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Top Online Prom Shops To Buy Your Prom Dress - Find Styles As Low As $34!


hi everyone welcome back to another

video this one is all about prom dresses

the top six places to shop online for

prom dresses

so grab your parents credit cards and

let's get shopping

coming in at number 6 on our list we

have the peaches boutique now this is a

great place to shop if you like

traditional prom gowns they offer up a

vast selection and it's probably one of

the biggest you'll find online they also

have a model where they register every

just purchase so that they don't sell

the same dress in the same color to the

same school which is pretty clever since

no girl wants to show it to prom looking

like somebody else styles and

silhouettes are right on trend with

prices ranging from 200 to 700 dollars

the site also offers up easy returns as

well as price matching while their gowns

are quite expensive if you like more

traditional styles then you'll love

their selections plus the whole not

having to worry about another girl

showing up in your gown thing is pretty

nice coming in at number five fashion

Nova now know what you might be thinking

I'm not wearing fashion Nova to my prom

but they actually have quite a nice

election and the prices are very

affordable starting as low as 30 $4.99

you can grab a nice long silhouette gown

that would be perfect for prom they're

offerings range from sultry Cape styles

to metallics and even lace what's nice

about fashion NOLA is that you can find

a nice style and still have money left

over for accessories makeup hair nails

and everything else that comes along

with prom night fashion Nova Scouts are

great and they're not your typical girl

next door

palm look so if you're looking for

something a little bit different this is

a great spot to shop

coming in at number four loulou's is

another online store that offers up

affordable prom styles starting at

around $60 the brand offers up tons of

floral prints and off-the-shoulder

styles ideal for those looking to once

again step away from the hit yourself

over the head prom dresses so if you're

looking to save money and want something

sophisticated for your prom night this

is a great site to check out coming in

at number three Rent the Runway

if you've ever dreamed about going to

prom and then over-the-top look at me

designer dress and Rent the Runway can

help you out the company rents out

designer gowns for an affordable price

this is ideal for those who don't care

about keeping their dresses after prom I

mean who's really gonna wear their prom

dress again anyway right you can wear

gowns for as little as $60 and the brand

will send over not one but two sizes to

ensure a perfect fit Rent the Runway

gowns are definitely showstoppers and

sure to turn heads for the girl who

longs for something unique coming in at

number 2 we have Windsor now Windsor is

another great shop if you're looking for

a traditional prom dress styles they

have a nice broad selection of the

latest silhouettes and styles with

prices starting at just 34 dollars while

the store doesn't carry a popular prom

dress brands they do have their own

in-house prom styles that are right on

trend with gowns on the runway they also

have a nice selection of shorter dresses

if you don't plan on going long this


coming in at number one and sitting at

the top of my list is prom girl they are

the queen of prom dresses and feature a

plethora of styles from plus sizes to

two pieces short dresses long

silhouettes and more plus they offer all

of the major prom dress retailers on the

site you can shop by color designers

length you name it they even go as far

as to tell you what trends will be big

for the 2019 season palm girl can also

be your one-stop shop since they also

feature a nice range of accessories such

as jewelry shoes and more alright guys I

hope that you enjoyed this video I will

of course be doing more like this to

help you guys get ready for prom so be

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more until next time ciao guys