find the



I know I'm probably a little backlit

right now but to start the day

did you just put a lure on she's a


I'm gonna start a lucky egg get my

seven-day Street on the spin get my

seven-day street for a catch and then

while we wait for some food I'll just do

some bulk evolutions for the rest of

that egg double on that excellent should

use a great ball to begin with it's

10,000 experience just

from my streets

let's see what I have to go

while I let those evolutions run I want

to talk a little bit about biomes and

how to find certain rare Pokemon that

you might still be missing from your

pokedex you've probably noticed by now

that there are different biomes or

habitats that encompass certain groups

of Pokemon in Pokemon go for example

here in Southern California were in sort

of a desert biome and we get a lot of

ground and rock-type pokémon spawning

pretty regularly along with those we

also get fighting types like manky and

Machop and at a much lower rate

hitmonlee and hip on Chan if you know

the typical biome where or rare Pokemon

spawns that can be really helpful in

trying to track it down it seems like

spawn points within a certain biome have

set rates of spawning certain Pokemon

that belong to that biome so for example

we know that there's a river biome

wherein spawn points regularly spawn

Magikarp Psyduck slowpoke and dratini so

if you see high rates of Magikarp

slowpoke and psyduck that's a good

indication that you'll probably find

dratini in the same area if you stick

around long enough we've been able to

figure out biomes for a lot of rare

Pokemon too so if you're looking for

something specific this might help a

little bit lacus is one that a lot of

people are still looking for it's one

that took me a long time to find and I

had to go all the way to Japan to do

that black responds in water biome that

could also be called sort of an ice

biome Sheldor horsey and seal are the

most common indicators that you might be

in a Lapras spawning biome Dragonite and

Aerodactyl seem to share a biome and

common pokemon in that biome are

Clefairy Zubat and both nanner and male

and female keep in mind that there are

different biomes that can spawn certain


so for example here in Southern

California neither an male female and

Zubat are all very common but I don't

see a lot of Clefairy around here and

I've also never seen Dragonite I did see

one Aerodactyl here in Downey and it's

the only one I've ever seen in the wild

so if you're in an area that spawns some

but not all of the known Pokemon in that

biome then you might actually be in the

wrong biome like I said earlier

Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan do spawn in

this area but they're pretty rare

they're more closely correlated with an

urban biome than they are

of rocky or mountain desert biome and

Pokemon that they're typically a little

bit more correlated with our Jigglypuff

and coughing which is also pretty rare

as an urban biome I'm sure common

pokémon like Rattata and PG are also

included but because those Pokemon are

so common everywhere you need to look

for the more uncommon Pokemon so if

you're looking for hitmonlee or

hitmonchan try looking around Jigglypuff

and coughing Snorlax is another rare one

that a lot of people are looking for and

we haven't really been able to figure

out the exact Snorlax biome but it seems

like Snorlax spawns

more commonly in residential areas than

anything else that comes from a lot of

anecdotal reports from people around the

internet on reddit and definitely that's

true in my case

every Snorlax that I've caught in the

wild was either in a park in a

residential area in Cassie's

neighborhood we caught our perfect ivy

Snorlax I caught one in Hawaii at an

apartment complex and in most cases it

seems like these are dense residential

areas Chauncey is another one that's

hard to find but there are claims online

that it shares a biome with Pokemon like


Meowth manky and growlithe which is sort

of an urban biome it's it's like a

Southern California urban biome but it's

a different urban biome than Hitmonlee

and Hitmonchan but I should also mention

that there's not really much evidence to

back up the claim that Chauncey spawns

around hospitals some people claim that

lick a tongue also spawns in the same

biome it's chancy although at a much

lower rate and as you guys know lick a

tongue was the last Pokemon I needed for

my North American gen1 pokedex so I had

a really hard time finding it I did see

one on sightings when I was in Hawaii

and I saw one at Cassie's house so

that's an urban biome a residential area

and in Hawaii it was similar a

residential area as well but because it

is so rare it's hard to find any strong

correlations with likho tong and other

Pokemon spawning porygon is a difficult

one for a lot of people to track down

but it does have some slight

correlations with very common pokémon

like Rattata PG and Spiro unfortunately

that's probably not going to help you

much because those Pokemon are

everywhere but there is some evidence to

suggest that poor

does spawn around government buildings a

lot of people on reddit claim that they

caught their porygon near something like

that but i think that could be expanded

to just large buildings downtown areas

in general the only porygon that i've

ever caught in the wild was at Long

Beach Convention Center in downtown Long

Beach and there was recently a post on

Reddit from someone who's hatched nine

porygon from eggs and all of those

porygon eggs came either from airports

or from the same ferry

ticketing counter polka stop so if

you're still looking for porygon keep

looking around piggies I guess or try

picking up some eggs from an airport I

think that covers all the rare Pokemon

that people typically say this is the

last thing I need to complete my pokedex

if there's anything I missed be sure to

leave a comment and I'll try to figure

out where you can find that Pokemon I

think I'm done

70 1950 experience that was this much

it's also very difficulty with one hand

but don't have a lot of downtime to do

this otherwise I'm not doing the full

mail time episode yet but I do have two

very important packages to open it's

finally here

I bought a new computer so no more

complaining about slow edits crashing

well I don't know it might still happen

but this should hopefully make my life a

lot easier new drone also the main

reason for that was because it's so much

smaller it's so much easier to travel

with and getting these two things

situated is something I really wanted to

take care of before we start traveling

internationally more this is my old

drone this is a carry-on in and of

itself this is the new drone and it's

smaller than my water bottle we're gonna

be selling the old one because I don't

have any use for two drones I actually

wanted the Mavic when I bought this one

but there were so many shipping delays

that I had to wait this long to actually

get one but I'm pretty excited about it


I have to leave pretty soon but I'm

gonna finish setting this up and get

everything downloaded on here so I can

edit on the new computer tonight so

that's it for this brief but very

exciting channel improvements mail time




I'm in downtown LA Little Tokyo to meet

with my friend Vasya haven't seen him in

a while and I'm late



my parents came from Japan they were

rounded up after Pearl Harbor and put

into incarceration centers but when

people become afraid often times they do

foolish things



there was just a little disappearing

been in that vigil held in solidarity of

Muslims and another immigrant groups who

might feel threatened with what's going

on recently with this impending

executive order that's banning

immigration from seven Muslim countries

just out here to show my support you

know sorry if that bothers you now I'm

gonna meet with Cassie and our friend

Duncan for a little dinner eaten so much



Duncan's going level 10 starting this

picture on the wall


I don't care about the picture I just

wanted the spicy

immortalized exhibit here there's also

two coca stocks all right oh yeah that's

gonna be you right now

oh come on these people


just going for a lap desert I got some

stuff going on here another one that's

cool the second ones never it's exciting

is the first

nothing else thought I have some more go

it did they disappeared

execute makey makey cuba I'm gonna go

eat my waffle before we go home I know

something you guys don't like it when I

share my opinion here on the channel but

all I have to say is if you really

believe something's wrong in the world I

hope you do what you can to change it