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Top 10 Best Pokemon For Your Kanto Team!

hey we're back at the top again today

with another perfectly timed video but

why is it perfectly timed well that's

because I was working on this video

before let's go Pikachu and let's go

Eevee was officially revealed it did

take me a while though to use stats to

set this video up combined with

everything else I do during the week it

took me up two to three days to complete

it so those days were spent trying to

figure out which were the best 10

Pokemon that did the best during the

story in Kanto and we're mainly gonna

focus on fire and leaf green since red

and blue were pretty buggy there is a

difference to this video between others

although the idea is derived from set

videos arise Oh looks at the best

starters while mystic Umbreon builds the

best team this series focuses on and

tries to find the top 10 best pokemon


options using a step formula looking at

all of the important matchups such as

Gym Leaders rival team rocket and the

Elite Four the formula takes into

consideration the matchup with each

individual Pokemon on a maximum scale of

negative 5 to 5 which can add up

depending on the circumstances you

really don't want to leave that

Charizard in on that goal of their

friend but all-in-all this video is

supposed to provide the best options for

you to pick for your team however there

is one rule I do want to stress the only

2 Pokemon representing each type will be

charting on this list so without any

more delay let's dive into the top 10

best Pokemon for your Kanto team let's


well this might cause a firestorm in

against me this early yes this early and

so number 10 is Dragonite and before you

pick up your pitchforks allow me to


depending on how late a Pokemon is

available into the game it will affect

its final score since dragoneye is

available around the time you may or may

not have already defeated coca it

because a little bit tricky but will

begin after Koga as you can only get

entertaining in the bodies of water in

the Safari Zone via a super rod which

you can pick up on route 12 sea dragon

it tends to not have many type

advantages this late in the game as it

really only gets a safe advantage from

its flying type against the Gym Leaders

it really isn't a stalemate with Sabrina

and Giovanni and it doesn't really have

trouble with giovanni's Rhyhorn or

write-on yet as at this point in the

game you shouldn't have a dragon eye

unless you force-fed its steroids it

does have a much better time against

blue but that's only due to walling is

starter and any combination of growlithe

Gyarados and executes depending on the

starter you originally picked the

problem lies in the Elite Four work it's

pumps goodbye Lorelai and runs a small

risk against Bruno's to onix's but their

Onix so you don't really have to worry

about that it evens out against Agatha

and Lance just be wary of taking a

dragon-type attack from the ladder and

yet again against blue we run into the

same resistances it had in the battle

before Victory Road all in all if you're

looking for a pokémon that can dish out

the damage and resist the elements

Dragonite is the way to go

another fan favorite Ganga hey you leave

those pitchforks on the ground

let me explain there's a good reason

okay now then Ganga is in that same

issue with a lot of the middle ground

matchups you can finally mad a ghastly

or a hunter in the pokemon tower but you

need the Silph scope from the brachot

game corner to catch one in the pokemon

tower and by then you will probably have

already defeated Erica but after you

have traded with a friend you can get a

pretty solid Pokemon for your team but I

have to stick with honcho because who

needs friends right starting things off

like I was saying before

Ganga really goes neutral with a lot of

the gym leaders and I mean neutral it

literally has a neutral rating against

the rest of them sure you have a tight

match up against Sabrina but you run the

risk of getting blown back through the

psychic-type weakness ganger has luckily

you are immune to most of Giovanni's

team during both the cilco battle and in

Verde and Jim it does decently against

blues team but most of its usefulness

lies in the Elite Four well just Bruno

really being immune to the stat attacks

and Hitmonchan Hitmonlee and machamp

will come in handy but really Gengar

does average against everyone else in

the Pokemon League really the only

reason you would pick one up is if

you're not really having any problems

against most of all of the important

characters in the game there's something

else to it

so now we're gonna head back to the

safari zone to pick up the eight best

Pokemon and the best grass type option

executor that might be a spoiler but

there's a reason why this is the case

and I'll get to that later

see executor really excels due to its

psychic type but most people view it as

a grass type first in this region the

psychic type is actually pretty powerful

it goes even with Koga due to cross

weaknesses where they both have

weaknesses to each other and the same

but with resistances with Sabrina it's a

little bit risky though it especially is

as you get flambe by Blaine but it evens

out as both battles with Giovanni

executors will just execute nearly his

entire team though you will need the

help against the needle pair he has with

blue you keep running into the issue

versus his Pidgeot and growlithe but

this is another situation of a late


get it because it's a pleasure and the

Pokemon League you tend to skate on by

versus lower line Agatha but if it's

strong enough that shouldn't be an issue

as both are weak to each other unlike

Lance whom it just gets outright walled

by the fun and games are really there

when you face Bruno and blue as you have

a lot of advantages over the two all in

all if you need a Pokemon that can help

late-game executor is certainly a solid



so first for this next entry we're gonna

need to pick up a poliwag or Poliwhirl

because in order to get Jenks

we need to trade for it using said

Poliwhirl problem is you need a good rod

first which you get in fuchsia City then

you can finally trade for that jinx in

cerulean city now that we've gotten that

out of the way

we can look ahead but see how Jenks is

actually useful in your playthrough of

can sell it's another one of those

psychic types dominating most in the

game and when I mean it dominates it

really does dominate jinx has an easy

time with Koga Giovanni both the Blues

Pidgeot and execute and it continues to

dominate the Pokemon League it

absolutely wrecks Bruno has a simple

time dusting Agatha you're fast enough

and you can send Lance back to the Ice

Age blue is once again not much of a

problem since he's basically running the

same team as the route 22 battle just

watch out for his arcanine and you

should really have much of an issue it's

a really good book amount for the story

but due to its elongated way of getting

one it might be better to find a put

another Pokemon to fit the role and

there are much better options for this

role as well if you haven't noticed

already there's a lot of pokemons

sharing the same types that continues

here since our six best Pokemon is

actually Alakazam it's one of the

earliest Pokemon you can get on this

list Matt being on route 24 just north

of cerulean city but it's another

psychic type but this doesn't break the

rule since other psychic types are

identified as other types for this list

but looking at the matchups to further

prove that a psychic type is needed for

your team it really does show that you

need one with great matchups against

coca and Giovanni's Nidoqueen and nito

king while going neutral for every other

gym leader it won't ever drag you down

this continues vs blue as alakazam does

not have any weaknesses to any of his

Pokemon bar the random bite on his

Gyarados Blastoise and arcanine but you

should handle him easily when you get to

the Elite Four you have a much better

time dealing with the pokemon then

executory and jinx could as alakazam

goes even with lower lion lance but

trucks Bruno and hackathon and also can

go toe-to-toe and blues Pokemon once

more but again watch out for a bite

really solid Pokemon as its speed is

pretty helpful and remember crits are

accounted by speed in generation 1 so

use that to your advantage

now we really didn't want to include any

legendary Pokemon but I mapped them out

anyways is math the word and it turns

out most of them are available too late

or they really suck in zap doses case

it's available mid game in the power

plant and it does decently against the

story but not too overpowered like Raisa

in Emerald like I said though Zapdos is

available in the power plant which is

only accessible once you get the soul

badge from Koga allowing you to use HMO

3 surf knowing this fact we can check in

with the second half of the game as we

really haven't had a judge an

electric-type yet but isn't because the

electric-types suck in this game well

let's find out

Zapdos has a mixed bag of advantages and

disadvantages it goes even to the likes

of Sabrina and Blaine and Giovanni in

both battles but where it really picks

up are in the battles versus the Elite

Four and blue in sylco and a route 22

where it easily handles any of the three

starters Pidgeot and vaporizes Gyarados

as for the Elite Four it can make Swift

work of Lorelei and Bruno goes even with

Agatha and is slightly walled by Lance

and then the results are the same versus

blue as he is the same team as he didn't

route 22 overall if you plan on using a

legendary for your Kanto team I highly

suggest Zapdos

so normally as long as at least one of

the started Pokemon doesn't suck

complete ditchwater I will always

include one of them in these lists the

same time if it qualifies I'll be

including Legendary's as well and

SEPTA's just appearing and although in a

rises video for the best starter in

Kanto was Bulbasaur this is before he

switched to his system accounting for

every important battle he only counted

for those in the Kanto league if you

include the likes of blue and Team

Rocket it really hampers what Bulbasaur

can do but where Bulbasaur fails in in

those battles squirtle does that much

better even though Bulbasaur right out

the gate can do wonders to the first few

gems it remains lackluster in the second

half but this is where Blastoise feeds

Blastoise early on does have issues with

lieutenant surge Erika and blues

venusaur it doesn't have a problem vs

brock and that's where we get into the

second half of the game like I said

Blastoise doesn't need to take them out

to dinner first annihilating Blaine

Giovanni all three times

Bruno's onix's it's really just in stay

on how powerful it is although it does

turn planing it's Lorelei Agatha and

Lance blast tours can hold its own

against blue yet again in the final

battle as long as you avoid his Venusaur

once more while the Rises said that

Venus or was the best it truly is a

better choice to go with Blastoise

here's the part of the top-10 where it

becomes highly obvious which are the

best types for can tell you'll see why

since this Pokemon shares the same

tapping in Blastoise and also included

the ice site its cloister now then due

to meeting the super rod to get a

shelter in the first place

it misses on a lot of the first half of

the game that has not stopped cloister

though it dominates in quite a few

battles such as the battles against

Blaine both against Giovanni blues Venus

or Pidgeot and growlithe and later

Rhyhorn brutalist pair of onix's lands

and once more against blues championship

team whoa that's a lot the ice and the

water type together create the perfect

pair well maybe not so perfect

boy stur does struggle against the other

half of Bruno's team while remaining

mostly average against Agatha Sabrina

and Koga overall it's a really solid ice

type and the best but it's not the best

water type

now if you have the patience to add this

next Pokemon on your team I commend you

since it's the latest Pokemon you can

get on this list and you obtain it at

level five it'll take a lot of work to

get almost are up to par but for

effectiveness it will be worth it

after getting the helix fossile on

mountain moon you can revive it all the

way in Cinnabar Island but at that point

it's missed most of the game but does

this matter

not at all it comes out hitting a grand

slam against both Blaine and Giovanni

and tears blue a new one as long as

you're not facing either of his grass

types and then thrashes Lorelei Lance

and blue once again the only problem

almost our faces is against Bruno as

it's weak to his fighting types

let us show this Pokemon puts on but why

is it not the best pokemon for your team

in Kanto

well with such a small pool of data to

use it didn't quite get a better score

than the best pokemon on this list five

quick honorable mentions i do want to

give credit where credit is due

dodrio the best plane flying type it

just barely missed the top ten by a few

points Dugtrio

although this pokemon can carry you mid

game it begins to sputter out near the

end Snorlax

this Pokemon is good and all but without

a weakness to exploit using its stat

Mo's it struggles a bit

Arcanine fire types just don't stack up

very well on the Kanto League hence why

awesome Charizard is playing the game on

hard mode if you pick him as a starter

Venusaur i said it before Venusaur does

very well in the cant illegit fall short

due to the battles with Giovanni and

blue I just had to update the system to

realize this so with that out of the way

let's go ahead and check out the best

Pokemon for your team in Kanto

and here we are after all of this we get

to see what is the best Pokemon for your

Kanto team out of all of the Pokemon we

have gone through we can tell the three

best types to have our ice psychic and

water and go figure the best Pokemon is

two of the three types but we've already

had one of each pair except for one I'll

give you five seconds to think about it

quickly let me know in the comments and

I'll give you cookies if you can get it


if you said star me well you're

absolutely correct star me is the best

Pokemon you can pick from in Kanto

although you will need a super rod which

is nearly after Koga it is well worth

the wait

this is gonna be a long list be warned

star me does well against Blaine both

Giovanni battles blue starter growlithe

and Rhyhorn bruno agatha and blue yet

again in the championship battle whoo

that's a lot it's so good that it nearly

doesn't have any matchup to worry about

in these important battles as no dark

types exist during this story the only

ghost types in the game are weak to the

psychic type and in cancel blood types

aren't common enough to dragon down

the only real struggle it has is it gets

Lance's dragons and blues grass type you

can coaster most of these battles and

that's why it's the best Pokemon for

your Kanto team with that that will wrap

up the top 10 best Pokemon for your

Kanto team did I miss a Pokemon be sure

to let me know in the comment section


as I'm open to seeing all types of

opinions that's how we'd spark

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