it looks great

if I were you I'd go with the white

because black is a huge fingerprint

magnet anyway the phone has a single

speaker a USB C port but there's no

headphone jack and no microSD slot no

the galaxy 80 makes some compromises

here and there but overall at to a 2k it

seems like a great deal but let me just

compare it to the Galaxy 831 which is

also priced the same at 22 hours on the

piece and the poco x2 which is priceless

but it's very popular let's compare it

okay so when compared the galaxy 80

first of all I think looks the more

premium of 3 then there's the fact of

the AAT has a bezel less Super AMOLED

which I will take over the amulet in the

galaxy 8:31 and the 120 Hertz IPS LCD on

the poker X to the eye amulet is

personally my choice under the hood the

galaxy a8 he has a Snapdragon 730

while the poco x2 has the 730 G not a

big difference to be honest the 800 the

media take Helio p65 chipset which isn't

as powerful as the 7:30 or 7:30 G the

AAT NX 2 also have the more powerful

UEFA storage when comes the cameras d

poco X 2 and the galaxy der you won't

come with additional macro lenses but do

we really care about macro lenses anyway

as for the primary camera the poco x2

has a 64 megapixel primary camera and

having used it it's great

now I haven't compared the cameras of

the 80 versus the poco x2 but when the

galaxy 80 launched it was launched as

kind of a high-end flagship II phone and

generally Samsung's cameras are pretty

good so I think diety should be pretty

good when it comes with a battery the


a default shot but it's got pretty good

fast charging so there's that so all in

all I am definitely picking the Galaxy

AAT over the galaxy 31 or basically any

other Samsung phone in this price

segment at 22,000 it's basically a steep

now compared to the poco x2 I think the

galaxy a8 it kind of holds its own and

also brings a few advantages which is

definitely nice I mean at this price you

don't really get a Samsung phone or

basically any other phone with a Super

AMOLED display that's truly bezel s a

premium design and good specs all wrong

plus it has the unique rotating cameras

which definitely make the phone stand


yes the phone is not perfect I mean it's

quite hefty at 220 grams it does not

have the headphone jack no micro SD slot

and the rotating camera module means

that you'll have to be a little more

careful with the device but if you can

look past all of these at 20 mm I think

it's a great deal and quite possibly the

best Android phone deal available right

now but the galaxy a8 II deal will go

live on Flipkart tomorrow and there are

some other deals that I came across and

those aren't as impressive as the Galaxy

AAT deal but I think you should know let

me just share them with you

okay so there's reading the X 2 probe

which will be available for peace 25

triple 9 and there's a red mckay 20

probe which will be available for 23

$4.99 so yeah check this out if you're

interested anyway let us know if you

know of any other deals that you came

across and just comment down below so

that everyone can know also give this

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videos well that's me signing off thanks

for watching and I will see you in the

next one