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Gordon Ramsay's Favourite Simple Recipes | Ultimate Cookery Course

keep it simple in the kitchen doesn't

mean you can't have amazing food that

now only looks incredible but tastes

fantastic too

my first recipe is so easy it removes

the stress from cooking and is a

pleasure to make chili beef lettuce

wraps the cooking should never be a

chore the more you cook and what

confident you become that way you

actually start to enjoy it and that's

the key to good cooking a bit of fun

along the way

this is minced beef and minced pork the

pork needs to sit in there otherwise the

beats gonna dry out really important to

season the mins before when you cook it

pan nice and hot touch of olive oil

mince in break it up like that really

help to sort of separate it so you can

fry off with a lot of color just food

just go through


I start breaking that up most important

to remember is mint is made up of cheek

guts brisket belly short rib so it needs

help and flying off the mints for color

is so important this pan what an ass

you're miss is gonna boil there's a hold

the gray color on there and there's no

flavor on your mint taste a little bit

tastes delicious and seasoned easily see

how crispy is going take it much further

than you ever taken mints before nice

and crispy smells incredible I'm

draining it is crucial that keeps the

mints nice and crispy and you get rid of

that excess fat


now let's wipe out the pan then Russia

low gas now we're gonna add texture to

mince finely chopped chilli ginger

garlic and spring onions spring onions

give this sort of mince really nice

freshness because it just gives that

crunch nice and thinly

now I'll fire off the chilies the ginger

the garlic first sesame seed order

teaspoon only in garlic chilli ginger in

Y that off nicely the sesame seed oil

just lifts up the whole flavor touching

brown sugar that starts to really

caramelize the chili the garlic and the

ginger mince in now my fish sauce that

gives it the saltiness if you see now

why it's so important to get that mince

really crispy because nothing's going

sogok staying really crispy fresh lime

it makes the mince fragrant and then

lime juice roll it and squeeze that in

there incredible a bit salty but the

heat forgot the sweetness now got this

sitting this as well and then finally my

spring onions in the right the last

minute so I've got crunch in there as

well smells amazing literally cooked the

mince now with sort of 30 seconds to go

get off and take it out

looks incredible smells so vital


to go with a chili beef I'm making a

simple sweet and spicy dipping sauce

so everyone can dress the crispy mint to

their own taste dipping sauce TSP the

brown sugar soy sauce is a nice sort of

dark rich cover sesame seed oil the

table spoon and just top that up with a

tablespoon of olive oil

that stops the sesame seed oil becoming

too rich a teaspoon of fish sauce and

then a touch of chili you leave the

seeds in again on the heat in our sauce

so impressive an amazing shaf

centerpiece lime juice in in the

coriander chopped it through once give

that little mix up

just check the seasoning mmm that's

lovely that's enriched now the lettuce

I'm gonna use baby Jan because it's

really nice and durable sort of quite

strong so you just sort of sit these

nice trimmed lettuce leaves around now

the exciting part sir take your lettuce


spoon in your mince and then little

touch from dressing just a little

drizzle nice and that's the secret of

having good easy relaxed food is that

you just help yourself food that looks

and tastes a million bucks doesn't have

to be complex this dish is as fun to

cook as it is to eat


what are the keys to keeping it simple

is to prepare all the ingredients in

advance more organized you are in the

kitchen so easier couldn´t becomes here

are three of my favorite quick recipes

that would a bit of advance preparation

are so simple to make

starting with my easy fragrant fried


first get preps chopped garlic ginger

and chili keeping the seeds for extra

kick sliced spring onions chopped spring

greens and trimmer head of broccoli then

whisk 2 eggs prep done stir-fry on add a

good glug of oil to a hot pan garlic

ginger chili

next the spring greens and broccoli add

water to steam


then cook rice this dish is perfect for

using leftover rice make a well add the


spring onions and a dash of fish sauce


scramble then mix season


top with lime and spring onions

my fragrant fried rice made simple with

advanced prep and ready in five minutes

my next recipe

it pays to get prep for is garlic and

saffron mayonnaise first get your

ingredients two hand eggs should be out

of the fridge and at room temperature

soaked saffron in warm water saffron is

the most expensive spice in the world

made from the dried stigma of crocus

flowers but even a pinch gives a

fantastic taste and a wonderful color

next separate three eggs put the yolks

into a mixing bowl add Dijon mustard

finely chopped garlic the drained

saffron and a squeeze of lemon then mix

whisking constantly and oil slowly it

won't take forever

for perfect flavor use half olive oil

and half best law

when the mayonnaise comes together

season a smooth thick consistency means

it's done

top with saffron

rich delicious and perfect with

everything from seafood to sandwiches

and chips my second recipe garlic and

saffron mayonnaise easy to get right as

long as you planned ahead

my final dish that's a cinch to cook

with a little advanced prep work is

mussels with celery and chili


first prep the veg chopped spring onions

shallots a clove of garlic and chilli to

taste then thinly sliced celery

at a bay leaf and thyme bed ready

at oil to a pan and fry


season then add mussels and stir

mussels were my favourite shellfish

cheap healthy and delicious

cover and sting for a couple of minutes

as the muscles open add vermouth an

aromatic fortified wine


and 150 mil of dry white wine

on a high heat reduce the liquid to

create a source

discard any muscles that are still shut


then finish with creme fraiche and chop



minimal prep and cooked in less than 10

minutes my muscles are celery and chilli

impressive affordable and super speedy

make it simple in the kitchen by

prepping your ingredients in advance and

I promise you'll find these three

recipes a pleasure to make don't need to

spend a fortune on masses of kitchen

equipment this is my quick guide to

kitchen knives basically three knives a

heavy duty chopping knife followed by a

small paring knife which is brilliant

for prepping vegetables and then this

baby here a serrated edge knife and for

carving and slicing basically that is it

before you buy a knife hold it in your

hand and make sure it feels right for

you the secret behind a great set of

knives is in the handle if you're

comfortable holding the handle your

cutting can be so much easier the firm

of the grip of the better for chopping

the heavier handle and more control

we've got over the blade with these

three knives you can't go wrong

my next recipe is easy and a pleasure to

make if you organize with everything

ready in advance


miso poached salmon with Asian

vegetables organization is key in the

kitchen take a couple of minutes before

you start and set yourself up make sure

you know everything is stock spatula pan

etc it becomes less stressful but more

importantly the end results are

incredible first off get your pan on

whisp and stock start off with this

amazing fermented soy bean puree into

the pan three nice tablespoons gas on

now get your fish stock and whisk into

the puree be generous with the stock you

want this nice light broth basically you

can buy miso paste from big supermarkets

and it was brilliantly with salmon

poaching the salmon in the miso stir

gives it a really nice sort of sweet

earthy creamy flavor

it's incredible to bring up to the ball

could infuse the broth and make a little

bit more fragrant kaffir lime leaf is

bay lemonade in size the miso broth then

chopped chili chilies in and finely

sliced ginger

that's simmering beautifully now we're

post the salmon poaching means cooking

it in liquid first cook gently and the

secret here is to keep that salmon skin

on if we took the skin off now

the salmon will actually break up whilst

it's poaching skin side down just going

to slide that in under nice minute that

stop starts boiling turn it down let it

simmer take a little ladle and just

every couple minutes pour over that

makes sure the top of the salmon is

cooked evenly and then keeps it nice and

moist and poaching is one of the most

delicate ways of cooking so you have to

handle it with care whilst the Salmons

poaching and the miso broth start

preparing your vegetables I'm using

tender stem broccoli and bok choy

I always like to cook the leaf and the

stem separately

the leaf is like sort of spinach and the

stem is so much bigger it's almost as

thick as a stick of celery so I like to

get the stems sliced it just sounds like

that nice full of Christmas place the

leaves together nicely roll them up nice

and tight and then slice them down now

our salad

already the flavor in that broth has

been elevated now it tastes really fishy

got the heat the chili spiciness the

ginger and the kaffir lime leaf take

your fish slice and place it very gently

underneath the salmon and push it down

fish slices are flexible for that reason

bend it lift it up just touch looking

for a springy firm texture just

sit on top little touch other broth over

it it stops it from drying out leave

that to cool down for two minutes

bring the stock back up to the boil

broccoli in bak choy stems in little



it's get better and better and better

cook the broccoli and the bok choy stems

for one minute and then add the tops in

turn the salmon into your hand just peel

the skin off the skin also helps to keep

the salmon nice and moist then gently

flaked the salmon that's the secret

behind poaching everything just stays so

moist wonderful long shards of pink now

just before surf we're gonna add our

mushrooms these are enoki mushrooms you

could buy these in Turkey mushrooms in

big supermarkets and good grocers you

slice them off and put half in and the

other half I serve with the salmon

toasted sesame seed oil but a little

drip in there just rub and you're just

lining almost like a little coat of

varnish start off with your mushrooms

and then my salmon for nice layers and

then finally

the mushrooms top with the vegetables

and then finally a nice ladle damn

beautiful really sumptuous rich stock

lovely and that isn't amazing miss ooh

poached salmon soup simplify your

cooking by getting organized an amazing

food will be coming out of your kitchen

every day and for great food you need

great ingredients next up my shopping

guide to getting the finest fish well I

buy my fish only one the freshest and

the best and if anyone knows how to get

the best it's Roger Kent Barton he's

been buying and selling fish and the

world-famous Billingsgate market in

London for over 50 years I love it I

think it's the greatest food of all time

oh I so literally every variety there is

I could feed you a different fish 365

days a year

this guy really knows how to sniff out

the good from the bad Oh fish smell

different the longer it surrounds the

more fishy it will smell when it's

lovely and fresh it doesn't smell

whenever you're gonna buy fish don't be

frightened get your nose right into it

don't go like get it into it smelly

smell sting like it smells so I call

cemani and it's lovely Farah Mundi it's

a lovely fish the way to tell good fish

is look at it closely it's shining it

still got the bloom on it his eyes are

bright as yours look in the girl love

iane Reds

put it in a bag for the gentleman please

people should always be asking about

their fish what kind of fish is it

whereas it comes from a nice salmon

19 bound it's a bargain at 20 pounds

Rogers right that one's brilliant value

and a great all-rounder really healthy

and super delicious here's a quick look

at the different cuts and how to use



whole salmon always impresses it's

fantastic stuffed and steamed either in

a fish kettle or in the oven wrapped in

foil steaks are great value and

brilliant baked a side of salmon is

perfect for poaching home curing of

bacon in pastry the fill it is so

versatile easy faster cook and great for

pan frying smoked salmon delicious

cooked or raw I love it with scrambled


broadly there's white fish and this oily

fish they come under two different

sections here we have white fish it's

lovely its cogs it's the best car in the

world it comes to a place called Peter

head it's nice and white the whites of

the better one of the most all official

fine Michael there it is lovely color

with most fish the fresher they are the

harder they are if you're not well and

you're ill have a Macbook sprats

otherwise known as top axe here we have

flatfish and these are known as place as

you can see they've got spots the redder

they are the pressure they are it really

is a lovely fish story King George

couldn't have better for fish fresh

enough for royalty follow your fish

mongers advice and you'll never ever

have another dodgy Dover sole again


next my tricks the trade and kitchen


first how to chop an onion this is the

root that's absolutely crucial leave

that on there if you cut that off the

onion will start to bleed and you'll

start crying rapidly slice going forward

that weight of the knife do the work

three fingers one in front two behind

and this part of the knuckle is gonna

guide the knife fingers on top of the

onion point the knife towards the root

and try to get as close to the root as

possible nice long stroke and then push

the onion back together push the knife

halfway in to the onion slightly tilt

the knife down one at the top and then

gripping the onion like a tennis ball

holding it together in place with the

weight of the blade to cut through that

onion to get to the base of the root

again turn it round up and down motion

and that's what we're left there no

waste just the root and look there

you've got a really nice finely chopped

onion so much great cooking depends on

starting with a high enough heat if a

recipe calls for a hot pan put on early

so it gets smoking hot and always

remember to pre-heat your oven at least

20 minutes before cooking

a clean cook is an efficient my tip for

tidy cooking area is to always have a

waste Bowl next to you it's saved you

going back and forth to the bins never

add salt eggs before cooking them

because it ruins the texture and dulls

the color instead save your seasoning to

the very end


the key to cooking meat is to make sure

it's at room temperature before you

begin cook straight from the fridge the

muscle fibers will be tight which

results in tough meat and always let it

rest afterwards so relaxed is becoming

tender and juicy


follow my ultimate cookery course

crammed with key lessons top tips and a

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