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Fallout 4 BEST & RAREST Suit Of Power Armor! - Full "X-01 Power Armor" Suit Location! (Fallout 4)

hey how's it going guys mr. bust for the

win here and in today's fallout 4 video

I'm gonna be showing you guys how you

can get a full set of xo1 power armor

and fallout 4 that's right so this

hard-to-find armor is incredibly tough

to get some pieces but to even get a

full set is even more rare and today I'm

going to be showing you the location of

where you can get one now full

disclosure I would recommend quicksaving

before starting this because I have seen

comments of this depending on what level

you're on so please be very careful and

quick save before you do anything that I

do in this video it's basically going to

be located right across the street from

the custom house tower you're going to

be looking for the 35 court building and

it should be right outside with some

machine-gun turrets guarding it but it's

pretty easy to get past them and then

basically all you have to do is go

inside there should be one or two

protectron x' in there they shouldn't be

very hard to deal with at all there's

actually a pretty small building so you

won't have to deal with a ton of enemies

here which is pretty great and then you

just want to call the elevator and

actually go to the roof now it is a

pretty long elevator ride so it took me

a while and I actually thought my

elevator got stuck at one point and

pretty much from there your only option

is to go on to the roof now on the roof

you might notice the set of power armor

behind some locked doors and then for me

some alarm started going off so I knew

that something bad was about to happen

and lo and behold I had a security bot

coming out a century bot and I had to

face that sentry bot luckily if you like

run back downstairs the sentry bot can't

actually fit in there so it was fairly

easy to eliminate him once I took out

the assault Tron and pretty much from

there you're good to go those are the

only two enemies that are going to be

present on the roof of this building now

once you do that you should notice that

there's been some openings where there's

two bots have come out from you need to

go in each one of those openings and

press the red button that is actually on

those circuit boards and once you do

that you should notice that the console

in the center is now open revealing a

brand new set of xo1 power armor a full

set mine was version

mark 3 which is kind of in the middle

it's not obviously mark 1 it's not mark

5 so it's pretty good in that regard the

damage resistance on this power armor is

insane the helmet is 220 all the

expenditures like the legs are 170 and

the torso is 320 again making it the

best power armor in the game and I'm not

just saying that according to the

fallout 4 Survival Guide the exo 1 is

the most advanced power armor available

it is also the rarest this makes it

extremely difficult to assemble a

complete set of EXO 1 power armor but

it's well worth using any parts you're

lucky enough to find lucky enough for us

we have found a complete full set I mean

how rare is this you guys really need to

baby this set of power armor and take

care of it and that's exactly what I did

I took it back to Diamond City I fit it

with a flame paint job and I made this

look really really nice I'm telling you

this is one of the best looking power

armors it's also the rarest and

performance-wise it's one of the best

now I had to give up one of my legendary

armor pieces to complete this full set

but I do think it's worth it because it

looks so good and one thing I definitely

recommend you guys taking advantage of

is changing the headlamp color on the

EXO one the headlamp isn't like an

exterior piece it's built into the eyes

so you're gonna see me right now

actually get into my set of power armor

and I'm going to turn on the headlamp so

you can see what it looks like and oh my

gosh the light comes out of the eyes so

I paired this red flame job with the red

eyes and whoa that is looking sharp

right there so that's how you get a full

set of EXO on armor in fallout 4

hopefully this guide was pretty easy for

you once again just a quick tip save

before you do anything in this video I

have heard reports of if you're a lower

level you will get a lower suit of armor

like a t60 or t51 so just be careful

when you do go exploring but let me know

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all the way guys like I said thanks for

watching take care and I'll see you guys

in the next video